#254 Finding a chocolate egg way after Easter


While mindlessly dragging your hand between the couch cushions, sweeping the backyard patio stones, or searching for extra batteries in the junk drawer a tiny foiled egg suddenly appears like a sugary gift from the heavens.

And when you score that surprise chocolate dropping just remember there can be absolutely no stopping before quick-peeling and quick-popping that chocolate straight into your mouth. Time of day, hunger level, age of chocolate — none of this matters. Frankly, if you’re stuffed on breakfast pancakes and the chocolate is powdery white and tastes like foil from two Easters ago… that is victory.

Yes, finding a chocolate egg way after Easter is an eyes-wide moment of taste-based wonder.

Finding a chocolate egg way after Easter is


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Thank you to The Today Show for having me on this morning! (UPDATE 8:46am EST: Bumped at the last minute due to Bin Laden news. Will post if it’s rescheduled. Sorry especially to those waiting outside with the great “Being on The Today Show? AWESOME!” signs.)

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    1. …and really SWEET messages from Carol=:O)
      …and Psychology today~WOW!
      …Best seller~ CONGRATS!!
      …and on “The Today show”, you best be talking about monday, so we can all talk about it tomorrow!

  1. Finding chocolate anywhere for that matter is awesome.

    Whether it be a chocolate santa that you misplaced in your sock drawer as you were rushing out the door, or a hidden stash that a parent set up way back when they were preparing for halloween, it is still equally as awesome!

    (This is double awesome points when it is in your freezer, and you find and candy that tastes good because it has been stored for a while).

  2. Unless it has melted…. a little melty is ok, but if its oozing out of the foil and seeping onto the grass, its a no go.
    We stopped hiding REAL eggs a few years ago when we didn’t find a few and grandma could smell them for days until she found them.

    My book is scheduled to arrive today!! And I have my DVR set to record the Today Show…….its gonna be a great day!

  3. I used to work in a sandwich shop where the manager was EXTREMELY holiday oriented. One Easter she hid those waxy chocolate eggs absolutely everywhere. Nearly 4 months later on a ridiculously busy summer day, I grabbed a really old pair of oven mitts (I couldn’t find the ones we usually used) to deal with the bread that was seconds away from burning and was quite surprised to encounter a shower of old Easter chocolate as I whipped those gloves off of the shelf. Despite the fact that I have never been a fan of those nasty, little chocolate eggs, finding an old stash DEFINITELY made my day :)

  4. I had a less than awesome week last week and arrived home on Friday to find my copy of the new book in my mailbox. Awesome!

  5. Lol we used to do that with halloween….when you find where your mom hid the rest of your candy when she thought you had to much…4 months later? Still awesome

  6. Apparently when my sister and I were kids, my parents would take eggs out of our baskets and re-hide them when we weren’t looking just so the fun could continue. It was great finding a surprise egg in a spot you’d swear there hadn’t been anything before, although I’m not sure if it was more fun for us or for them.

    1. What a devious strategy… I LOVE IT! Of course, there is always the chance that it is a little crazy-making, when a kid checks behind a picture frame three times for an egg, and on the fourth time there is one there, but the confusion it would create sounds fantastic!

      When I was a kid, I was much younger than my sisters (actually, I still am, but that’s beside point). So, my sisters were obviously much better at searching for eggs than I was, and when we were all done, my sisters usually had at least double the eggs I had. So, my mom instituted this great communist policy where once we were all done the search, we’d pool all the eggs and divide them evenly. I can’t believe my sisters used to go for this, but I was definitely the beneficiary of a lot of “chocolate egg income redistribution” growing up..

      1. Ha ha! My parents were egg hunt communists too! But your Halloween loot is your own, baby!

  7. so what about the Today show??? Rescheduled?
    Could someone send link to see please and thank you!

    1. who was I trying to kid, i hardly knew what a link was yet! But i did know if someone else put it up, it would magically transport to thr right places:)

  8. What’s even better than finding a CHOCOLATE egg is finding a nest of real eggs and getting to keep an eye out for the little baby birds with their enormous eyes and long skinny necks…they’re so ugly that they are actually cute! I just found one last night on a friends door wreath!

    Congratulations on your many successes Neil!

  9. I just wanted to let you know you are the reason I got into the blogging game. I now have two blogs (The Book of Terrible and You’ve been Hooked!) and it’s been an immensely rearding experience. My eternal thanks!

