#213 Airborne hugs

An airborne hug is any hug where you actually lift the other person off the ground. It’s a serious squeeze that shows the world how much you love them and offers a little back cracking at no extra charge.


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  1. Oh I love this! :) Those are the happiest hugs! And it’s always best when it really surprises the other person.

        1. So…your the one that picked him up and swung him around, then? That would be something to see. He looks so tall on tv.

  2. This is my favorite type of huge! I hope my dad gives me one when I am home in July for my 27th birthday!

  3. On sunday my fiancee and I were doing our pre wedding photo shoot & we’ve taken so many photos of him doing this to me!
    it was pretty funny though, because I was wearing a satin dress I would slip through his arms so easily!

    but it was just the best feeling! I love AIR HUGS!
    I cannot wait to see the photos too ;)

    1. Yay, Simone! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! When is the big day? Are you waiting until summer (or is it still called winter??) in Australia (that’s where you are, right?).. :)

      1. Thanks guys!
        the wedding in on the 15th October of this year which is pretty exciting! only three & a half months to go! – will be in our australian spring (your ‘fall’ – which we call autumn)
        but sadly means I wont be able to check 1000 awesome things everyday when I get married & am on my Honeymoon, but will definatly be on here checking back on all the posts when I get back in mid November :)

        1. My bff is getting married in August and she works with a girl that’s getting married in October like you….but this girl is doing a zombie wedding.

          Congrats and good luck. I know how stressful this time can be. Have fun and you will be missed while you’re gone.

  4. I definitely do this to my friend all the time, hopefully he gets it means he’s the greatest.

    1. I answered your question on taco day but this new system is glitching really bad for us, same as Bekah said hers is-frustrating! My reply ended up under a Shawn B and now he’s likely miffed…gottalovethebadguy…

  5. I totally LOVE hugs!
    My classmates sometimes had to smile when I had one of those days when I just needed to be hugged or needed to hug somebody else and I am sure they liked it!
    They are the best way to *cheer up on a hard day
    *get a great portion of love
    *get the feeling that everything is possibile and that life is not that cruel how it sometimes seems.
    * give solace to somebody

    I also think that there are 2 ways of hugging:
    The one where you put your arms under the arms of another person so that you get the great feeling of beeing protected.
    The other way is just the other way round i guess, where you put your arms around the neck of someone else, usually when he or she is smaller than you. Here you can show your love :)

    Maybe you know some more ways, i`d be curious to know them!

    I really admire these guys, who walk through streets with a poster in their hands with “free hugs” written on it. They give hugs to any person that wants a hug and take nothing for exchange. Except the hug of course ;)
    I have never tried to do it personally but it seems to be an great adventure!

    I send you lots of (virtually) hugs! oooo

    1. I hugged EVERYONE in high school -from teachers to friends-and continued to hug people well after I graduated, until I got married. Now I only hug close friends and family.

  6. These kinds of hugs use to seriously freak me out. I was always afraid they were going to drop/throw me, but now those kinds of hugs are very much welcome.
    I love hugging my daughter like this, and when my little boy is older, I’ll hug him like this too. I gave my daughter an airborn hug yesterday. I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 weeks because she was with her father, and when I went to go pick her up to go home, I grabbed and squeezed and twirled her. Oh, how I missed her!

    1. My two year old daughter is the master of getting an airborne hug out of everybody! She is a snuggly little kid, loves her hugs and kisses, but she especially relishes those high in the sky hugs. She gives you a huge grin from across the room and you just see the twinkle in her eye, and she’s off, running full speed ahead at you for her hug and you just can’t help but grabbing her and lifting her up high and swinging her into a great big hug!

      Bekah- I know how you feel missing your daughter like that. Sometimes, even when mine is not gone for very long at all, even when I really, really kind of needed a break too, when she comes home I just can’t stop hugging her because I missed her so much.
      Kids eh? Can’t live with them……but so can’t ever live without them!!!! LOL

      1. this reminds me of what I used to do with my dad when I was little.
        everytime he’d get home from work, he’d wait in the laundry/kitchen door (where he’d first walk in from) & I would run all the way from the loungeroom through the dining & the kitchen into his waiting arms & he’d pick me up & kiss me hello & make me touch the roof!
        it was so much fun & always put a smile on our faces :)

  7. Hurray for airborne hugs, late night conversations and happy posts! Don’t worry Laura, they’re still all yours. I’m just saying. “weeeee” :)

  8. my really good friend I hadn’t seen in a while gave me an airborne hug the last time I saw him, and I gave him ‘The Book of Even More Awesome’ :-)

  9. At first I thought that said “Airborne bugs” and it made me unhappy. Hugs are better…unless the person hugging you has the flu. I wonder why I misread the title of so many of these posts.

    1. Its ok. I thought it said bugs too when I opened my email and was wondering what in the world Neil came up with this time. Then I clicked on the link and finally read it right.

  10. I used to have a button on my backpack in highschool that said: “Hugs not drugs!”

    So.. yeah.. I wasn’t exactly a “cool kid”.. but it still seems like a pretty good motto to me! :)

  11. In a valley where we lived for 4 years, 3 homes ago, the locals said Bruce Springsteen has a cabin in the mountains there. HE stops by the really little country cafe for breakfast and claims this is the best place in the world to hang-glide. After he chowed down in peace, off he went to kiss the sky, typically landing in a meadow by the river nearby. Whenever I was mowing the lawn or admiring the perrenials, (often enough), and I’d see a hang-glider over head, I’d pray the wind would shift and Bruce would glide on down into the yard; quickly drop the gear and we’d have one of those moments you see in the movies, where he’d come running and give me one of those airborne hugs, say… “Yes, Wendy…WE really were born to run!” pick me up under one of HIS Swan Song arms~ the wind would perfectly lift us back up off the ground and off we’d fly. My husband and his wife wouldn’t mind though…
    because I’m a silly little dreamer. But it was awesome, nonethelessxxxooo

  12. Oh, haha I love those types of hugs! By the way I just bought The Book of Awesome and I can’t wait to start reading!

  13. NEIL! Ohmygosh! I don’t know if I missed the memo(don’t think I did), but I was just on B&N.com and typed in the book of awesome to check the price so I can buy it for a friend’s birthday :) but then! I saw, underneath Book 1 and Book 2, an entry called Book of Holiday Awesome!!! What is this little nugget of awesome? The very best part was, the site showed that it’s being released on my birthday, 10/27! Please follow up, sounds exciting!!

  14. If so, this should include the “Raising Hope”, Christmas special we just watched the other night…super special!
    But yes, please do update! And thanks for the keen eye Olivia:)

  15. One of my goals is to get skinny enough for my husband to be able to give me air hugs again. In my 20s, he used to pick me up and flop me around like a rag doll. I’m getting there. Down 25lbs, 25 more to go! Air hug, here I come!

  16. OMG, that is so awesome ! I’ve only had two that I can remember in my whole life and completely forgot about them. Doubt anybody can raise me up these days. LOL But I do remember loving it when someone did. SO good. :)

  17. I love when that happens to me. It’s so unexpected and fun! I got when of those when I was wearing a dress and you could probably see my underwear…. oh well, totally worth the airborne hug.

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