#230 When you continue talking through the yawn and your friend actually understands you

When your groggy groans are met with head nods and smiles it means only one thing.

You two are on the same wavelength.


— Email message —

“For English, our Year 10 class wrote an essay on the topic ‘Write a letter to your parents explaining the important messages about life that you have gained from reading or viewing at least one text.’ So, naturally, I chose 1000 Awesome Things. The writing’s a little sketchy in parts but you should be able to read.” – Zosia from Australia

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49 thoughts on “#230 When you continue talking through the yawn and your friend actually understands you

  1. And then they catch the yawn and you return the favor ;)

    My kids got good at listening to me teach through yawns (and hiccups) and understanding it … it was hilarious. I think they took it as a challenge … like, if they could understand what I was saying/reading through my yawning, they’d won the challenge. Love it. :D

      1. It’s been proven by scientists, you know. Yawns are contagious. Newsflash, scientists. We’ve been yawning since the beginning of humanity!

        I like to draw out my yawns, nice and slow. It annoys people, but it feels amazing, ex. instead of yaaawwwnnns, I do yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnsss.

        1. Why? Why do people see the need to do studies on everyday things? Who cares if females blink more than males? We already know that if we are hungry we should eat. We know that heartbreak hurts and that we need sleep to function.
          Maybe that’s what I should do for a living…. research stuff that everyone already knows or don’t care to know.

          Sometimes I like to make a lot of noise when I yawn, my daughter hates when I do it…. so I do it. hahaha

  2. Zosia, this made me well, so I think I shall sign off now for a little cry.
    “Thank you all. Good night and God Bless Awesomeland.”

    1. How many times can a person read or say the word yawn without yawning? I have yet to yawn, but I’m fighting it. Ah… as soon as I said that I yawned.
      Have you yawned yet?

      1. Ack! Bekah! I was fighting it until I got to your comment, and then I could fight it no longer!

        1. I yawned 4 times, and was thinking ‘Do people yawn when READING about yawning?’ when your post came up. So the answer is yes! :)

  3. Wooo! An email message from Australia! (:

    …I wasn’t the only one who read this post, then started yawning and trying to speak at the same time, just to hear what it sounds like… right?

    1. yes! I’m with you lovethebadguy (it’s Zosia here). And thanks Wendy, much appreciated :) English exam on Tuesday! I can’t believe my email was actually posted! Ahh! Haha. And yes yawning or crying and laughing or not even saying anything and your friend understanding you is pretty epically awesome :D Oh btw, in my essay, I say funner. And my brother just informed me that it wasn’t a word. Now I think we should change that.

      1. Oh and btw, THANK YOU NEIL! Your email was amazing, and you’re awesome! (If I haven’t said it enough) :P

        1. jdurley, who snuck the baby in?
          I’ve looked and looked and looked again and I can’t find the baby.
          So please do let me know if you will, where baby is, and add 3 ticks.
          As I think Nelson Mandella would say, Emmy, you are teaching and guiding with the light. I hope your parents will see all it is you want them to see.
          I’ve learned so much and thank my “babies,” grand-babies and other babies for being illuminous guides.
          As Barbara Coloroso says, “Look to the children for they are our future.”
          Oh, that’s 6 babies now and since that’s not a favorite number I’ll add 1 more baby and for the best of luck baby…tick #8.

          1. I believe jdurley is talking about Zosia’s letter (she mentions Neil’s philosophy that we could learn a lot from babies, who view the simplest things as awesome).

            On another note, let’s also add:
            – gooder
            – perfectest
            – awfuler
            (Hey, they’ve added the freaking heart symbol to the dictionary, I think they can chuck in a few of those, huh?)

            P.S. Good luck with the English exam Emmy! (:

            1. Wait….what??? They added WHAT to the dicionary?? Are you serious? No, you can’t be serious. They added <3 to the dictionary?? (Gasp)

        2. Haha! I didn’t even realise that! When did I write this? Thursday… When did we agree on the battle of the lists? Lol, DOES it count? Huh? HUH?? Lovin all the new words :D And thanks, hopefully I get a good mark. 2 hours, gosh- just went to get a comfortable pen today :)

          1. gotta “lovethebadguy” for taking the time to re-fill me in. Thanks.
            *Yes, good luck on tuesday, Emmy.

          2. Well, don’t get Lara started, but the rule we seem to have adopted for the bathroom list is that mentions in the e-mail add-ons only count if there is a PHOTO of an ACTUAL TOILET.
            Too bad you weren’t writing a photo-essay. I might have also accepted doodles in the margins.

            1. Damn! I should doodle more then. Oh well, there’s still plenty more baby references. Oh yeah and thanks too Lovethebadguy, I didn’t even realise what baby reference Jdurley was talking about until you pointed it out to Wendy :P Haha. And J! J! Do references count if the word baby is used, or like, you know how Neil does those examples of a general awesome thing in a sentence and they rhyme… well if there’s a mention of a baby, does that count? Just so there’s no confusion. Or should I actually get Lara started?

                1. Haha do you no have the time to rant about reference list rules, or can you just not be bothered??

  4. Its kind of like how girls understand each other when they are doing the high pitched crying/talking. My bff understands what I say through yawns, cries, when I can’t figure out the right words or even when I forget what I was going to say… she understands.

  5. I’m just going to say that I think there are 2 kinds of people in the world: Those that talk while they yawn and those that don’t. I’m proud to call myself a yawn-talker. :)
    Love it!

  6. Or when you have a mouth full of food and someone asks you a question. You somehow manage to mumble an answer and they completely understood.

      1. Oh my, That was hilarious! My partial near fell out!
        I wish I was as electronically talented as you.
        Thank you.

        1. Haha! Good memories!

          On a mildy related note: Has anyone ever watched Muppet Treasure Island? I watched it many times as a child… And then I read Robert Stephenson’s “Treasure Island”, from which it is loosely based.

          And you know what? I prefer the Muppets. ;)

  7. Ah, this is a good one. It’s a special moment when a friend understands what you’re trying to communicate even through yawns, crying, or just through a look. I love that wavelength =)
    And the letter is pretty awesome. I love the positive perspective this website offers and I try not to miss the little things in life or take them for granted.

  8. letter = totally awesome! what a great way to communicate with your parents and share what I believe are universal truths about life.

  9. Well, we’ve proven now that the reflective yawn is cross-species–before I read a word I saw the hippo yawning and I yawned too!

  10. I actually liked this post, HOWEVER, it’s hard for me to perform this task. What sucks about me is that I get bored easily when someone repeats a story, I yawn and yawn and yawn but I think that my friends don’t notice that I just want to go to bed, or like you said, they just understand me. I just don’t want to talk about the same thing, you know?

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