#227 When you finally get rid of that thing that’s been rolling around the trunk of your car forever

It haunts you on every turn.

The muted thump of that half-filled water bottle, grass-stained golf ball, or pair of skates clanging against the side of your trunk. And you think it’s annoying, and you think you’ll get rid of it, but when you arrive at your destination it’s suddenly about getting out, getting in, and getting it tomorrow.

That’s what makes it great when the glorious day finally comes.

When you clean out the trunk and it sounds like


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51 thoughts on “#227 When you finally get rid of that thing that’s been rolling around the trunk of your car forever

      1. How could you leave a watermelon to rot? They are delicious!

        Wish it was summer. I could totally get into a watermelon right now. They just aren’t as awesome in cold weather…

        1. I know! It was just one of those things – I was visiting a friend, and as I was leaving, she grabs this (already starting to rot) watermelon out of her fridge and foists it on me, so I throw it in the trunk and forget about it until the next day by which time the damage had been done.

    1. mmm….a bottle of wine isn’t pretty either and once broken leaves a bit of stale wine odor.

  1. that was my deoderant can a few weeks back :)
    right now its a bobby pin in the compartment under my radio!
    so annoying, but because its always handy to have there, I really don’t want to take it out & just living with the noise!

  2. I’ve got a can of tennis shoe protectant in my trunk I bought when I got a new pair of tennis shoes. Never used it yet and the shoes aren’t so new looking anymore. Going on 3 months that it’s been in there.

  3. I lost a can of cat food in my car once. I discovered it had slipped into this little crevice in my boot that I didn’t know existed.

    I also found a rusty-brown towel in this crevice. However, my bored mind chose to imagine the rust-marks were, in fact, blood stains, and so the rest of my day was spent picturing grotesque Dexter-ish scenarios in which someone had been killed and put in the boot of my car, with a towel used to soak up the blood…

    …I need more to amuse myself throughout my days.

    Also: Lookey! New style comment boxes! (:

      1. could be good to check the license plate and registration. You never know with these things.

    1. I have a mystery stain on the pants I’m wearing right now that I’m pretty sure is blood. I have no idea how it got there, but I like to imagine it happened during some daft adventure with my friends in the ravine or an action hero-esque climb to liberate a frisbee from a tree. Most likely it’s the aftermath of one of my random nosebleeds, but that doesn’t make for a good story.

      Or, as Bekah suggests, perhaps my pants once belonged to the mob.

    2. That’s pretty awesome..

      It’s going to be tough to explain what you do at night when you find that box of microscrope slides with drops of blood in in hiding behind your car’s air conditioner..

  4. Totally know the feeling! Right now my trunk is filled with empty bottles that I have been meaning to take to the recycling center, and they slide around and clatter noisily at every turn. Maybe one day I’ll get around to it, and get to experience that beautiful silence when I take a turn.

  5. Love this one! I’m learning to drive at the moment, and have a lovely metallic blue Fiat Punto, circa 1998! :) It was my grandmothers, and I ♥ it!

    The other day when I was out driving with my instructor, I heard this clanging in the boot. I check when I got home, and it was a toaster!!! Like WTF? My mam had been meaning to bring it to the appliance recycling place for ages, and just decided to leave it in my car! hahaha

  6. I can’t stand when something is rolling around in my trunk or even in the floor of my car. I’ll forget everytime that something is in my trunk rolling around until I start driving and hear it, but as soon as I stop s0mewhere, I have forgotten about it again. Drives me crazy.

  7. Haha this one is brilliant. I guess everyone recognizes it but no one ever wrote about it.

  8. It SO is all about getting out and getting in and getting it tomorrow! Then next day…clunk, clunk…oh yeah…

  9. I’ve had a bag of other dunkin donuts bags in my trunk, along with swimming trunks that have dried over the past 3 months. disgusting. even though my trunk is still filled, getting rid of these 2 items make it feel like a clean living room =).

  10. Uuugh! I’ve had a toy torpedo nerf-type shooter thing under my driver’s seat for weeks. I had to confiscate it from my daughter because she shot one at me (30 seconds after I told her not to shoot it). Maybe your post will remind me to finally throw it away.

