23 thoughts on “#177 Grandma emails

  1. I don’t have a gramma on this plain, so it would be extra awesome to receive an email from one of them…….I think so!!!

  2. I’ve never received an email from my Nanna. She’s technologically challenged.

    However, her text messages are undoubtedly–

    “Hello dear, how r u? Love nan xx”


  3. My grandma doesn’t even touch the computer they have. Its my grandpa who send me the millions of emails I get. He sends me jokes, chain emails, political stuff, video links, newsletters… you name it, he sends it. If someone sends it to him, he feels the need to forward it to everyone else that he knows. Last time I took a week vacation, I came back and I had over 100 emails to open, look over and get back to…. but about 75 was from my grandpa.

    1. NOW that made ME smiley faced!!!
      Me and my grampa are very close and if he could use one I think I’d find the same going’s on. FUNny!

  4. My grandma’s 92 so she doesn’t do email. When she leaves me a voicemail, she says, “Tell Monique that this is her grandmother and to call me.” She thinks the automated message is somehow my personal assistant or something. So cute.

  5. My grandpa went to school to learn how to use internet when he was 86. When I moved to New York, he learned how to call me via skype, he was 89! hahahahah I miss his email. :*

  6. Getting an email from my grandma is the best! She just learned how to use her computer so her punctuation is horrible because she doesn’t understand how to do capital letters and periods can be tricky too. But I know that she puts a huge amount of time and effort into her emails so I love them!

  7. my grandma emails often, and just set up a facebook. she called me right after she friended me to see if “i had gotten it yet”. awesome :)

    1. My 85 year old mother in law (who is a grandma) uses Facebook and calls it “The Facenet”. She also does “googlequest searches” . AWESOME!

  8. I harbor a LOT of guilt that I didn’t call and email my grandmother more before she was unable to use the computer anymore and then passed away. I have a one particular email exchange saved where she told me that they are a bright spot in her life (she had recently moved into an assisted living home and was very unhappy). My heart sinks and I cry every time I read them. I know she knew I cared for her, but the thought of her not hearing from me so much is heartbreaking to me.

    ANYWAY… guess I had to get that out! In terms of the awesomeness of her emails, she’d been using computers for a long time since my grandfather worked for IBM, but she didn’t always have the hang of it, especially when she got a new one. There were often some strange spelling/punctuation things. She also did say some funny things. One time, she sent a response to an email, then one minute later sent me this p.s.:
    “p.s. I play a lot of Spider Solitaire, will tell you about it sometime.”


    1. I know the feeling =(. I feel that same way with my abuelita/grandma. I didn’t talk to her as much as I wanted to because I was uncomfortable with my spanish (pride!). But I believe grandma’s know they’re special and know they’re loved even when people don’t always express it. I try now to never hesitate to tell others, even in a note, how much I care for them =).

      P.S. I love the p.s. note she sent you, super cute =)

  9. When my 7 year granddaughter, Erin, got her email address, I was the first person she contacted and she let me know it! That made my year. She emails me often, and I save them all. “thankyou nannie i am looking foward to my special day too i am so very glad are coming and i welcome you with my hole heart very speicial love from erin”. What’s not to treasure? For all the grandchildren wondering how often they should let their grandparents know they are thinking of them…..it’s never too often.

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