#202 Pulling a shrimp out of its shell with your teeth without the tail breaking off

You’re the master wiggler.

Nice move loosening that awkwardly-curled delicious pink meat from the plasticy trappings of its own tail. Now you’ve increased your shrimp intake and can rest knowing the shrimp’s life was made entirely useful.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, shrimp to


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37 thoughts on “#202 Pulling a shrimp out of its shell with your teeth without the tail breaking off

  1. Woah first post! o:

    I Love when that happens, it’s like MAGIC, and I don’t have to worry about some chunk of tail getting caught somewhere

  2. Even better when you get to teach someone who’s never done it before and they’re BLOWN AWAY! Awesome!

  3. Well now I get it~ I have to learn “chop sticks” first! hmmm~where did my piano get to anyway;)

    “Shrimp to awesome,” equals shrimp to “Pretty in Pink”~ beautiful:)

    1. In 1978, while expecting my first child, no one spoke of shell fish hazards then and I was seriously addicted to shrimp; a good portion of the 70 pounds I gained were shrimp. Of that, my daughter was a very healthy, 8lbs4ozs. and a gorgeous shade of PINK:)

  4. Many small things are beautiful, precious and valuable. Besides that, in mythology isn’t green a giant and the titans the ones who ran into some trouble in Tartarus?

      1. I love Greek mythology…
        I know the muse sisters are alive and well in Awesomeland.
        Aurora used to wake me up nearly every morning at 3am., until I was blessed with #340~ joined the Awesome movement.
        I know about the Jolly green giant vegetables and Peter Pan, but this trivia, I’ll need until tomorrow~ ’tis late for me.

        1. Awake now~I Love ALL MYTHOLOGY! And I read the Mythology of the Green Man this morning. Very interesting about the forest, fairies…everything! I have more home work to do. I love legends and folklore too. I’m wearing green; I have to go change now according to what I read so far, that is if I want a good day. Serenity prayer…”Courage to change the things I can…”

  5. When I’m cooking shrimp at home, I pull the tails off before I cook them. When we go out to eat I usually pull the tail off with my hands. Only on rare occasions will I use my mouth…like when I’m super hungry. Why doesn’t the restaurants pull the tails off before they cook them??

  6. the shells add to the overall shrimpiness of the dish. It’s messy to pull the tails as you are eating- usually covering your fingers in some type of sause- but tastes awesome!

  7. And even bigger than shrimp is LOBSTER! So totally awesome to pull the whole lobster tail out of the shell in one big swipe. Yum yum seafood!

    1. Yup – there is a whole shellfish-based world of awesome things around this one. Like when you’re eating crab legs and you are able to take out a whole piece of crab meat in a single piece.

      Or better yet – a claw piece that still looks like a claw!

      1. I LOVE getting the claw out in one piece! Totally, totally AWESOME!
        Better yet, I’ve had prepared lobster salad, and looked into it and found the whole claw right there in the salad, not chopped up or anything.
        That’s the best!

  8. Apparently, there are less people looking to run to the defense of our friend the Shrimp than there is for the Pig or the Cow, based on the comments from previous posts.. :)

    Don’t worry.. I’ll run to the shrimp.. TO EAT IT!!

    Nom Nom Nom…

    1. OMG. I JUST typed out this very comment, and then read yours:

      “I guess the non-meat-eaters don’t feel as strongly about eating seafood as they do about eating pig. ”


      1. No don’t eat those poor helpless shrimp…..They never did anything to you!!
        Is that good enough?
        So…I had shrimp lo mein last night for dinner. Very yummy!

  9. Oh, all right…I’ll do it…

    This is NOT awesome. Millions of shrimps die every day just so we can enjoy ripping them from their exoskeletons. I think it’s disgusting that you show a picture of an adorable child doing it.

  10. Hear Ye~Hear Ye shrimp lovers- quick and delicious anytime meal!
    Remove tails of approx. 21 small/ jumbo or tiger shrimp
    sautee in half cup water until slightly pink
    add 2 teaspoons chili hot sauce
    4 teaspoon honey garlic sauce
    1 teaspoon lemon or lime
    half cup cream/ coconut / almond or rice milk
    1 Tablespoon flour
    2 teaspoon curry
    2 large minced garlic cloves
    1 small thinly sliced white onion
    sautee until slightly thickened
    Make angel hair, rice vermacelli or any noodles of choice
    top with shrimp sauce.
    Garnish with lemon slices, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.
    optional soya sauce
    Serve garlic toast on the side.
    *Feeds one

  11. What’s better than to fulfill such a delicious purpose. Shrimps everywhere are rejoicing!

    1. That came out SO wrong! Shrimps rejoice when they meet vegetarians, but hey, who am I to fight my subconscious shrimpivore. :)

  12. Hope this adds more awesomeness to your shrimp experience, rather than spoiling the mystery, but there is a trick to it :) If you pinch the tail between your fingers *hard* as you pull on the body with your other hand or teeth, the meat squeezes out clean and easy, every time ;)

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