#187 That moment just before you fall asleep when you know you’re about to fall asleep

It’s been a long day.

Flick off the lights and rest your broken bones in bed. Collapse under the covers, twist out your spine, and crumple into your cozy cotton cocoon. Feel your eyes warm your lids after long hours looking at the screen. Let your jaw unclench, let your blood swim around, and sneak your arm under the pillow till you get comfy.

Sometimes if you’re lucky your body lands in that fleeting flyaway period where you know, you just know, that you’re about to fall asleep. Your brain unhinges and signs off for the day, your arms and legs feel like they’re floating away, and your eyeballs roll back to say they’re finished now, okay?

Yes, say goodbye to the sun, tell your body you’re done, feel the sleep wash right over you, and feel the rush of


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50 thoughts on “#187 That moment just before you fall asleep when you know you’re about to fall asleep

  1. Man, I love this. I actually look forward to this during the day sometimes.

    Now to more important matters: I just tried the Nutella I got last week. I refuse to be judged for waiting this long! I have to have a craving for chocolate; I’m weird like that. Anywho, it was good! Very fluffy and marshmallowy. I put it on bread but felt like something was missing. My mom tried it too and thought maybe we should have done crackers…any advice? (silly question, I know)

        1. Crackers definitely works. Sometimes I’ll sit down with a full sleeve of Ritz crackers, and a tub of nutella and a tub of peanut butter, and alternate my way through the full sleeve (sometimes mixing!).. It’s quite good.

          Toast is nice, because it “melts” the nutella even more.

          Lucy’s idea of croissants is fantastic.. and while I’ve never tried LtBG’s idea of pancakes, I’m sure that can’t be bad.

          Crepes is of course a classic, but who really makes their own crepes at home?

          Eating it right of the spoon is something we’re often pretty guilty of.

          Don’t forget the Nutella-mallow that was bandied about here earlier this year.

          I don’t know where you are geographically, but there are these sort of sweet rolls called: “King’s Hawaiian Rolls” where I am, and they are really soft and sweet.. those are a pretty good vehicle as well.

          Basically, anything that helps you get the nutella inside you is a good thing!

          1. Our twins have come up with a good mix : Nutella on top of (English) Digestive-biscuits .. or sometimes Nutella _between_ two whole wheat biscuits.
            In Christmas time it’s very common (at least here in Scandinavia) to have house full of ginger biscuits — and it seems that Nutella works very well with them, too.
            My husband prefers to have blue cheese on top of ginger buiscuits — but if I should to choose the topping between these alternatives, it would be Nutella for sure!

    1. Ever since there was talk about roasting marshmallows while covered in Nutella, I dip marshmallows in it now. Its very yummy.

    2. I’m super late with this reply but I had Nutella last night on a spoon and with a banana (while I watched Season 1 of Lost). I had to force myself to put the jar away. <3

  2. List of Annoyng Things: Coming to the moment just before you fall asleep and becomng aware that you’re just about to fall asleep… Then concentrating too hard on this awesomeness and pulling yourself away from the brink of Dreamsville.


    1. Haaaaaate that :(
      You’re thinking to yourself ‘sweeet I’m about to fall asleep’ and then BAM you’re wide awake again. Booooo D:

    2. Omg I was just about to say that… That awesome feeling has only happened to me once in my 15 years and I ruined it for myself >:( I hope it happens tonight! Maybe it never happens because I try too hard to make it happen?

  3. Slumberfully beautiful bedtime story.
    The picture looks beautiful too.
    Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite… if they do, take off your shoe, kick them out the door with love and say too-da-loo!

      1. Yes, “MY” brave little 5 year old trooper comes on her own, for 14 sleeps, every summer from over the mountains and far away:)
        btw it was 9’ish time zone here and she’s still “My little pony-land now.”

  4. “Say goodbye to the sun.” I love this.
    It’s beautiful, poetic and intimate at the same time. It kinda reminds me of how tiny we all are in an enormous universe. :)

  5. Incidentally i experienced this awesome thing last night but truely realized its awesomeness only after reading your entry this morning :)

  6. Oh, I miss this. I miss just laying there and feeling my body becoming more relaxed and knowing that I’m about ready to fall asleep. I use to, and still do on rare occassions will think to myself, as if I am dreaming, “hey, I’m asleep” and I become aware of how I’m laying, but I’m still asleep.
    Nowadays, though, sleep is a rare thing to come by and it seems as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out. There’s no time to get comfy.

  7. Actually, I take back my comment back there saying I’d only felt this once. I just remembered, I’ve actually felt it another time, just over a year ago, when our choir went to New Zealand. Long story short, we went to see snow but weren’t allowed up the mountain because of the weather, so on the bus ride back I lay on the back seat, my head under my jumper, earphones in, and lay on that awesome verge for about 3 hours, just feeling the movements of the bus. AWESOME!

  8. I just had a baby so I tend to go from awake to asleep. On the rare occasion I have an exquisite fall into slumber. This post reminded me just how awesome it is!

  9. I have no idea what this feels like. Well, that’s not exactly true…the only time I feel it is when I don’t want to fall asleep, i.e. while watching TV. And even that hardly ever happens.

    It sounds wonderful, though.

  10. I get this feeling pretty much every night, because I always fall asleep writing in my journal, and there comes a point where I start writing random words and I know I don’t make sense anymore.

    1. Melodie – I used to fall asleep when reading bed-time stories to my kids. It would be so warm and cozy in the bedroom with blankets and teddy bears. As I was reading, my random sleep thoughts would jump into the story…
      “Good night moon. Good night air. Laundry is in the dryer.”
      “Mom!! You’re falling asleep again!!”
      “Oops. Good night noises everywhere.”

      1. I just did that for the first time with my daughter! I was reading the The Hungry Catepillar to my daughter at bedtime. We were in her cozy glider in her room, snuggled under a blanket with her Hello Kitties snuggled with us. I started off pretty good, and then I said something like “On Wednesday he ate through 4 strawberries, and he was still hungry….and then we need to buy more at Stop and Shop….”
        My 2 year old said “Mommy, I don’t think it says that.”
        I knew that once she went to bed it was lights out for me too.

  11. haha…its 2 47 in the morning here, and i soo want to drift off into that blisssful feeling :)

  12. That first paragraph made me want to jump in the bed right away, mmm so cozy, but I guess it’s too early for a nap =(

  13. It’s supposed to be “tell YOUR body you’re done”. I hope to God the editors caught that goof before the book was published.

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