#209 Baby dreams

Because what are they thinking?

Honestly, when I wake up in the morning and remember jagged shards of Dreams From Last Night, I’m usually just picking up familiar friends and family staging new acts in old places. Maybe I’ve got boring dreams but mine are usually just tense scenes twisting parts of my past into new storylines.

That’s why whenever I see a baby sleeping I can’t help wonder what they’re dreaming about. I picture blurry faces, banana smears, and twisty head spins involving swishy sounds, wild thoughts, and cuddling voices.

I wish they could tell us.

I bet they’d be really


Thank you for making The Book of (Even More) Awesome a bestseller for 10 straight weeks!

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32 thoughts on “#209 Baby dreams

    1. Yay! I will get to see my new nephew (born in May) in just a couple of weeks, so I’m excited too!

  1. Ya know, as much as time as I’ve spent around babies (read: TONS), I don’t think I’ve ever thought much about this! I’ve thought about what my dog is dreaming … but I guess it’s much more fun to ponder baby dreams! Like you said, what’s their prior knowledge? Not much, right?

    P.S. Congrats about the bestseller status! :D

    1. Yes. We need to definitely add “dog dreaming” to this list. I often wonder who she’s growling at.

  2. Awe, the sweetest of sweet dreams is written in that adorable little face! Did someone add a thimble full of rum to baby’s milk at bedtime? ;)

  3. This reminds me of my little daughter, who, from the time she was 3 days old was literally CHUCKLING, laughing and smiling in her sleep. We hadn’t even left the hospital yet. This was way before she could even smile when she was awake. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY…. AWESOME.

  4. Big and definite TICK!
    But seriously folks, :O Awwww! I was on work experience at our hospital on Thursday and I was following around a lady taking blood tests in the maternity ward. Long story short, I watched her bleed a baby born on my birthday, and while she bled a new mother I saw her baby right beside her in one of those plastic box cribs, and she was one day old and sleeping. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (I actually started tearing up). And I’ve seen a LOT of cute babies in my life. I didn’t think what she was dreaming, but I definitely was going in that direction. A huge AWESOME thing for my week!

  5. How can an unsubstantiated thing be “Awesome!”?? I love the site but CAAAM AAAAN.

    1. Some of the most awesome things in life are unsubstantiated, no? Like love and joy and faith…

    1. Bahaha OMG these are so so cute! I never knew kitties and puppies could be any more adorable. I was proven wrong.

  6. I think these questions depend on where one is looking for answers.
    As personal as ones awesome is defined.
    I see substance and proof in baby’s smile…that which says, “My dreams are larger than life.”

  7. I love when my daughter laughs in her sleep. Too often she seems like she awakes either crying or she talks while sleeping saying things like “no!no!no!”. This is because as a 2 year old, most of her day consists of getting in some sort of trouble (hence the crying) and then her shouting “NO! I don’t want to….”. So it repeats itself in her dreams, she is trying to make sense of it all. I sometimes feel horrible that she awakens this way, as if I’m the meanest mommy in the world. But on the days we’ve had lots of fun together, no tantrums, just hugs and kisses and laughter, she giggles in her sleep and I just know she is processing those times to remember another day.

    1. In the above comments I deleted Abba’s, “I had a dream…I believe in angels.”
      “The Holographic Universe,” by Michael Talbot and a whole lot of other words about the circle of life, Faith in the after-life; about God and Jesus.
      The indigo child prior to the sedds germination and the slate written upon by the ways of the world…”Seers” and baby dreams…
      At times my dreams have been far bigger than I ever could have dreamed or believed for myself and I find comfort in babies natural knowing.
      I was going to say all this and that, and now you shared this song, I did!
      Thank you for this beautiful song.
      Lord knows I could have a new song in this head.
      Thank you so very much.

  8. My little one dreams a lot of either eating from a bottle or sucking a paci cuz his mouth is doing the sucking motion, its so funny. He use to laugh and smile in his sleep a lot, but not so much now. Sometimes when I’m holding him and he’s alseep, he’ll laugh if someone else in the room laughs.
    I’ve often wondered what he could be dreaming. When he was just a few weeks old, he would have nightmares. Or that’s what I thought. He’d wake up screaming and scared and it would take a while to calm him down. I never figured out what it could have been.

  9. I don’t have dreams often, but when I do they’re so freaky.

    The last time I dreamt I was plucking the feathers off chickens, but the feathers were actually chickens. So I was plucking chickens out of chickens.

    Maybe I’m just crazy…

    1. no dream is crazy.
      you could look this up in The Dreamer’s up Dictionary.
      I did in mine and this just may translate to do with money and good fortune.Happy dreams.

  10. When I see my babies smiling while sleeping, I used to think they are probably dreaming about a field, like the one in Teletubbies, full of overflowing breast milk fountains. Maybe they did! who knows.

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