41 thoughts on “#200 Actually making the right amount of spaghetti

  1. SOOOOO excited for the calendar! Even though Amazon emailed me and said that the delivery date is now delayed until sometime in August. Oh well, probably for the best … I’d just go through and read them all before the date on the calendar. Who am I kidding?! I’ll end up doing that anyway.


    Oh, and I always make way too much spaghetti. Better too much than not enough, I suppose.

    1. AW…..August??!! If Amazon would have emailed me that on Monday I wouldn’t have cancelled my order. Ima gonna get on there today and order 2. Very, super, duper, crazy excited for it!

  2. This reminds me, I used to have a pasta portioner. It must have been lost in one of the 65 moves.
    I see Alibaba has a wide variety, even one called a moo-moo, which I always thought was a dress to wear when you ate more than your fair share of pasta.
    Anyhow, I’ve gotten fairly good at guestimating…no espn involved and Laura- so right, more the merrier!

    :) Calendar and Holiday Book…Exciting!

    1. I have a pasta portioner, but I never use it. It just doesn’t look like it would be enough……….. I guess that’s why I always make way too much. HA!

        1. lol, no. Actually mine was mailed to me in hopes of getting me to join some cooking club. I kept the portioner and didn’t join.

          1. Oh, I just love going to those parties where there is fun and games and finger foods; there are free things you can’t even otherwise purchase if you’d been a party-pooper and you don’t HAVE to buy anything!
            Which reminds me, we should start a raffle for the awesome party and donate all the funds to several charities. Youth and food banks have my vote because there the ones who seem to be the forgotten…not fair at all!
            Perhaps you could start with the pasta portioner!
            I could raffle a set of nostalgic red tupperware cookie cutters, circa 1950’s!
            There’s a good start, eh=D

            1. That’s a lovely idea Wendy. I’d support that for sure, not to mention that those 1950’s style red tupperware cookie cutters are fun and practically universally nostalgic. My family also had the measuring spoon set and the red bowls, that is until one of them melted under the double boiler (it’s a hilarious story ending with a globular red plastic mold of a glass bowl)

              1. …inspiring a sentimental journey in me, with “breakfast for mommy!” circa early to mid 1980’s. Thanks:)

            2. Just a gentle reminder of what a nice idea it was to think of doing this Wendy. There’s a hospital in Meru, Kenya I can recommend. :)

              1. Well, I’ve lost the party feeling, but you have my word on the tupperware cookie cutters.
                I tried to send them to Neil for his birthday, but he asked if I’d donate them to a cause in his name, so maybe he’d be willing to be the middle man in the transaction.
                Definately a good cause overall and certain if ever there is a party, a great time will be had by all:)
                YOU are very kind.

          2. I just re-read and understand your comment better now; you didn’t even have to leave your house to receive this free gift! That’s sort of like getting first dibs on the prize-in-cereal, or winning a lottery, Bekah!
            From what I read you’re very lucky- nsync posts and pics in Awesome- land and many other areas you’ve shared! Yep, blessed and lucky:)

  3. That calendar looks amazing! What a lovely way to start each day. (:

    I always overdo the spaghetti. And rice!! God – I KNOW that it swells to three times the amount, I do. But I still pour it into the pot and think, “Hmm… That’s not enough.”

    A pasta portioner, though… That could do the trick!

  4. This post makes me smile, because tonight I guessed and got the amount of pasta SO wrong! I made way too much! When I DO get it right though, it brings such joy!

  5. It is so great when this happens, nothing worse then the 1000 Annoying Things, that non-existent list of too much pasta with only a little topping and not enough pasta moments in life. What is one to do with that little bit of pasta?

  6. I have to agree, I love it when this happens. However, I have figured out a trick to make enough – every time. I just weigh the pasta using my kitchen scale. Personally, I find that around 80 grams of pasta is perfect for me, 100-120 if I’m really hungry and spaghetti is the main ingredient.

    Also, if you make too much spaghetti, cut it to small pieces and use it in pasta salad!

  7. Excited for the calendar!!

    I ALWAYS make way too much. I think if I would stop when I first think its enough, it would be the right amount, but I think, “What if its NOT enough or what if someone is super hungry and eats more than usual?” And I add some more in and there is always a lot left over. My bff has told me before that her and her fiancee makes extra on purpose so they can bake it for another day. I love baked spaghetti. My step dad use to make it all the time.

      1. *you mean aka bupper!?!
        I hope press didn’t attach the pic of Zach in the basket, cuz although looks sweeter than chocolate…that would be wrong…just wrong;)

      2. Hi Bekah
        Sorry if this is a daft question but what is a brinner?may be it is an Americanism and I am from UK.
        Hope your car window is fixed!


      3. Sorry just read your comments again the window is fixed. I am not too quick today (or any other for that matter)

  8. I always make the whole box of pasta, regardless of how many I am serving.
    I save the leftover for pasta salads and such. It works great for me! I’m never annoyed by making too much. But….I can see how it would be awesome if you made exactly the right amount.

  9. Since last friday and still strong, there’s a steady stream of VROOM-VROOM passing by where we live on route to the city in the valley for Sturgis North! Organizers are expecting 50,000+!
    What does this have to do with too much spaghetti? Well, if you ever saw The Wiggles dance like spaghetti, well, that looks a whole lot like the locals feel with all the unknowns right now-ten fold!
    Awesome prayers for our survival…anybody…Thank you:)

  10. I have been making too much pasta for 35 years now. Every single time I tell myself I won’t over do it, but everytime the spaghetti defeats me. I have accepted defeat although I will try your suggestion. My opinion is I will just make too much damn pasta again.

  11. I did a study on this! Getting the just right amount of spaghetti is directly related to feelings of awesomeness.
    Interestingly enough I also saw a study recently that correlates virtual on-line credibility to the real life cell phone activity. There’s a strong link there too. :)

    1. Magda, Have you heard of Lisa Robbin Young?
      She starts an on line course monday, August 15th. 2011 Be your Own Guru!
      Sounds really good and anyone interested can join, today for FREE!
      Hope I’m not over-stepping here Neil.

  12. Those pictures are pretty funny while actually very useful too. However if one does end up making too much spaghetti or does not know if the spaghetti is still usable it is nice to also know the shelf life of spaghetti. Dry Pasta lasts for 2 years in a pantry while Cooked Pasta lasts for 4-6 days in a refrigerator. More storage tips and info can be found at http://www.EatByDate.com

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