#237 When someone calls just to say hi

Are you a robot?

Sometimes I feel like one when I’m texting friends these days. My friendly hellos gets a bit sharp and edgy when they’re digitized in six-point font on tiny screens costing a few cents a message. Suddenly all the pleasant small talk in front of the conversation is chopped off with a hatchet knife and all that’s left is: you guys coming?, yeah 5 mins, k.

That’s what makes it so great when your phone actually rings and it’s someone calling just to say hello. Yes, whether it’s mom checking in before exams, an old college friend calling for no reason, or your brother across the country dropping into your day, it always means the same thing.

Someone’s thinking about you.


Thank you for making The Book of Awesome a bestseller for 52 weeks!

— Email message —

“A week ago my friends and I sat down for a late dinner after watching five hours of student films. Needless to say, we were pretty drained. We loaded our plates and found our table. As I picked up my grease-coated pizza, I reached for a napkin only to discover that there was not a single one left. Our designated napkin grabber for the night stole a handful from the table next to us and handed them to me. We then noticed something written on one of the napkins buried in the pile. No one knows who wrote on the napkins, but whoever it was is supremely AWESOME!” – Izzy

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35 thoughts on “#237 When someone calls just to say hi

  1. Neil, I’ve seen your TED Talk and a friend dropped your book off for us at the hospital. It’s not been until now that I’ve visited your site, and I can’t tell you how overwhelmed with happiness it’s made me feel. Especially this post.

    Thank you.

    In so many ways.

  2. Anyone else who appreciates my love of whole numbers is sure to also like the fact that “The Book of Awesome” was a bestseller for a whole year! Not 51 weeks, but one complete AWESOME year!


  3. Congratulations, Neil! It bolsters my belief in basic human goodness that your book has been a bestseller for an entire year. So often people are pitted against one another for myriad reasons. Yet, on this lifelong journey we’re all pretty much doing the same thing: just trying to get through and find some happiness. We’re so much alike, even in our differences; we all just want some awesome. That so many yearn for the AWESOME as you eloquently describe in your book, reminds me that we are a family of humanity. Thank you once again.

  4. I miss this. I miss this so much. I miss getting it from other people, and I miss not being afraid to do it to other people. I’m always afraid they’re going to be busy and annoyed that I’m calling to talk about nothing. Damn this cell phone and Facebook generation.

    1. Just pick up the phone! Just Do It~ Others need this too!
      I would listen to you Chinese symbol style! Yes, I would.
      And if I knew how to post the symbol I would do that too.

  5. 52 weeks!! We need to celebrate!!
    I talk to my bff everyday. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t talk to her everyday. Even if we have nothing to say, we still call each other.

  6. Ok, I absolutely adore that picture of the little girl on the telephone…too cute for words!!!

  7. I’m so very glad you included this. We can’t lose touch people!
    It’s so dehumanizing and this creates horrible things I don’t want to write here.
    *To receive a call such as this; that I was chosen, to me is an honor.
    I think of the Chinese symbol, and all that this involves. Though very hard for me, I put other stuff and things aside, sit down and lean into the phone, on my better than the other ear, and listen.
    This just happened last night and am I ever glad “I heard” what this young friend needed from me… WITH undivided attention, me, eyes, ears and heart. I can say it actually feels sacred, like a genuine smile and hug.
    Just look at the little girl in the picture; it’s plain to see~ this is listening!
    Yes, this is awesome to receive a call “just” to say, “Hi!” Feels like love.
    * Neil, the lives you are helping with your awesome paradigm; for all the time and thought you take is truly divine! Congrats, C’lubom and Krepka, Spasiba, Wendy xoz and a napkin note too;0

  8. Ok, I haven’t seen a post from Laura since the tornadoes hit. I know she’s in Missouri. Has anyone heard or seen anything from her????
    All the social networking sites are blocked here at work and the internet has been down on my phone to check other places.

        1. Me too! I saw a documentary on CNN about the Missouri tornados, and it’s really, really crazy bad. Laura! I sure hope and pray you and yours are safe. What a terrible, terrible situation.

    1. Hey everyone,

      I emailed Laura and she wrote back that she’s okay, but has just been busy with the end of school. Assume she’ll respond with more soon! I love the Community of Awesome!

  9. I read this and i was so sad- my phone hasn’t rang from anyone just wanting to say hi for over a week. And i haven’t seen or met up with any pals since then. It’s almost as if no-one cares. But when it does ring- it will feel like Christmas! nd i will be loved :-)

    1. Well, I can’t resist because I did have 2 calls this night, only the 2nd. being from my first born C.C., so I wasn’t going to say, but she is one of my very best friend’s and life forces in the whole wide world… I need to honor this here. I believe in the butterfly effect and so with positively good loving intent, as you said Magda, this is noteworthy.

  10. I was one of the attendees of the convention you were at this monday. You already changed the way i am seeing things. yesterday I woke up late and groggy from the late night and was leaving for work…my daughter walks upto me and gives a tight hug wishing me a good day and goes back to sleep :) it was AWESOME….she kinda almost does that everyday but yesterday it was special, since I stopped and noticed it :)

    1. Yes! I’ve been here since Dec.31,2010, #340-“Feeling it in your bones”, a whole new world has come to be; everything better feels~ especially hugs, like never before. Thanks for sharing your special awareness, attitude, authenticity~awesome.

  11. I wish I picked up the phone to actually call someone. I’ve gotten so lazy with the use of text messages, twitter, email, and facebook. I need to just pick up the phone and call my bff once a week. Thanks for the reminder!

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