#224 When you find the spot on the dog that makes its leg go crazy

It’s like finding a secret button that gives you complete control over your furry friend.

Just scratch once for


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  1. I love doing this to my dog … and he never disappoints, because he has lots of spots that make his leg go crazy! He also has a spot on the back/side of his right back leg that makes his tail do weird things. Love it! :D

  2. Hello all awesome followers,

    I have discovered two awesome things that I wish to share:

    1. “When the music on your iPod acts as theme music for your current situation” – I was driving along some mountains last night; it was a slow drive through the rain and dark, when my iPod started playing “Hooked on Classics” (a combination of a variety of classical music scores). Needless to say, it was very dramatic, and even timed the big finish to the moment that I emerged from the road! AWESOME!

    2. “When your birthday falls on a public holiday” – Happy Fake Birthday to the Queen! Happy REAL Birthday to me! AWESOME!

    That is all. (:

      1. Your #1 brings me to Led Zepplin’s, Kashmir; best of 4×4’ing treasured mountain memories.
        Some buttons really are fun to push, especially the ones that make the hind leg wriggle, head bop and spirit fill… when URL works! *crossed fingers*

        1. That link worked. And yeah, that music would be awesome for treacherous drives through the wilderness…

          *disappears into own vivid imagining of driving along bumpy roads*

          1. so, it is classic; you said classical…apologies, I just clicked in.Still glad you could hear!
            So it IS also your birthday…then please hear-ye hear-ye and rock on to your very own “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” While today is the first day of the rest of your life…Enjoy!

    1. Awedome for you! My b’day always falls during Lent—so depending on the year, I may share my day with Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday or Easter…..yay??? lol I dunno if I like having my birthday fall on Good Friday (a day of fasting and reflection for Christians)..you know cuz it’s my birthday and I want to eat cake and celebrate!…but then I feel guilty for doing so b/c of the symbolism of the day….:(

      Touche on #1—driving along some mountains??? Where do you live? Jealous for your awesomeness right there! lol :D

      1. Thanks for the birthday wish!

        I was coming home from a day spent in Coffs Harbour. I was on the Dorrigo mountains, where it was raining and cold. It was also difficult to see, due to either cloud or fog… Or as I dubbed it, “clog”.

        My music was perfect for that cloggy Dorrigo mountain…


          1. So googled your journey this morning. You were either in Autralia for your birthday or you live there and don’t keep the same hours as those I know do there?!
            What gorgeous sights!!!
            I really should go see my old college mate there in New South Wales one day:(:)

  3. I don’t own a dog, and I haven’t since high school. I have nothing against them, its just the places I’ve lived don’t allow pets. But oh, do I miss finding that spot and watching their leg go!!
    Something funny…. when Zach was just a couple weeks old his right leg would sort of twitch like a dog’s would. It was funny (and completely normal)

      1. I mean today! I thought today was the 14th … you know, every summer day is a vacation day for a teacher … forgot the date! ;)

          1. Yeah, HB Bekah! As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking, “June 13th, that’s someone’s birthday” but I couldn’t remember who. Thanks, Laura for pointing it out! Hope you have an awesome day, Bekah!

            1. Bekah, this is for you and sort of how I imagine an awesome party of people would be…only with more colours of cards…like the aurora borealis in one scene. I’m a big fan of the music, Bruce and you. Along with the gang I bless your day with~
              “Surpirise, surprise, surprise…” (fingers crossed!)

            2. Yay! Happy B-day! I must admit that I don’t know anyone’s birthday, so definitely wouldn’t have picked this up on my own, but hope you’re having a great one!

              Here’s hoping that someone bought you the Hunger Games trilogy for your birthday! :)

                1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  Its like you already knew wht hubby got me for my birthday!! He got me the Barbie brand Dorothy and Wicked Witch dolls. Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie!
                  No, I didn’t get the books I had asked for, but here’s to hoping for them for Christmas. Or maybe I’ll just buy them for myself.

