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    1. Ha! My mom, too! Of course, when I was younger, I hated that she saved all that stuff because it was kind of embarrassing — but now I love to look through all that she saved. Notes my sister and I wrote to my parents, our letters to Santa, artwork, school stuff, etc. I know that I’ll love it even more as I get older. That stuff is so priceless!

      1. The only things my mom has kept is holiday stuff. I’ve got a Christmas tree I made out of tin foil that she still puts out at Christmas time. She gave me most of my stuff when I moved out. I’ve got a lot of ornaments that I made when I was little that I hang on the tree now.

  1. I could’t agree more. I babysit 3 kids and I love the stuff they make for me. I love how they see the world and express themselves! This is one of my favorites!

  2. I remember one of my first babysitting jobs, the girl came over 2 days later (across the street) and gave me a drawing. Totally unexpected and the cutest thing EVER!

  3. Just a few more weeks, and I’ll have my first ever niece who can one day give me artwork like that…

    I’m very sentimental, so if she draws me 100 pictures, chances are I’ll keep 100 of them. (:

      1. My daughters kindergarten teacher put together this huge book for all the parents to get on the last day of school full of everything the kids did throughout the year. It shows how they progressed in the writing and coloring. I love it so much. Its even got her journal entries in it. It gave me a great idea to do that to the boxes and boxes of artwork I’ve got, that way I can easily look through it whenever I want.

        1. Awww, I love that! How sweet! This year, I took my camera to school a lot and ended up with almost 3,000 pictures of the kids in my class. I really wanted the parents and kids to be able to see them and have a way to keep them, but realized I’d go completely BROKE if I tried to print them! I ended up making a DVD with all the pictures; I separated them by event (first days of school, holiday parties, caterpillars/butterflies, field trip, field day, etc.) and picked out a song to go with each category. We all watched it on the last day of school and I gave them their own copy. I had a few kids cry! Hmm … I kinda want to watch it right now …

              1. Ditto Wendy’s comment, and I would definitely cry because I’ve become such a big sap in my old age! I never had tears on the geekteen’s first day of any school year, but quite frequently I would on the last day. She’s had some really great teachers, and I always feel moved by their caring and dedication to teaching my kid.

                1. Wow Laura! You really are sentimental! That sounds beautiful; I bet those parents really appreciated your hard work.

                  And Bekah’s daughter’s kindergarten teacher sounds like a lovely person, too!

                  You really went the extra mile! Not to say that my own teachers weren’t awesome, but they never went so far as to record those special moments for every single child.

                  (…Now I want to go look at my own childhood artwork and laugh at my “creativity”.)

        2. This is so amazing! I am a mom of a 5 year old ‘Artist’!
          He’s been drawing since the age of 2 and often we thought of documenting his creations.

          Both my husband and I, are also artists and designers. We own a software development firm. It’s been almost 2-3 years, that we were toying with the idea of creating an online studio for all children, where they can share their masterpieces. I created a group or two on Flickr, ning and even Facebook…eventually, came up with this concept that we call the little sketchers!

          We have had a very good response, since our launch, and we are happy to see children getting excited about all this. Art, I believe is not only therapeutic but also a great way to help children retain more in terms of their education. Art reveals a lot about what is going on in that tiny mind!

          littlesketchers.com is our little effort to enable parents to cherish the creative endeavors of their children!

    1. My fridge is covered with my nieces’ drawings and they are awesome. Once I gave my niece my notebook that I keep my shopping lists in when we were at Target and she wrote me a “story” and a drew bunch of pictures. So now when I make my to do lists, I have to flip right by those pages and they always make me smile.

      1. …you do realize you’re not living up to the pseudo, don’t you;)
        I think in a few weeks you shall be crowned: awesomeuncle!

  4. I LOVE THIS! SOOOOO much!

    I have a huge collection with which I’m completely unable to part. Pictures from kids I babysat (particularly one family that I babysat for 12 years!), pictures from when I did my student teaching, and a whoooollllle mess of pictures from this past year — my first year teaching. Some of them you can just tell — that kid spent a lot of time and put a lot of tongue-out concentration into that masterpiece. Some of them, it’s obvious that they scribbled with their non-dominant hand while closing their eyes and wiggling around in their seat. Either way, they thought of YOU and wanted YOU to have that piece of art. I’ll admit I’ve lovingly had to toss a few over the years (all of the latter variety), but I’ve kept so many. I can’t imagine the art and special sentiments I’ll keep when I have my own kids. :)

      1. The first time I tried paddle boarding, I got a cramp in my tongue because I was concentrating so hard on keeping my balance.

