#210 When one of your paintings or school tests makes it onto the fridge

There is no limit.

When you get the itch to go for it you can keep going all the way to the top.

No one will tell you to stop.

You can study and study and try and try and dream to go far and dream to go high.

If you believe it can be, it can be.

There’s no end to what you can achieve.

But on the way there enjoy small victories best.

Like when your dad puts a magnet on your A+ math test.

Because every time mom puts paintings up in your kitchen.

It keeps your dreams dreaming and keeps your wishes wishing.


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30 thoughts on “#210 When one of your paintings or school tests makes it onto the fridge

  1. It’s amazing how special the fridge can make you feel. (=

    My Mum still has several things that I made her in Kindergarten and Year 1 on the fridge, like a picture that says “If Mums were flowers, I’d pick you”, and a small fish magnet that I’d painted.

    One night I discovered the cat had somehow managed to get that fish magnet off the fridge and was contently chewing on it. I scared the crap out of him by screaming “MY FISHY!”, then snatched it away.

    Luckily, Fishy came out of that ordeal with only a small nick on its head, and is now safely on a higher spot on the fridge.

    …And that’s my story. :D

    1. I stayed home for undergrad and my mom would still put tests and quizes on the fridge.

      When I went to grad school, I would put my tests on my own fridge at 24!

  2. I shared this story, just the other day: I was 15 the first time I felt this; was miffed, shocked and blushed as “the dad” placed my school grade on the in vogue olive green refridgerator. Then gave me this endearing shoulder squeeze and announced to everyone else who lived in the almost exactly like “That 70’s Show”, home, “Do you see this! Do you see what ‘My girl’ did! Smart girl, ‘my girl’!” with a Burl Ives smile he exclaimed. Thing is, not just once but every time someone came to the house for the next several weeks. I can’t say I ever overcame the awkwardness but I’ve never forgotten how he made me feel, loved, important and smart. He died just 3 years later, of an aneurysm and the family dissolved. I was SO BLESSED to know him. He taught me so much; one of the greatest men I’ve known. Sometimes when I’ve had a big decision to make, I know I’ve done what’s right when I feel his endearing shoulder squeeze and hear, “That’s ‘MY’ smart girl!”
    Yes, when you put someones work on a fridge, it can light up a life eternally.

    1. My parents only ever put report card on the fridge. Didn’t matter how good or bad it was, it went up. It caused a lot of competition since I was the only girl and I had the best grades. My brothers would always get mad.
      My mom has started putting up art from my kids on her fridge, but my dad hasn’t. He puts photos on his fridge.

  3. My fridge is FULL of drawings, handprints, pictures, report cards and even the first time my daughter wrote her name by herself. I even have doll magnets (I did have the Disney princesses, but changed them out for one doll dressed in her underwear and you have to put her outfits and accessories on her) and window clings (cars, little trees, a policman, houses, a dog) on the fridge so my daughter can play and make pictures with them, and when the baby is older, he will too.
    I have even put a bunch of art on my wall at work. I like to update my art at work to go with the season. You can tell I haven’t changed it in a while. I have a coloring page from my daughter for Easter up. My baby…I have a fish made out of one handprint and a worm made out of 5 handprints up.

    1. We nearly have fridge twins!
      The hand drawings remind me of a city banner I did with the day care and my children representing the landscape, everything done with their painted hands and feet…mountains, clouds, birds, salmon and butterflies!
      They were so thrilled to see it at the Canada events day, and on display all summer long!

  4. Whenever I do way better on that one hard test that everyone knew they were gonna fail, I excitedly announce to whomever is sitting nearby that “this test is totally fridge worthy”. Sure I get a few “what are you, five?” looks, but putting things on the fridge, even as a high schooler, gives me a mild sense of accomplishment and makes me feel awesome :)

    1. Nesi – that’s awesome! You should definitely continue to celebrate your academic accomplishments, even in high school (and beyond).

      There are tons of kids who might make snide remarks or give you silly looks… but trust me, there is nothing cooler than being smart..

      So keep acing those tests and putting them on the fridge for all to see! :)

  5. For others I know visit here. I must clarify, Lorne was not my bio-dad, but a really fine foster dad.
    No jeolousy either, all 7 teen boys and one 5 year old girl reveled! I was perplexed but learned the positive message this sent and to draw on in life. I’d nothing to do with #210, but “I believe in Angels” and I hope you’re very proud for placing this high on the “big fridge door of awesome, Neil!”
    Inspirational, spiritual and motivational~All aboard this little blue engine, empowered by self-e-steam! Altogether now…
    “I think I can, I think I can…” I’m going for it!
    “Together Wendy, we can live with the sadness, I’ll love you with all the madness in my soul…”

    btw I’m still up for adoption…Bruce ;)

  6. My parents never put artwork on the fridge, just our latest report cards. My fridge is full of coupons (which doesn’t help remind me to use them, as I intended), postcards people send me, and magnets from different marine mammal/seabird/etc. rescue facilities with the phone numbers to report injured wildlife (which does me no good because I never find wildlife anywhere near my fridge).

  7. My parents celebrated most of my accomplishments with a mixture of humor, amusement and joy, in fact we had an entire cupboard door plastered with hand drawn “certificates” and “awards” for things like “best pancake flipper” and, well, you get the point. Some I really did deserve too. As you get older it’s still a happy moment and special to see your work praised. It makes you pause and grin “Wow, thanks.”

  8. Another reflection on “The kissing couple”, I think deserves space here:
    I recently saw an interview with Scott and Alex on The Today Show.
    Alex was asked what she thought of Scott’s actions when they’d only been dating 6 months- her reply exuded confidence; was quick and candid,
    “I’d expect nothing less!”
    My thought today… her fridge was definately full and running over=D
    We’re all 5; we’re all ages we’ve been and no matter the number today we should all know we deserve a place for our accomplishments. If you don’t have someone to do it for you, remember what Nesi said and post it for yourself! Just Do It=D

  9. I love it when my pictures and perfect tests make it on to the fridge or my wall of my drawings.
    (*) (*)

  10. I used to feel SO SUPER PROUD of myself when something I made got put on The Fridge. Man, it felt so cool. MY VERY OWN DINOSAUR DRAWING immortalized forever by being stuck onto a big metal box. Thank you for the memories, old fridge.

  11. Pedobear was driving the school bus.. I never had a “test” or ‘Drawing” put up on the fridge.. Screw you mom.

  12. I am a 19 year old university student and you would not believe the excitement, happiness and, how proud I felt the time that I saw my mom putting my first A university paper on the fridge. I left it up there for a while until one of my cousins took it down so he could read it. He did not put it back on the fridge and I can not find it.

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