                  1. Well, I was just looking in my crystal ball that day and what did I see, Bekah loves The Wizard of Oz so much she’s had them on her checks since her first job! Awesome!!!
                    And just freakin’ your freaks, but it did fall so well, since I’d just read field trips and there it was you’d disclosed this whimsy of yourself there.
                    You just keep on that yellow brick road because all your dreams are clearly coming true right there!
                    The fact you have somebody who loves you enough to know this gift would bring you such joy is such love! And the way you speak of your family is all the same.
                    You are awesome.

    1. My dog does have a spot but she does not like to be brushed; she’s part wild, so always looks scraggly, but she likes it like that, so what am I gonna’ do…wish I had a dog like you=)

  4. This brought back all the memories of when my pet was a puppy :) thank you for this post. Excuse me now, while me and Xena (yes, that is what we have named our Labrador) relive some beautiful memories

  5. Did you know that the spot that makes the dogs leg ‘go crazy’ is called the Blibula? It’s a sniglet (word that does not appear in the dictionary, but should) and you’ll find it if you google. Thank you Rich Hall.

    1. When I used to do this with my Labrador, I used to think of it as her “kicky valve”1

  6. Hey Freddo, were you once turquoise, or was there another Freddo…as the Moody Blues would say and did sing, “In the beginning…lovely to see you again my friend.”
    I mean if you were turquoise and then changed to brown, I just have to wonder with the way you talk about your card colour and all, why you wouldn’t ahve opted to change back!?*

    And Bekah, I saw you attempted to change just over a year ago. I think you made a good decision to stay with the green card and I’m certain this pleased Kermit the frog immensley.

    Not knowing what had gone before me, in the past…I too tried with new email address recently but my party dress already matches my card and the party being planned will likely cost a bit of money in travel, so will not afford a new dress, so switched to original as well.
    I have to wonder what colour/color Freddo will sport.

    BTW is there going to be a big celebration next week for the 3rd. anniversary!?*
    CAKE for everyone! Anything I should know about???

      1. Yes, they sure wrote some fabulous songs.
        I do believe I recently read within one of the contests last year, It was you who had a dorm covered wall in lp’s, cool! istened to gold rock with your mom and dad…awesome!

        1. That’s all I listened to growing up, and a majority of what I listen to now, actually! That year we had the records on the wall, we also had a record player in our dorm — and we used it. :)

          1. Awesome, Laura:)
            I’ve had the same stereo and quite a collection for over 30 years. Nothing quite like the good old snap crackle and pop of well, just about anything from the 70’s.

    1. Good post.. I’ve been loving that one too.. :)

      (I had to click on it and watch it again just to make sure that you hadn’t somehow posted a Rick Roll’d version of the video or something..)

  7. When i stop scratching my dog under his head, he start to follow me like ”come back i want more” :D great post

  8. In fact, I didn’t know that this “spot” existed on dogs until just the other day when I was rubbing my dog’s belly, its leg began to move. I would stop, the leg would stop. I would start again, and the leg would start again. It was like an on-switch!

    With Love and Gratitude,


  9. This is undoubtedly awesome. It’s especially funny with big dogs, because their kicks are more powerful.

  10. Dear people of earth,
    We just wanted to comment on your post about scratching the dog in just the right spot. We find this one of the most amazing things ever. I found it 0n my dog.

  11. Breana-I think that is really awesome becuase most of the time it’s funny and than it makes me laugh hahaha, and it’s cute cause the dogs foot moves FASSSSST!
    Holly-I think it is cool because when u pet the dogs special area the dogs leg or foot or watever shakes like really fasssttttt because you touch that special spot/ botton on the dog TEEHEE :-)
    Jenny- Dogs are funny when they shake there leg FASSST!!!!! Because you touch there Tickleish Spot :)

  12. my dog likes to be scratched behind the ears. he is a german sheperd and i love him!! :)

  13. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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