  5. Yup…truly AWESOME !

    I still have the first card my little brother made for me 15 years ago…it’s the most special piece of artwork I have.

  6. I really love this one! I am lucky enough to have a daughter who is very artistic and makes me stuff all the time! I hang a lot of her work in my class room, and my teenage students are always anxious to see the latest “masterpiece”!

  7. A couple of years ago I dropped off a colleague at home and she invited me in for a drink. I met her 5-year old daughter and played with her for a while. The next Monday, my colleague brought me a picture her daughter had drawn especially for me. So cute! :-)

  8. I love to get my kids artwork!! I keep just about every peice they do..even if its just a scribble. I’ve got boxes and boxes of my daughter’s art and just started a box for the little one. I’ve got coloring pages, hand prints, feet prints, glitter, 3-D pop outs, handmade mothers day and birthday cards, popcicle stick crafts, doodles, toothpick pictures, necklaces, picture frames, snowflakes, foam projects, cotton balls glues on paper, strings and beads, noodles, and so much more and I love ever single one!

  9. I love it! it is epecially AWESOME how proud of the work they are when they give it to you! my 5 year nephew just gave me one of his “best” pieces from kindergarden… I am so framing it! AWESOME!

  10. Aw, yeah, this one is great – I love getting art from kids! I still have one of the geekteen’s first scribblings – it’s from when she was only 2, so it is literally a page with a lot of brown scribbles, and one green scribble.

    The one green scribble is there because I handed her a green crayon, and “helpfully” suggested “How about some green?”. She made the one green scribble, then put the green crayon down, picked up the brown again, said “How about… some BROWN?” and happily continued scribbling in brown.

    I do not know what she was “drawing”, but obviously it was supposed to be brown. I thought it was so funny that my 2-year-old was managing me, that I kept that page of brown scribbles.

    1. Haha! That’s really funny. Of course the picture would be cute on its own, but it’s so much more special because of the awesome story that goes with it! :D

    2. You know. I’ve been looking for one specific shade of green for my daughter for months. It’s a wonderful vibrant and friendly green. I’ve checked all the usual places too. Any ideas where I can find one?

  11. Every year the majority of my mom’s Christmas tree is decorated with falling apart toilet paper roll angels, reindeer made from pipe cleaners, film canister nativity scenes and every other Christmas type craft we EVER made when we were kids. The twenty year old decorations are now being joined by the homemade decorations of her grandkids. Her tree may not be the most beautifully decorated tree ever, but I love sitting by the tree at Christmas and finding all of the decorations I made for her :)

    Also I was going through some boxes of old school work and I found a book that I made for my mom. I had entitled it ‘How To Draw Dogs, Cats, Hores (supposed to say horses), Mice, Foxes and Other Animals’. Made my day!

  12. When I had my second daughter, Melissa, my then 4 year old, Christina said, “I’m so glad she’s not a boy…you know we would’ve had to send him back to Heaven! I prayed hard and God sent me a sister!” She jumped upon the hospital bed, said, “I have presents for you mommy! I drawed 2 pictures!”
    Buoyantly explained… “A bouquet of flowers for you!” (my favorite- 1 big daisy), “And this one is you and Melissa!” There was stick me, with head tilted, a really big smiley face, up to 2 big eyes, pupils perfectly positioned toward stick baby in arm. Baby Melissa is looking up and smiling too. Neither one of us have ears or a nose but there are lots of fingers and toes as well as 2 rainbows in the sky.
    I framed the 3×4 drawings, side by side behind museum glass.
    This is one of my favorite memories and greatest treasures ever!!!

  13. June 20th. marks 1000 Awesome Things 3rd, anniversary.
    This all started with family, teachers and people who took the time to notice and care.
    “The highest point a man can attain is not knowledge, or virtue, or goodness, or victory, but something even greater, more heroic and more despairing:
    Sacred Awe!
    Albert Einstein
    I baked smiley face cookies to celebrate today, because this is definately something to celebrate!
    Wish we could all be together, eat them like cookie monster and share Maxwell House moments…but I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles…
    Happy Anniversary Awesome Neil=)

    1. Ah, yes… how could I let it slip my mind, with my 3 year anniversary tomorrow!!
      Happy Anniversary Neil.
      Here’s to 3 years!! (holds glass up and takes a sip)

      1. Quick! Better get a card / present! LOL, Congratulations, Bekah, and yay, 3 years of awesomeness!

  14. When Melissa was in grade 4, she drew a book report cover of jungle animals.
    We all thought her art was outstanding! The teacher graded 0/10 on the cover.
    I’d recently been assisting the school with programs on self-esteem. I went in and asked him to give some thought to his actions; asked how he thought this might effect a child’s self-esteem. He responded with an open mind and heart and adjusted her grade fair enough. Occasionally I run into him- he says this changed his out-look towards such indefinately! A remarkable individual, Mr. Brian Glandfield.
    Melissa went on to win many awards in art.

