#256 When the bass kicks in

When the bass kicks in the song kicks up to a whole new part of its game. Your head starts grooving, your arms start moving, and everything inside you just wants to dance.


The Book of (Even More) Awesome comes out today in the US!!!

Reviews and awesome posts! (updated throughout the day): The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Publisher’s Weekly, Raptitude, Mental Floss, The Huffington Post Part 2!, Bliss Tree, Tiny Buddha, Kelly Oxford, FutureReady365, Dallas Clayton, WordPress

I’ll be on The Today Show this Monday!

Thank you so much everybody! Let’s keep the awesome going!


42 thoughts on “#256 When the bass kicks in

  1. YES! One of the best posts you’ve done by far! Listen to the song Entangled by Genesis, because in its last moments, the bass zaps right through you and you literally can “feel” the music.

  2. Congrats on your Today Show appearance. I will try very hard to wake up for it (or maybe just STAY up for it, as I am soooooo not a morning person). I don’t own any recording devices :(

    1. No recording device?? Hey Lara.. 2002 called and they want their life without a recording device back!! :P

      Actually, I can’t ever go through with those insults anymore, ever since I saw this xkcd comic.. I’m always afraid of someone giving me this reply.. :)


      1. Dammit! That’s the exact reply I was going to give you until I saw the link at the bottom and knew that’s what it was going to be. It’s more of a financial thing than a being out of the loop thing. I opted for a Wii instead of a DVR :)

        1. hehehe.. I’m glad I preempted your response..

          A Wii is pretty awesome, so I definitely can’t make any cracks about your decision making. Maybe you can stay up all night playing on the Wii, and roll right into the Today Show appearance.. Best of both worlds!

        2. It’s ok, Lara. I didn’t have DVR until last July. Before that, I — get this — TAPED things off TV. Yes, I mean VHS. Don’t judge! Yeah, uh, 1993 called and asked if I’d tape something for them …

          I only did it in extreme circumstances, like when my STUPID Tuesday night class that always caused me to miss NCIS.

          1. Good idea, Freddo! Laura, I still own a VHS player. Problem is, it says it’s recording something, but then there’s nothing on the tape. It still plays fine though! It’s how my friends and I play drinking “Crossroads”…yeah that movie really is that old and that is the only way you can make it through the whole thing :P

  3. Congratulations on the great reviews! Well, what’s not to like? Hope your TV appearance makes it to YouTube for those of us outside the U.S. to watch.

  4. Just a few more days and I will have the book!!!
    Its scheduled to show up at my door just a couple days before mother’s day. So great! I got the first book the day I found out I was pregnant, and now I get the second book right around mother’s day!

  5. Listen to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Pleasure Dome then you’ll understand what Neil is saying. The other day I saw them on TV. Instantly they’ll put you in a good mood and welcome you to groove to the music. Back to merry time again!

  6. Timeless LP, (or giant CD, as a new millenia 5 year old with saucer eyes deemed them), you better believe the bass will re-start your heart~pump up the volume~ snap,crackles and pops are especially Awesome in Bruce Springsteen’s, “Born to run” and Led Zepplin’s, “Thank you!”
    YOU WILL BE, “Feeling it in your bones!”

    1. ps. Awareness: Sweet new video for new book release.
      Attitude: “I feel the earth move under my feet”, (Carol King), with hearts beating drum rolls all over the world, and a sure knowing the paradigm of Awesome will “go on and on and on and on”!)
      And thanks for reminding us, to-be authentic is a big part of where it’s at:)
      “Hey Jude” and “Hallelujah”, too have BIG HEARTY BASS!!!

  7. Got my Amazon notice: the BOOKS are on their way…woohooo! Glad I’ll be home to watch the TODAY show Monday. What great good fortune!

  8. My roommate and I in college used to get so excited when the bass kicked in. Also MY AWESOME BOOKS SHIPPED!!! yayayyyyy

    1. It’s funny — it’s always a good thing when it’s your own bass … but it’s a bad thing when it’s your apartment neighbor’s bass from a middle of the night party on a random Tuesday.

      Not that that’s ever happened or anything. ;)

      1. I’d rather hear bass than Taylor Swift. Yep, that’s what my neighbors blast EVERY Sunday morning at 8am and it always starts with that damn song about going back to December. I’m fairly certain I lose brain cells and a little more of my sanity every Sunday.

  9. LOVE the trailer for the new book! Kuddos to whomever did it. Probably youre Awesome sister or Mom had something to do with it, eh? Just got my shiny new books yesterday. Book plates are going in! Thanks kindly for your optimism.

  10. Got it today…in Canada…awesome when you find the book you have heard about the past several weeks…
    Weeee! awesome…an evening read in the works.

  11. OH yeah! I find it extremely AWESOME how the song builds up to the bass drop and you can actually feel the music almost growing inside of you. Wow! I’m gonna go listen to some music right now. Thanks.

    Awkward List

  12. So, I’ve read the Book of Awesome 5 times already and decided to take it to school as a read aloud for my students! THEY LOVE IT!!!! This is a good example of “showing” not “telling” writing that my students need to hear and see. Everyday, we start our day with something awesome!!!! Now, we are collectively writing our own book “1,001 awesome things about attending our school!”

  13. Yes! I love that feeling! I’m a terrible dancer, so when I song is just so awesome that I have to dance to it, it’s hilarious and great. A similar one for me is having to sing along to my favorite songs. Fortunately for everyone, I’m much better at singing than dancing.

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