#211 When you’re walking next to a fence or railing and you stick your finger or a stick in there so it clangs over and over

It’s like playing a harp with only one note.


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31 thoughts on “#211 When you’re walking next to a fence or railing and you stick your finger or a stick in there so it clangs over and over

      1. see how competetive I am; racing “the teacher” to comment first…literally right in front of her, I have to go and misspell a word! You go girl!?*
        Neil would you please correct that for me. Thank you;)

  1. Some of the kids in my class went through a fence-clanging phase … it’s not an awesome “one note harp” type wrought-iron fence, though. Just a regular ol’ chain link fence. But still, they would grab a stick and attempt to run the length of the fence with their sticks beside them. It was great fun until they moved on to their next phase, which involved the fireman pole and strangely resembled an uncoordinated attempt at pole dancing :(

  2. Yes!!! Then, if you are musically inclined, try to make songs with the bars, and you start dancing. =)

  3. It is first time visiting your blog. I’m very happy found one nice blog which can give me good impression for my every day life.

  4. Not your best one, Neal. Keep working on it :-) Hope this wasn’t too harsh! I LOVE this blog!

  5. It’s a bit like when you’re riding on an escalator and you buff your shoes as you pass those little brushes on the sides of the steps :)

  6. I did this to a metal fence when I was 7 and got a peice of metal stuck in my finger. Not so fun. Since then, I don’t do this. I do however, tap the wall in the hallway while I’m walking. Not sure why I do this.

    1. omg omg omg omg!
      I do the exact same thing! I always have an urge to touch/tap every hall or wall when I walk past!
      I’ve never ever known why I do it & even googled it the other day to find out if it means anything!
      I thought I was the only one!!!
      :) thank you bekah I now know I’m not alone in the world in doing this! :) yay!

      1. Ah, my wall tapping twin!!!
        I do it here at work too and I just know that the people on the other side of the wall is wondering what that noise is.
        Does it mean anything?

        1. I do it all the time at work too!
          nah I couldn’t find anything on it! Looks like we’re the only two people in the entire world who do it!!! :) ahaha.
          anyone else out there who tap walls as they walk past????

          1. Count me in your wall tapping club. I do it at work EVERYDAY. I don’t even know why. Googled it too and this is the only close hit I had. Almost 3 years after your googled it and still no explanation. Weird

  7. It’s also awesome to do this with your whole hand so you can watch your fingers bounce over the bars of the fence in super high speed. Just make sure the fence is smooth first, so you don’t end up like Bekah!

  8. Weird! I did this today and remembered this website, thinking it should be on here. And now it is, hooray :3

  9. hahaha, oh that clang, clang, clang. It is musical . . . certain words make a musical sound too when you say them over again like sometimes I do. Yesterday I did. My favourite is “ridiculous” as in “really ridiculous,” “really, really, ridiculous”, and “supremely ridiculous.” I’m sure there are more, clever variations that “sing”, and phrases too, like “I like you but get the F*#@ck out of my shower!” There are so many ways to sing the same note, so when you find that special word that clangs like a stick on a metal railing, I say say it, and say it loud! :)

  10. This is one of the most amazing blogs I’ve ever read. You’ve inspired me to start my own 1000 awesome things. I’m forcing myself to not take any of your ideas of awesomeness. Which is great, because it drives me to find my own awesome things in life. Thank you so much again!

  11. So, another variation on this wonderful variety of awesomeness is running into that one rod in the fence that is being non-conformist and insists on its own slightly variant note:

    Ting… Ting… Ting… Ting… TANG… Ting… Ting… Ting…

  12. these are my favourites, the ones with few words to describe them, because they are the ones that are the most awesome!!! definitely one of my faves

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