#233 When babies grab at your face with their tiny hands

There’s something adorable about tiny hands reaching up to grab your face or glasses with their baby strength.

Just watch out for the wolverine claws.


— Email message —

“When you are downloading a ton of photos onto your computer and find an amazing photo that you took that you’d completely forgotten about — one of those “worth-a-thousand-words” kind of photos. This is my son with my husband — still in uniform, just home from work. We leave a copy of The Book of (Even More) Awesome in our guest room and every guest wants to know where they can get a copy or tries to steal mine!” – Melissa, Arlington, Virginia

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32 thoughts on “#233 When babies grab at your face with their tiny hands

  1. Yeah, my godson has the claws so I tend to have scratched cheeks and eyelids. Not cool.
    But in general, this is pretty awesome…and adorable

  2. When they reach for you, ’tis the sign of many splendid things.
    For example, last night while looking after 10 month old grandson, who runs a very tight shift and is usually in bed by 7pm. for his 12 hour sleep count. At 7:10 he crawled to the door, pulled himself up, looked out for his parents, then somewhat miff and weary eyed, he smiled and reached out to me. Before I could get him comfortably nestled in my arms…where I was certain he wanted to be, he up and high-tenned me in the face! I said a little ouch and his eyes welled. This much I know, Noah knows I love him and trusted I could fix what he needed most, which at the time was his own crib.

    As for the above, I say, 2 perfect pictures with 3 fine sets of claws in action:)
    I second the emotion for Awesome books on night stands & everywhere!

    1. Melissa and family, I’d love to hear some captions on this awesome photo.
      I see posters, raffle, fund-raiser; awesome donations to charity of choice!

  3. It doesn’t have to be just babies….I think any child under the age of five qualifies for the cuteness award when they reach for your face. Haha, so sweet.

  4. YES! The baby ones are my favorite! Well, any kid ones!!! Love love babies, and then when they reach for your face you disregard the fact that their hands are probably really gross and pretend to gobble up their hands (with sound effects and possibly “gumming” their hand). :D

    1. It’s so fun to gobble up and gum their little hands! Playing with babies brings out the kid in me!

  5. Hey! Jdurley, if you’re listening… you know the bathrooms/toilets tally you got going? Have you started a baby one? Because I think it could almost reach the toilet target.

    1. Ha ha, Emmy, why don’t you take on that challenge? We can go head to head until the last post! Thanks to some fine research by lovethatguy, we know there are 11 posts with Bedhead Baby on it, so that’s a good starting place for your tally. Good luck and may the best side-list win! (I’m sort of cheering for babies, since IMO they are much more awesome than bathrooms).

      1. Oh gosh! Never thought I’d be doing this kind of thing. In what time?! Maybe I’ll tally it up on weekends. After exams. But I’ll write it down right now so I won’t forget… #233 When babies grab at your face with their tiny hands. Gotta start re-reading! Does it include references to babies within non-baby-related awesome things? Or even the “We can learn much from the baby” quote? Or any photos of babies? We have to set these guidelines, you see, for a fair test. Argh! Word is not opening. Damn, I’ll have to revert to the old fashioned method of a pen and paper.

          1. Haha, will do! Although I haven’t really been studying at all and they’re next week, but oh well. Maybe this’ll be an incentive to start studying :P (Don’t worry for me- it’s not TEE or anything, it’s just year 10 mid-year exams)

            1. OK, but I never want to hear “I didn’t get my work done because jdurley told me to count babies” as an excuse! ha ha

              1. Bahaha! Ok, I vow that I shall never use the afore-mentioned excuse for not doing homework. Although it really would throw the teachers :D And counting babies is always fun! Alas, we have none in the family.

  6. Agreed- cute, but potentially dangerous. I babysat a six-month-old a couple of years ago and he really liked my long hair. That was how I learned that babies’ fists are surprisingly strong. I guess he must have liked the colour or the curlyness or something.
    Note to self: When caring for small children, tie hair back. Preferably in a braid.

  7. Zach is into grabbing everyone’s hair now. He likes to grab and pull or just grab and hang on to it maybe even try to chew on the hair. Whenever he grabs my hair, he’ll get a big handful right by my head and then he’ll pull my head to his face and slobber all over me. I love baby kisses!

    1. And now, he likes to kind of ‘pet’ mine and hubby’s face. After about 5 minutes of running his hands over our cheeks, he’ll shove our face to one side. Cute for a while.

  8. Yes, Bekah, I can relate, my grandson Noah does this too…sweet, slobbery love!

    1. He’s started doing this new thing. I kiss his cheek a lot and when I stop he’ll shake his head and put his mouth to my cheek and make kind of a screaming noise. Its so funny and oh so cute!

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