    *jdurley, your story took me back to this one:
    When I worked in ECE, one day a 3 year old boy drew a picture of dinosaurs in a jungle. Everyone expressed how terrific his ability. Then he took a brown crayon; with a strong arm and vocals, passionately “scribbled” over the entire picture. One teacher walked over, snatched the paper, crumpled it up said, “Now you’ve ruined it”, and tossed it in the trash. Boy was very upset and crying. I was aghast; proceeded to console and asked the boy to tell me about the picture and his reply, “The dinosaurs were in a desert storm and got all covered up with sand!”
    I retrieved the picture and saved it to the best of my ability.
    The boys parents are brilliant. His mother, an art instructor at the local university.
    Fact: today he’s a young man with one of the highest IQ’s in the world!

    *All of the comments today are truly amazing.
    You’re all so loving, thoughtful and good, I am in more awe ever day.
    This here is truly the epitome of a work of art in itself…
    a drawing of a picture perfect world~ Awesome Land:)
    I can’t tell you how this has changed my life; I can’t thank you all enough.
    Sincerely, THANK YOU!

  15. I have a wall in my house that is full of framed kids’ artwork! Not only is it adorable, but I love how proud they are of it and how excited they are to share it!! And then when they come over and it’s in a frame displayed on my wall, they love to show it off! =D Kids’ artwork is the greatest!!

  16. :0 at WendywithAurora’s second story on that last comment!! Such an insensitive teacher :( Kudos to you for making things right. It’s been a long time since I commented, but I just had to…One thing I admire on everything my 4 yr old nephew gives me is how much better his “signature” gets over the passing months. And now, we have another one who’s only a week old. Can’t wait to see how their lives go!! :)

  17. I love my 3yo’s art work, but she gets so much sent home from day care that I have now only just decided in the last week, that the “excess” will become wrapping paper for presents.

    That way people get to have a little bit of Flick’s artwork too :)

  18. Do you wanna know something that’s even better? When a little kid goes and picks you a flower. (:

  19. I am a substitute teacher. Sometimes a kid will give me a drawing even though we have just met and may not meet again all year. I always show my family so they can admire it.
    I love their artwork.

  20. My nephews used to draw on the walls in our family home, when the grandparents would babysit for them. We still keep those walls with their drawings & scribbles and have not painted over them because its just awesome to walk in 10 years later and the innocence in which those scribbles (we would probably call it graffiti) were done is one of the first things that greets you!!

  21. A few days ago I was out for dinner with some friends at a place on Elgin in Ottawa, and the nicest little 6 year old girl came up and gave me a genius work of art: a triple image of an ocarina, a smiley face and New Zealand.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story, Carl. I didn’t know, but now I do, thanks to you and google,I found a site called “Song bird- Ocarina” and listened to “the moment” video of Greensleeves~ now I clearly see the drawing~beautiful, thank you!

  23. This is the most amazing feeling. I teach a class of 4 years old children in my church and some of them draw and color on a piece of paper and then hands it to me and say things like “teacher, this is yours, that is you with the pink hat” and i just start smiling. I love when they draw me and I’ve kept every picture.

  24. I live with 3 younder siblings, 2 of which love to draw. there isn’t a day that goes by when i dont recicve a cute drawing from them :) i even have a special box in my room that i bought especially for there art :) Definitally better than most of the stuff in the galary. i saw a painting in Ottawa once and it was REALLY BIG! half of the painting was blue and half of it was red. Hmmm…BORING! The kids are much more creative and their artwork is free :)

  25. Recently visited my brothers family, my 5 year old colored a picture for me, then he went to make another one, he comes back a few minutes as an Avatar, he had colored himself all blue from head to toe!


  26. I gave my brother a card for his birthday and he still has it hanging on his wall. I’m trying to be just like him when I grow up. He got a medal for humanitarin award, I tried to get that but I just got honor student >:(

  27. My 7-year nephew got a liking for me since I taught him how to colour with different shades and stuff.. One morning he took out his chart and was working on it.. His mum saw it and asked him what he was doing.. He was blushing so much and said “making a greeting card for vandhana”.. I still have it :) precious little things …:)

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