    1. Don’t throw it out Sara!

      That is the coolest thing to have within arm’s reach while you’re driving around town.. imagine passing one of your friends just as they’re walking out of the hair salon, and you just roll-down your window, reach down, and *POP-POP* shoot a nerf torpedo right at her in the friendliest drive-by ever! :)

            1. Yeah – not sure why I picked hair salon. It just seemed like a particularly good time to surprise your friend with an unexpected nerf-torpedo to the face!

      1. Freddo,
        I love your way of thinking! Unfortunately, I threw it away before reading this post. I just might have to buy me one and keep it from my daughter.

        1. Do it!

          Could you imagine the look on your daughter’s face next time you’re driving around town running errands, and all of a sudden you whip out your brand new, shiny nerf torpedo gun (which is obviously upgraded from her original model with like, extra torpedos and a laser-sight or something), and start shooting out your window.

          It will be one of those classic moments when a kid thinks: “I can’t wait to be an adult! I’ll get my own nerf gun and shoot it ALL THE TIME!!”


  11. I actually have to do this…..still …. after like a year of a an old pottery vase rolling around back there — left over from a move. For most of the time it’s tucked in a corner so that it doesn’t roll around (yes I actually went to the effort of “securing” it so that I wouldn’t be annoyed by it rather than just take it out) but it has since come loose in the past couple of weeks and is now rolling around again. I really just need to get it out — problem is that I have no idea what to do with it, it’s not the prettiest thing but it has very important sentimental value (something my Mom made way back who sadly passed away two years ago from cancer) and sometimes just knowing it’s rolling around in the trunk with me is comforting enough (odd as that may be).

  12. I just bought a brand new car, and already I think there is something in my glovebox sliding around I have been listening to it for a couple days, and while I was driving I was trying to figure it out, maybe I’ll do that today, or maybe I’ll forget.

  13. Kinda like that totally melted and festering carton of Ben & Jerry’s that has been in your trunk all summer, right Laura??

    Oh yeah.. that happened to your “friend”.. riiiigggghhhttt… :)

    1. IT WAS NOT ME!!!! My car is immaculate! I clean crevices with a Q-Tip!!

      But I am glad this is what you thought of, ’cause I was going to bring it up if you didn’t! Hahaha. I’m gonna send this as a link to my friend and see if she reads the comments … :D

      1. You’re more than welcome to come clean my car. Mine needs a good cleaning and it sounds like you know how to get it done. I hate to admit it, but I haven’t cleaned out from under my daughter’s booster seat in quite some time now. I know its gotta be gross.

  14. Since it’s actually Boxing Day, here in the land of Awesome, I think it’s safe to say some of us may even have some junk in our trunks from Christmas past; wiggling, jiggling and rolling about shouting, “Remember me… you were going to reduce, reuse and recycle me…just do it!”

  15. Kendra, when I’ve had nowhere else to put something that brought me comfort, I’ve been known to super glue it to the dash or the back window shelf- thingamabobber,(for lack of the proper termonology)… odd as that may sound, why not.=)

  16. My dad insists that my sister and I both keep a full-sized car jack (in a nice hefty carrying case) in our trunks at all times. Lug wrench, too. You know, “just in case”. So every time I make a quick turn or have to slam on the brakes, I hear it scooting around back there. *sigh* Safety first, right?

  17. I LOVE this one! Such a sense of relief when you FINALLY make the big decision to get that junk out of the trunk! Why do we let it roll around for weeks/months? Just to make ourselves crazy!? :)

  18. I can relate to this!! SO ashamed I haven’t cleared it out properly till now. Thanks for the reminder :)

  19. I just noticed Neil rolled out the “Green, Green, Grass of Home:) ”
    Sort of makes me want to go barefoot and step in some dog doo-doo, just to feel….
    awesome, as in Dec. 2009!
    Beautiful banner, really.

  20. Milk jugs to be recycled, but forgotten are the foulest smelling objects on this planet. Once remembered and recycled, along with a dangling “new car scent” freshner….Awesome!

  21. hahaha this is genius. Was just drivin around listening to the patter of the rain on my car… while an electric fan rolled around in my trunk. Yeah, that’s comin out tomorrow.

  22. Every time my dad give me and my tuba a ride in his car I have to shove this box in his trunk out of the way. One time I asked him what it was there for and he told me it had antifreeze and ice scrapers and a blanket, which made perfect sense in January. Why he still needs that stuff in the summer is beyond me. If it were my car, all that stuff would have come out in April.

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