#225 Peeling a hard boiled egg and getting a big chunk of shell all at once

It’s time for open egg surgery.

Sure, maybe you didn’t make it in med school, but now’s your chance to tenderly crack open the egg skull and reveal the soft white brain below. After you successfully remove a giant chunk all at once make sure to delicately leave it on the plate before holding the egg under a light to examine it for shell dust particles.

All eyes are on you in the operating room theater of your kitchen.

Get crackin’.


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50 thoughts on “#225 Peeling a hard boiled egg and getting a big chunk of shell all at once

    1. I admire anyone who can be a gift of attentive love to/for the world as we know it today~
      it’s one solid way to Tao inner and outer peace.
      So this ones for all you do, I hope it works out for you too…
      google: “How to peel hard boiled eggs.” on Healthy-quick-meals.com

      1. Sweety, after all I’ve seen and hear this week/year, it would take a miracle for that kid to find and win the dust on that egg. I have however seen a few of THOSE too. Good luck kid :p

    2. I went on a trip to Eastern Europe with my husband and his parent.s We stayed with a British family in a small gypsy town called Covasint in Romania. They fixed us a meal of hard-boiled eggs and toast with Nutella every morning. We always had a contest to see who could peel their egg with the fewest pieces of shell. Almost two years later, I still text a picture to my father-in-law whenever I get a good peel with the caption, “Looks like it’s going to be a good day!”

      And that’s always how I know it will be a good day:) Thanks for your website and books!

  1. Roll it over a flat surface while applying a little bit of pressure so that is barely cracks around the middle. Then peel it from the middle. Works for me every time. Thank you Food Network

  2. After cracking an egg open earlier today, I thought this exact thing since the egg was miraculously easy to peel from its shell in bid chunks. It’s like you can read my mind. Anyways, truly awesome!

  3. yes! I’m not always successful, but I also haven’t had many hard-boiled eggs over the last couple years. We used to have them all the time growng up though and I remember the feelings of success this brought on!

  4. I also get the same when I am peeling off in the summer and I take a big piece of dead skin off. More disgusting? Maybe. Equally satisfactory? Absolutely

  5. Hey Neil,
    I can’t believe it! I was peeling a whole bunch of hard-boiled eggs yesterday – everytime I got a huge strip off, I thought, “Awesome! Wouldn’t it be cool if Neil wrote about this?”

  6. I not only despised eggs when I was a child, I actually had nightmares about being chased by very scarey looking, sky-scraper-sized eggs, until I was around 8, when an English family introduced me to this~
    Take a soft, (bordering hard), boiled egg, place it in a darling decorative little egg cup.
    (lovethebadguy will like this)
    So’s to make a clean cut…whack the top off with a really sharp knife.
    In the old country it is said that food should be cooked with lots of love and lots of butter, so follow suit with some toast, then slice toast into about 5-6 narrow pieces and here you have it…the most dramatical inclusion… “Nightmares be gone with Soldiers in an Egg!!”
    Parents/caregivers around the world struggling to get children to eat eggs, you’re welcome!
    Bon Appetit=D

    1. I used to love having egg-in-a-cup for lunch when I was a kid! Dipping the toast soldiers in the yolk was the best part. I wonder if my Postman Pat egg cup is still hiding in the cupboard somewhere?

      Now I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow!

    1. Haha – loving the sexy “Quick Peel a Banana” voice at 1:40! Smooooth.

      Also: I could totally Turbo-Park. I just don’t wanna….

      Awesome video, Suzanne!

        1. In count dracula voice…

  7. When I was little, I hated hard boiled eggs, but I would still ask my mom to make them for me just so I could peel off the shell. :P

  8. It’s like cracking it when it’s raw!!!! so awesome when that happens. I hate it when it’s so dry that the skin of the egg doesn’t come off the shell.

  9. I’ve been experimenting with Tim Ferriss’ “Four Hour Body,” which requires the participant to eat a ton of protein (for the non-vegans). Because of this, I’ve resorted to eating a lot of hard-boiled eggs and, fittingly with today’s “Awesome Thing,” I can attest that getting a big chunk of shell at once is SUPER AWESOME!

    With Love and Gratitude,


  10. Peeling pretty much anything and getting off a large chunk is pretty awesome. Bonus if you can get the entire thing off in one piece (which, unfortunately, is impossible with eggs).

    When my mum peels oranges, she uses her long thumbnail to dig in and take the whole peel off in one big long coil. It’s amazing.

      1. Wendy obviously has been doing her research and reading up on all the past entries as she promised..

        Thanks for filling in for me, Wendy! :)

  11. This is possible?! I guess I didn’t even make it through the undergrad, intro-level biology courses of med school. ;)

    In my defense, I don’t peel hard boiled eggs very often. Guess I should do it more often!

  12. Since I enjoy red beet eggs and deviled eggs and make them regularly, I’m pretty experienced peeling hard boiled eggs. I have gotten the whole peel in one string before and it is awesome! You have to roll them and then peel them while they’re still hot under cold running water. Geez, now I’m hungry for eggs.

  13. I don’t eat hard-boiled eggs very often, but I definitely feel the same way when it comes to peeling oranges. Most of the time I get 50 small pieces of orange rind while peeling it, but once in a while I get the whole thing off in a couple pieces and it is awesome.

  14. My mum says to put some salt into that water.. So that you can peel the egg clearly… Somehow this is a crazyest task I usually come along… I love boiled eggs… Yummy yummy

  15. Still Trying to master The extreme Shoe Tying Trick, It’s very impressive! And harder then it looks.

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