  10. Speaking of chocolate…yesterday, my friends and I were grilling out and someone brought a jar of Nutella to the party. We were roasting marshmallows for s’mores at the end of the day and I decided to paint the outside of my marshmallow with Nutella before roasting it. Best. Decision. Ever. I’m addicted. It makes this delicious shell on the outside of the marshmallow and then you have the gooey melty center.

    1. Oh. My. God.

      I need to try this immediately! How am I going to be able to find a camp fire, marshmallows and nutella while I’m here at work.. AHHH!! Panic, panic!!

      Ok – calm down, Freddo.. I’m going camping in a few weekends.. trust me that this is going right to the top of the packing list. This sounds fantastic!

      1. I recommend leaving out the graham crackers completely. They just take up space in your belly that could be instead filled with Nutella-ey marshmallowy deliciousness. I seriously ate like half the bag of marshmallows. Lemme know how it goes!

        1. Uh. A guy at my office offered me a dry graham cracker today. It was like an episode of “Smores. ur doing it wrong.” I hope the withering glare I gave him got the message across.

          1. Woah, what? I could see offering one to a toddler, maybe…what a strange thing to do! Do people really eat those things plain?

              1. “Smores: Ur Doing It Wrong” is one of my favorite shows! I love the one where the guy keeps trying to stick the graham cracker on his skewer and roast that over the fire, instead of the marshmallow.. and the graham cracker keeps crumbling every time he pokes it.. Classic!

                1. I like the episode where he puts the whole unopened bag of marshmallows over the fire and it explodes. Silly Smore Guy. When will he learn :P

    2. That does sound like the best thing ever. It is on the top of my MUST DO list now. I actually think I’m going to get to try this out in just a few weeks!!! I’ll report back, but I’m sure Freddo will beat me to it.

          1. I call the cement outside my front door my patio. Just because it doesn’t have a snooty wooden deck or a fancy awning or furniture, doesn’t mean I can’t use it as a patio. You gotta use your imagination! And all the people that pass by on the street will be totally jealous of my fiery, Nutella-mallow feast!

            1. You will definitely become the most popular patio on the block.. if people can just walk by and see you roasting nutella-covered marshmallows? I’m pretty sure this is the best way to make new friends that I’ve ever heard.

              Maybe you should put out one of those ticket-dispensing things they have at the deli, to help deal with the inevitable crowd of people you’ll attract who will want to sit with you by your fire and roast Marsh-ellas.. (nope – I tried it, and you were right.. Nutella-mallows is better)

              1. Lol. Well when I win my free case of Nutella (it’s a new month! time to enter again!) I can just have all the neighbors bring the marshmallows and firewood and we can Nutella-mallow all night long!

                1. If only someone around here provided a frequent, quick-and-easy link to the Nutella website.. gosh, that person would be providing a really helpful service to everyone around here.. I’m sure people would think that he was pretty awesome.. right? RIGHT?? :)

                  1. Ha ha, Yes! They sure would!
                    Hey, speaking of links to stuff, did you check out Magda’s link above in this thread for another episode of “SMORES, ur doin it wrong”?

  11. My books arrived! How awesome to go home after my final final (research…ugh) to find them waiting for me! Now, I have to hurry and order more for more friends and relatives!

  12. So you DID get my comment!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! I M SO HAPPY THAT (i hope) U SAW MY COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is awesome, isn’t it? ;)

  13. a few weeks before easter I left a bag of delicious foil wrapped eggs on the coffee table and went to bed (don’t know how I didn’t eat them all Before bed, but whatever…).
    I awoke in the morning to find only 1 egg laying under the coffee table – no sign of the bag at all. A look under one couch revealed a few more eggs… and then a few more under the other couch. I picked up the foot stool and found 1 more egg – but still no bag. Finally I got down on my hands and knees, pressed my face to the ground and looked under the tv stand. There it was! The rest of the bag.
    So Thanks to my cat, Miss Kitty Fantastico, for the inpromptu easter egg hunt. It was pretty awesome!

  14. This totally happened to me the other day. I was digging through my purse trying to find my keys, and I came across a wonderful little chocolate egg hiding in the bottom of my bag. It was an awesome little surprise that brightened my otherwise uneventful day.

  15. omg so so boring i have school project an am lookin to copy an paste 1000 things i want to do before i die an this ways no help u need to get off the internet….. lol hahaha

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