54 thoughts on “#201 When you owe someone $10 and someone else owes you $10 and they just give $10 to the person you owe instead

  1. For once, I am up later than Laura. Heh.
    But yeah, this is a really cool “awesome thing”. Last year my sibs and I went on a trip together, and there was quite a bit of math figuring out who owed what to who for hotel / flights / event tickets, etc., and since I paid for the hotel, I managed to work out a scheme where I didn’t have to pay for anything else. Sweet.

    1. Think again, jdurley! ;) BUT you did comment much earlier … so you win.

      That is awesome — I hate those tricky situations of trying to divide it all up evenly and blah blah blah. Sounds like you got the good end of that deal!

      1. Yeah… last time I went on vacation with hubby and and few of his friends and their families, I told everyone I would buy the snacks/food/drinks for the trip there and back for everyone and they could all pay me back….. one guy gave me $10.

    2. We do something very similar to this when we take group trips with our friends.. everyone agrees not to worry about repaying each other during the trip, but everyone is bound by “the spreadsheet” after the trip is done.

      So, when we go to a group dinner, any one person can pay, and just keep the receipt.. no one has to fight or figure out their share of the bill in that moment.. ditto for when the camping permits are due.. or the grocery bill for the week.. it takes away all the stress of dealing with money during the trip itself.

      After, everyone sends me the receipt, and I get to over-engineer a spreadsheet that is more complicated than it needs to be, but assigns everyone their specific share of group expenses, and it all gets settled out then. It’s fantastic.. :)

      1. We just did this on Friday after a perfect week on vacation with the family, but rather than “the spreadsheet” my brother did the maths. (Yeah Georgie!) And my girlfriends and I do this at the Cape every year – thanks to Dina’s magic math skills. Ahhh vacation should come more often.

  2. Nice. It looks like we all had the same idea.
    “Darren M.” I believe this message is for you. ;)
    It looks like the kids want you to pay me back that $50.00 you owe me for “vodka and marijuana” after all.

      1. lol, “vodka and marijuana” is what he told me it was for. . . or maybe it was his telephone bill? I can’t remember.

          1. oh Wendy. “Wasn’t that a party?”
            Remember why he ask me for money? Na, It feels like years ago and all I heard was the intention – some kind of exercise in trust, and most likely to get my transit and bank number too ;)
            Too bad “Darren” lost it because I now that Neil mentions it, getting rid of the middle man does sound like a stellar idea!

            1. Oh if I only had $10 for eveytime…
              Did you see “The Other Man?”
              *I think there should be a wink counter for today.

                    1. Okay Wendy, I’ll bite. Just remember you asked for this one. “I’d buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress that’s cruel. . . . more like brown, or blue or white. Haven’t you always wanted a white dress? ;)

  3. Hate when you forget and get excited to get money prematurely.

    Case in point: Last week I owed my bff $20 for pre-buying club admission tickets. As I’m walking to the bar I spot an Andrew Jackson dead on the crowded floor. As soon as I picked it up, she snatched it right out of my hand along with the joy in my heart. It was well-played.

    1. OHHHH that was cold! Kind of awesome for her … but still cold. Hey, at least you weren’t actually out any money for it!

  4. One time I got kidnapped to play bingo with my friends. It cost $15 to play and I didn’t have any cash, so one of my kidnapping friends paid for me. I ended up winning … $15! My winner’s high was very short-lived when I realized it was going straight to her purse. But it WAS awesome because it meant I didn’t actually owe her money … they were all out $15 and all I was out was an afternoon. :)

  5. Yes, this is indeed pretty great.

    But Neil, I think I can out-awesome you today.

    Welcoming your first niece into the world!

    Yes, it’s been a very long day in the hospital waiting room for me, but most definitely worth it! :D

      1. When you’re more awake, we of “Awesome Horse and Hound” require more details…lol
        Congratulations to everyone & Salutations Baby…WELCOME=D

      1. Phew, marbles are still in the jar on the window cill~I thought I’d said something; jdurley’s comment reminded me and I found it on June 20th. “Kids art work”, post…I wrote “awesome uncle.” :)

        1. Thanks for the congratulations everyone!

          My sister is still exhausted, but doing much better today, and little bub is gorgeous – I can’t stop holding her!

          @wendywithaurora: Yeah, you missed the mark a little, but I shall gladly take title of “awesome AUNTY”.


          1. My step brother just had his son yesterday!! I guess that would make the baby my step nephew?? And me the step aunt??
            Babies are so awesome!

  6. I still have people that owe me money from yeeeeaaaarrrssss ago. Gimme my money!! I don’t like to borrow money from people. I don’t like oweing anyone money. I don’t mind lending money out, but they never seem to pay me back.

  7. And on the list of 1000 Annoying Things..

    When someone owe’s you $10, and tells you Person B owe’s them $10.. So just go get it from Person B

    1. Totally agree! That was the first thing I thought of when I read this.. that I can’t stand when a friend owes me money, and instead of just paying me back, he sends me after some other guy who apparently owes him money.. This drives me bonkers!

      I mean, when American Express tells me my credit card bill is due, I can’t just send them after my buddy Johnny to collect payment because he owed me some money back in the day.

      Settle your debts, people! No one likes a late payer!

  8. It appears we were “cut-off” comment thread above Magda, so I’ll just reply here since this is supposed to be a “freedom of speech world press”…
    “haven’t I always wanted a white dress?” As most every other little girl, I dreamed I did…now I think I’ll only be missing the dream that never really was…”becuz, becuz, becuz, becuz, becuz…” Oh that’s totally the wrong song!
    And in all honesty, I know and bless all the “Shiney happy people holding hands!” I really do!

      1. Sweet Awes and “Crawdad,” I love pure light, pure light saves lives!
        I’ll take a white dress, wild white daisies and hope for a turn that is both love and friendship combined in this lifetime.
        That would be awesomer, yes!

  9. This actually happened to me the day that this was posted, before I saw it. Friends were paying me back for Harry Potter tickets–$10 each. So awesome!! Awesome Thing #1: When an Awesome thing happens the day it’s posted on 1000 Awesome Things.

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