30 thoughts on “#196 Accidental snorts

  1. I love to be in the presence of an accidental snort-laugh. I don’t even mind to be the snorter! It’s a sign of true, laughing fun. :) I also love it because it usually triggers a whole new batch of laughter. Definitely awesome!

    1. “I also love it because it usually triggers a whole new batch of laughter.”

      YES. This is the best thing about snorts. :D

    1. SNORTED untilI squealed to tears, then snorted some more!
      Pink Floyd had their way with sending a message alright.
      Now try snorting like a Black Bear- awesome too!

    2. Best. Band. Ever., wendywithaurora! A post about snort-laughing AND the Floyd?! Doubly AWESOME and my new fav!

      1. I just found the other: pigs-Pink Floyd, Animals, with lyrics too and similar to jdurley’s comment in #421, “the words are way easier to remember” in these spectacular instrumentals!
        Unlike “The Farmer”, when Snow gives you absolutely NO time to sing along!

  2. I’m sorry, but how is this awesome? It’s embarrassing every time. Not awesome at all. Love the blog, but I have quality standards. <3

    1. hahaha I am always that snorter! The real fun thing is, I only snort if I’m trying really really hard not to laugh or to stop laughing, which means it comes out in the most awkward places! (Can we imagine a “while being reprimanded by your kung fu teacher” snort fit?)

      And I’m also totally embarrassed every time, but it’s all in good fun. It takes character to be the occasional snorter!

      1. I snort laugh all the time and its nothing to be embarrassed about. Its all good fun. My husband likes to get me to snort laugh, then he just starts snorting like a pig, and it makes me laugh even harder…and snort even more.

  3. I SNORT WHEN I LAUGH!!! When something is REALLY funny, a snort will slip out. I tried hiding it from co-workers, but I couldn’t. Hubby tries often to try to get me to snort laugh. Then, he makes fun of me for it.

  4. The pig in the pic above looks like it’s having a rollicking good time and a great snort! Terrific pic!

  5. For some reason, my wife and I have made a portmanteau (a word that surely didn’t exist prior to Wikipedia, but is amongst Wikipedia’s favorite words) of the words “snort” and “chortle”, and call it a snortle..

    Like Kathy mentioned about the pig above, when I hang out with my wife, I’m always having a rollicking good time and she often makes me “snortle”..

    1. Aye, my grand-babies and I, we have a rollicking and snortling good time everytime we are together.
      We snortle in the morning, snortle in the evening, snortle at suppertime!)
      Snortle~I Love it!

    2. Snortle: Fabulous word, Freddo and wife! !! That makes my day! I love new words and that one is not only accurate, but fun to say. I can’t even say it without chuckling. I plan to try it out this gem of a word with all my friends ASAP. *Getting on phone to Webster to start the formal entry process…

      1. Yay! Let me know if you make any progress with those snooty dictionary-types.. they’re always stick-in-the-muds about new words, but hopefully they’ll accept this one!

        Let me know how it goes over with them (and your friends!)

  6. OH MY GOD this happened to me today! It was a really big snort, too, definitely made me and my girl I was with laugh even harder, after a second of confused silence of course. Synchronisity is AWESOME!

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