#220 Warm sandals that have been sitting in the sun

It’s the warm underwear from the dryer of the summer.

Yes, warm sandals are a tender hug for cold feet and a sweet escape from scalding sand.

Just slip them on and say


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42 thoughts on “#220 Warm sandals that have been sitting in the sun

  1. No kidding! After scalding and splintering my feet on my friend’s scalding pool deck the other day, reaching my flip flops was heavenly! Luckily, they weren’t black — one of the guys had black sandals laying out in the blazing sun and found them to be not so comforting.

  2. Oh, I miss the warmth of a mid-afternoon summer sun…

    Incidentally, have you ever noticed how many songs are about sunshine?

    “Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows, everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together!”

    “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…”

    “Sunshine, you are my sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey…”

    “I’m walking on sunshine! WHOOAHOOOAHOH!”

    (This is how I occupy my time. I have a pleasant life. :D)

    1. “You are the Sunshine of my life, that’s why I’ll always be around”
      “Good day, Sunshine. Good day, Sunshine.”
      “I’ve been waiting so long ~ to be where I’m going ~ in the sunshine of your laaaaa-ove.”

      Music is an awesomely awesome thing – there’s always a song in my head…

    2. Here Comes the Sun
      Good Day Sunshine
      House of the Rising Sun
      Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
      Seasons In the Sun
      You are My Sunshine
      Tequila Sunrise
      Waiting On A Sunny Day
      Pocket Full of Sunshine
      Aquarius~ LET THE SUNSHINE…
      *Note, it has a Joseph Campbell, Hero’s Journey style, story line*

        1. well, after Neil’s ray of sunshine, lovethebadguy, (aka Frank Abagnale), actually sun-lit the way…
          and I’ve felt alot like “Sunshine,Lollipops and Rainbows,” all weekend~ Thank you!

          Happy Father’s Day Mr. Pasricha.
          The father of Awesome himself, Neil Pasricha=)
          To all the dad’s, grampa’s, great grampa’s and wanna-be’s… Happy Day!

          1. *looks up Frank Abagnale*

            Ahhhhhh…. I liked that movie.

            I mean, HEY! I am not an imposter! ;)

            (Though I wish I was an escape-artist. That’s be sweeeeeet.)

            1. Reflections today of an aka~when I was 15, I started to work in a 120 bed nursing home. Due to some life circumstances, I was disshevelled and displaced, yet the residents nick-named me SUNSHINE! And it is you that reminded me of this~ THANK YOU=D
              I’m gonna’ let it shine!

              1. It’s been storming here like, “Steal My Sunshine”, wild…but I’m grateful we’re not under evac-alert like most summers and in the meantime…
                can pretend to be “A Sunshine Girl” and “Sunshine Superman”,
                watch re-runs of the Brady Bunch singing, “It’s a Sunshine Day”,
                know the sun will shine again this way and “We’ll sing in the Sunshine, we’ll laugh every day…yeh, we can sing in the sunshine and I’ll be on my way!”

  3. I can’t recall ever putting on warm sandals that’s been sitting in the sun, but it does sound nice. One thing I don’t like is wet sandals.

    1. I prefer cool sandals that have been sitting in the shade after you’ve just walked across the scalding sand. Wet flip flops are deadly, but we’ve already discussed that in a previous post where Freddo, in his usual style, had to take things to an awkward place.

  4. I also love it when flip flops are molded into the shape of the bottom of your foot over time.

        1. National Bikini Day this early in the season is just cruel. WE’RE NOT READY. We’ve been sitting under our snuggies eating nutella all winter. DO NOT LOOK AS US.

          1. Yeah I decided to forgo celebrating it and stayed home with my Nutella. Although… it’s been summer here since March, so really, I have no excuse for not being ready.

            1. How did I NOT know about this?
              So it does seem like there’s a national day for everything.
              Sandals, bikinis, what else will they come up with?

  5. While on mission to the BIG city yesterday, I took advantage of the 2 hour drive time to paint my toe nails. But believe me when I say, I NEVER text and drive because that’s against the law!!!
    nah actually, I’m not that skilled, I was a toe nail painting passenger.
    When we arrived at destination business meeting, I was surprised my toes were still tacky! I was not about to ruin this very seldom event and masterpiece. Luckily, there was a Wal Mart very nearby. Inside, I zig-zagged through the people; managed to dodge every steel post, (watch out for those, they hurt), and found flip-flops- Soft, sink your feet into; pretty enough to serve the meeting purpose and affordable too!. Although it was raining outside my feet were actually warm by way of “this new material”…
    I couldn’t help but wonder if from his Wal Mart cubicle, Neil~Oz of Awesome Land~ was responsible for any of this; next thought, sure, why not!
    So thanks again for a job well done; another great week & a perfectly polished moment;)

  6. I love sandals/flips flops! As soon as the weather is warm enough they’re pretty much all I wear. No socks for me until it’s cold again. =)

  7. Even better if you have positioned your flip flops in the perfect place so you can step out of the water and directly into your footwear WITHOUT experiencing the sligtly less than awesome sand between your toes feeling.

  8. *Scott Jones and Alex Thomas*… A True, “Tao of Inner and Outer Peace!”
    ~Take a well deserved bow~
    ON THIS STAGE OF: 1000awesomethings.com
    *This Sunshine song, “Land of Hope and Dreams”, by Bruce Springsteen,
    is dedicated to you two beautiful sports…Shine On!

      1. http://youtu.be/OsAYV2uzzNA
        this is my last tenacious try; if it doesn’t work this time, I hope you’ll all google the couple’s story and the song.
        Truly hope you don’t mind Neil, just passing the peace, sharing the love and thought this should go down on awesome land history.
        Thank you=)

  9. Right on – thanks for the reminder of how awesome warmed up sandals are. I know microwaving them just wouldn’t be the same – but I’m just crazy enough to try it.

  10. Having lived in Hawaii for the last year (almost), I’ve had the pleasure of this experience on numerous occasions. Warm sandals is an EXCELLENT feeling. :-)

    With Love and Gratitude,


  11. NO NO NO! Warm Underwear! ICK! That to me would be like a warm toilet seat, most disconcerting…. Warm sunny flipflips nothing better. doesn’t happen often here in Nova Scotia so we cherish it when it does happen!

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