#243 Having a staring contest with a baby

Because they don’t even know they’re playing.


— Email message —

“Over the summer our teacher read your book, now Room 10 at Waihi Beach School are creating the Kids 100 Awesome Things. The kids make suggestions, then vote for the most awesome idea. Miss Hardley our teacher types like a maniac as we talk, then we check and edit her typing. Our site is http://kids100awesomethings.wikispaces.com/” – From Miss Hardley and Room 10 Waihi Beach School, New Zealand.

33 thoughts on “#243 Having a staring contest with a baby

  1. They don’t know they’re playing … and yet, they win an awful lot. Blink, baby!

    YAY! BHB!

  2. Oh my gosh, this made me die! First, I LOVE that picture with all the baby entries. Second, my 6 month old stares for FOREVER and I try to see if he’s blinking and he just never does. It’s hilarious. I love this. I can’t stop giggling. :)

    1. Hahaha, I absolutely love doing this. Pretty much every time I am on the bus there is an adorable baby staring at me from across the aisle. I always have little staring contests with them, and they ALWAYS win! Sometimes I feel slightly creepy for staring, but I can’t help it! I love babies. It’s especially awesome when you look at one and they just stare back at you and give you the biggest smile known to man. Instantly brightens my day. :)

  3. Wow! Thanks for mentioning us. I was checking the wiki and noticed the revolver map going mental! So awesome, the kids will be amazed tomorrow! Jess Hardley and Room 10 Waihi Beach School, New Zealand

    1. What a fantastic teacher you are! The kids are most fortunate to have an instructor so creative who helps them focus on the positive. What great lessons these are! I’ve had the suspicion that New Zealand is an AWESOME place, and you’ve verified it as fact!

      1. I checked out the site and its such a great idea. Wonderful way to get the kids involved and get them thinking. I love it!

        1. I have way too much time on my hands, so I can now report that Bed Head Baby has appeared eleven – count ’em! – ELEVEN times! (More or less, I may have missed some.)

          The adorable Laughing Baby cropped up a few times, too.

          Jokes that never get old? AWESOME!

          1. Your comments are 2 1/2 hours apart, lovethebadguy. Did it take you that long to look for the BHB and count? You have way more patience than I do.

            1. No, not quite that long. First, I had to convince myself that it was TOTALLY worth going back from #243 to #1000 to find the Bed Head Baby.

              In the end, I decided that: Yes. Yes it was worth it. So off I went down awesome-memory lane. (:

  4. BHB has made an appearance 11 times? Wow!! I can’t get enough of that baby. So cute!

    I need to test this out when I get home. I’ve never had a staring contest with my baby. I bet he wins.

    1. Yay, bedhead baby returns!

      Bekah, let us know who wins the staring contest! Darn babies with their moist unblinking eyes!

          1. The only time I’ve noticed Zach blink (or the only time I’m really paying attention to his blinking) is when he’s super tired. He’ll be looking around and all of a sudden his eyes will close like they weigh a ton or something, then after I think he’s asleep, his eyes open. Super long blink or really fast nap because usually after he does this, he is fine and wide awake.

            1. I wish I had a super power where I could take really fast naps. I would be so much more productive!

              1. Finally had a staring contest with my baby. He won everytime! Next time, I’m getting out my stop watch to see how long he keeps his eyes open

  5. Awesome is seeing you on a commercial on the season finale of Castle last night, then coming to work and seeing the entry about the New Zealand school and reading their countdown and starting the day with a smile instead of the grumps which could be so possible given all the rain we’re having.

    I’m glad you’ve started bringing back the contributions from others – the one from Arvind I circulated around the office and had many of us in happy tears.

  6. “Oh, they are not playing, that is correct”, says great grandmother.
    “They are so close to the ‘other side world’, they are reading the soul.
    See where you have been, where you are going and who you really are.”
    Believing this is true, “in my world”, babies always win!

    Awesome on you, Miss Hardley, and the kids at Waihi school- Truly Aweome indeed=D

  7. YES! I was excited about this awesome post even before Bedhead Baby loaded!! Even more AWESOME! That’s also crazy that that baby has appeared 11 times! I knew it was a lot, but didn’t realize how many! Yay!

    And I heart any baby-related post, so this is excellent!

  8. You know what’s even better? Wink at them! They’ll be mesmerized, laugh and want to imitate you, which is even more awesome!

  9. One of our regulars at work has a little girl who’s just mastered trotting and walking , so when she’s in the store she likes to run around, stare and wave at you. She’s so cute, because when you smile and wave at her, she smiles and does that excited little dance toddlers do when they get attention. It totally makes my day.

  10. Babies always make my day at work, (a grocery store) occasionally one will watch me from a distance and when I notice them, I get a big ‘hi’. Totally awesome!!

  11. I read the comment about the school typing up awesome things and then editing what they wrote. I am a teacher at Elston Middle School in Michigan City, IN. I have a “Wall of Awesome Things.” My students are free to add “Awesome Things” at any time. I love the idea of making a website where we post these ideas and use them to increase Language Arts/grammar skills. I will be stealing this idea! Thank you so much!

  12. i once had a staring contest with a 5 year old, yes i lost, lol
    i think kids eyelids dont have to refresh as much as older grownups, i could be wrong

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