34 thoughts on “#185 Splashing someone beside the pool with a cannonball

    1. (Totally not related to today’s post)
      Thinking on your moniker today and it links to a previous post this week: Hoods, which referenced Alan Rickman. As the evil criminal Hans Gruber in Die Hard, I really loved that bad guy! I think you’re spot on: all he really needed was a hug from me! :)

      1. Holy crap, I didn’t think it was a real place! Imagine telling people that you actually live in “Wintersville”.

        “Yeah right, and I’m from Summerland! Hahahaha!”

        “…You do know Summerland is a town in Canada, right?”


        1. You meant a town in California, right?? Because then, yes..


          btw: My favorite part of that Wintersville link is that it claims that the census indicated that 0.02% of the population was Native American.. in a town of ~4,500 people, that means there is ONE guy (or gal) that is Native American..

          Bwahahaha.. Thanks for the VERY precise stats, Wikipedia, down to the individual person in your last census.. Let’s hope he/she doesn’t move, or they’ll have to update their stats!

  1. Lol yes Lovethebadguy. This morning and yesterday’s as well were the coldest mornings we’ve had here in MONTHS. This morning I was woken by my alarm, put it on sleep, woken again, put my socks on, then went back to bed :P But I love diving and bomby-ing into the cousins’ pool during the hot weather at Christmas time!

    1. Now that would be AWESOME: hot, beachy weather at Christmas! How fab that Santa arrives on a surfboard!

      1. It’s hard for me to imagine a cold Christmas… How weird! I guess I’ll have to try it sometime. I’ll go somewhere where it snows really heavily – I haven’t seen a good snowfall since I was a kid!

      2. Ha I’d LOVE to have snow at Christmas! I’ve never seen snow up close before. Swap ya! Although, I do love having Christmas lunch then having diving contests in the pool with the fam…

  2. Does this bring up images of Caddyshack for anyone else? The pool scenes as well as Carl saying, “Cannonball, cannonball it.” LMAO!

  3. I do a pretty mean cannon ball for being a pretty skinny weakling. My trick is rotating a little so I land mostly on my back for maximum water displacement.

    However, this post reminds me of a lament I recently heard (that I agree with): Cell phones have totally ruined the previously awesome summer prank of throwing someone in a pool.. It used to be you would just get a couple of friends, grab someone standing by the pool, and throw them in.. instant AWESOME!

    But now that everyone has cellphones, smart phones, ipods, etc. on them at all times, it ruins the spotaneity of tossing someone in!

  4. Neil, it was awesome to come across the two thousand eleven march edition of readers digest from India and your interview in there was a big surprise and it was really awesome to read and update myself with some family matter. Keep up the good work and have some time to send me one of your books to read. I never knew that you became a writer it’s AWESOME!
    Vk Seth (your mother’s eldest brother)

      1. Another awesome thing: connecting with long lost relatives via the internet! I’ve done that, too! My brother was in a car accident years ago and I mentioned it to a cousin who mentioned it to another cousin and, lo and behold, cousins “came out of the woodwork” and connected with me on the internet! Too cool!

  5. My friend and I spent about three hours in her pool last weekend, most of which was spent jumping in, yelling out various Harry Potter related things (for example: NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU- *SPLASH!*). It was loads of fun.

    Then the next day we spent two hours inventing Pool Quidditch. Best. Weekend. Ever.

  6. I’m actually not a big fan of pools and such. I do however love splashing through creeks and mud puddles on an ATV. Extra fun when you get someone else wet and they retaliate by trying to splash you back.

  7. The fat man canon ball world event in Vancouver, Canada is a scary sight. Big men, big splashes and major after splash water pour down.

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