#188 Hoods

I have short hair.

People, this is what happens when you’re going bald. Now I’ll probably always have short hair and I’m really hoping it doesn’t go too far out of style. Because if the new thing becomes dreads, french braids, and ponytails, then I’m screwed. You may as well throw crimped bangs, sideburn steps, and a rat tail on me at that point, because I’ll be dressing from a different decade.

Now I’m pretty sure my short hair is one reason why I really love hoods. Unlike Severus Snape, I don’t have a scalp-grown version, so I flip a hoodie over my sexy bald spot to find that private and secret home away from the bells and buzzes of the outside.

Hoods give us getaways from the everyday as we go stealth walking down the street. Fancy hairdos don’t get blown and wind and rain leave us alone as we cruise calmly down sidewalks on our hooded way home.


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      1. I haven’t read that book or seen the last movie yet, but so many people are talking about it that I know how the movie ends. Kinda sad that its spoiled for me, but I’m still excited to see it!

    1. Wow….I’ve been avoiding lots of literature for fear of spoilers. I never thought it would happen here.
      I am part of the 1% of the population who has not read the book or seen the film.
      Now I’m spoiled….
      Not cool.

      Anyways….hoods are awesome. I love to hide in one when I’m feeling under the weather.

      1. No fear, you don’t know the details, and I think it is all in the detail … when you see it you’ll be wowed … at least with the aftermath……. hmmm….. I’ll stop saying any more, otherwise I will spoil it for you :)

  1. I love hoods. On a cold, rainy day, they make me feel all snuggily buggily wuggily!

    And the “Harry Potter” reference just makes it that much better. (And seeing as my blog is called “Love The Bad Guy”, I feel I have to point out that Voldemort was wearing a cloak and HOOD in the first film when he was approaching the Potter house. ‘Cause he is awesome like that.)


    I love hoodies! I love coats with hoods! I went through a middle school / high school too-cool-to-actually-wear-the-hood-even-though-it’s-freeze-ass-cold-outside phase, but traversing my college campus in all weather conditions and more recently, surviving recess duty have allowed me to truly develop my extreme love for hooded garments. Luckily I don’t have a bald spot (but I have no doubt that yours is super-sexy) to cover, but I love securing my hair from the elements. Ahhhh, hoods. So very awesome.

    Also, I think you would look nice with crimped bangs and a rat tail.

  3. I don’t usually use the hoods. I loooooooove hoodies though. I have about 5 or 6 different hoodies. The only times I really wear the hoods is when its snowing or raining or whatever. I won’t wear the hoods just to be wearing the hoods.
    Now, my coat has a hood and I can’t stand it. I can feel it on my back and my hair gets stuck in it. But I absolutely love hoodies and would wear one every day if the weather wasn’t so freaking hot these days.

  4. Totally loving the Snape reference, as many people are. And yes, it does make this post so much better. Oh but you know when your jacket was just the right size before and now it’s a little small but it still fits fine, but the hood is much too small? That’s happened on like two of my jumpers -__- So yeah they’re not awesome. But well-fitted hoods are awesome.

  5. Agreed with the need for hoods! It’s one of those quiet, revolutionary inventions that goes around unnoticed and unappreciated. I won’t buy a coat without one. Why should I buy a coat AND a hat when I can get the two-for-one? I never have to worry about remembering to take a hat along cuz it’s always there, hanging behind me just in case.

    OK, so I don’t know anything about Harry Potter (count me in the original fantasy fun of The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings), however Alan Rickman is a favorite actor. He’s been my crush ever since Truly, Madly, Deeply. 1000 Awesome Things gets HUGE props for including him!

    Mr. Awesome… Do Good
    A real cool dude who loves his FOOD
    Orfice exits, eloquence exudes
    Mr. Awesome… Do Good
    No rude, no crude; millions wooed,
    By his insight…ensued-
    Accept yourself and all your moods
    Awareness for… have Gratitude
    With a, “Hey, St. Jude”, Attitude
    Mister Awesome…Do Good

    *note-beat box baby is holding a letter “H” for you:)

  7. We used to call the pull-overs with the pouch, kangaroos and sometimes still do.
    I have one in nearly every colour of the rainbow and black but not white because I tend to be grubby.

