22 thoughts on “#182 Spotting your house from the airplane window

  1. This has only happened to me a couple times, all from the window of a family friend’s small plane. The airport in my town isn’t exactly running international flights … I don’t even know if there’s a control tower. Ha! Anyway, it is pretty awesome; it’s like a real-time Google Earth. It’s fun to see all the places you know from a very different perspective. Love it!

  2. Everything and anything about flying is awesome! (Can you tell I’ve only been on a plane a few times?)

    I just like how everything looks like plastic, like the scenery that comes with a train set. :D

    1. I’ve flown more than a few times, and I still think it’s awesome! The whole going-through-security thing isn’t exactly a blast, but the feeling of taking off, the feeling of landing, the feeling of looking out the window and seeing everything down below… that is totally AWESOME :)

  3. Lana, I’m with you – I’m about an hour from the airport, so I can’t see my house from a plane, but I do love watching the city come into view as I approach home (yay Philadelphia!!)

    And my house is right off the train station, so I also enjoy spotting my house, and other familiar things by train – even if that’s not as exciting as spotting them by plane :)

  4. Spotting familiar houses from an airplane is indeed awsome! I took a trip with my parents, who I live 15 miles away from, and I bet them we would fly closer to my house than theirs, or I would buy drinks during the layover when we landed. I lost the bet but the drinks were thoroughly enjoyed.

  5. Perfect day for posting this! I just flew back yesterday from three months abroad, and the highlight of my 16-hour travel day was the last half hour of the plane ride, where I craned my neck over the lady sitting next to me to peer out the window and see HOME!

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