  8. I sympathize.
    I like the hoodies and the thinning hair landed on my chin and made everything sort of equalize!

        1. Nuh uh. I don’t go for the whole 5-hours-in-the-gym-per-week look, buff and bronzed. I like RPattz :)))

          1. Emmy!?!?! How could you?!?!

            As Bekah said, we’ve been lobbying for 1000awesomethings.com to take an official stance on the issue, and that is becomining a member of “Team Jacob’s Abs”.

            So far, Neil has obstained from weighing in on the issue, but dissent in the ranks isn’t going to help any! ;)

            Plus, I don’t have an RPattz hoodie.. :P

            1. I could, very easily. I mean, Jacob’s abs are pretty hot, but personally I find all those wash-board abs a bit commercialised. So it’s mission impossible to get 1000 Awesome Things to take the side of Team Jacob’s Abs because I am part of this community and I disagree ;P
              And you don’t have to have an RPattz hoodie… Actually I don’t have to have one. I find all the memorabilia like dolls and cut-outs and bed covers… but the makeup looks cool (of course the Twilight-inspired makeup, not Robert Pattinson’s…) :)

  9. It is so awesome when it starts to rain or your ears are freezing, but then you realize you don’t have to bear it, you have a hood! Just last night I pulled out my stack of Harry Potter books and started reading them again. Now there is a reference in this awesome thing article! Insane! Also I thought of a few awesome things that I don’t think are on the list yet;
    1. Walking on a frozen river or pond. The constant anxiety of thinking you are going to fall through and the awe of standing on a surface you know will dissolve to nothing in the spring.
    2. Being able to use a bit of knowledge you learned from TV in the real world. Bonus if the show was non-educational in the first place.
    3. This is sort of like finding lost money. When someone gives you a wallet or purse as a gift, and you find that the put money in one of the pockets for you.
    Keep posting, and keep it AWESOME!

  10. A message from Severus Snape: It…Gets…Better.
    This is the best Snape meme since “Snapes on a Plane” (do a Google image search if you haven’t seen that one). Spot-on Snape impersonation by Canadian comedian Gavin Crawford.
    SPOILER ALERT: do not watch this if you haven’t finished the last book / movie.

    1. I watched a bit of the video just because it looked intriguing. I couldn’t stop looking at his teeth. He sounded like Snape if I closed my eyes, but when I actually was watching the video, his teeth were all I saw.

      1. Omg i know! 1:48 is ridiculous. And I think his voice was a little bit low… But his pronunciation and articulation of his words is just like Snape. Haha a whole analysis on his impersonation skills :P

        1. Yeah, I think it’s meant to take the character into the realm of the ridiculous. That’s why I love it so much! “The hero…that…you…a-a-a-re…” LOL

          1. Ok, ok…I tried watching it again. My eyes still wouldn’t move away from his teeth and I seriously laughed the entire time. No spoiler for me since I couldn’t hear the second half over me laughing. I kept thinking of Snape trying to be all serious but had some whitening stuff on his teeth and was trying to not rub it off with his lips.

  11. “OH, and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, she helps save her grannie from the big bad wolf…although…(long thoughtful pause), not all wolfs are bad you know…Wolf is my mommy’s totem:)(Big starry-eyed smile)… And where the wolf peed on the trail the white flower that is part pink and then turns black, you know, you know, (Indian Pipe flower) grew, is very good medicine… did you know that?! And I love my hoods with fur inside and zippers too!!!”
    LAUGHS AND LAUGHS AND LAUGHS! As she realizes she found her way back to “HOODS!” LOVE IT… when little kids tell you a story and write their own songs too…AWESOME=D

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