#176 Getting tiny chores done before the microwave dings

Beat the beep.

Toss that bowl of instant oatmeal, can of Chef Boyardee, or salty plate of last night´s stir-fry into the microwave and get ready for sixty seconds of tornado-twisting action in the kitchen. When the door slams and the plate starts turning, it´s time to start scrubbing the last few dirty dishes, tying up the garbage while running to the garage, or speed-folding the bathroom towels in your time-ticking Hyper Maid State.

Now when that apple cinnamon breakfast bings, bubbling bowl of ketchup ravioli dings, or soya-sauce smeared broccoli spears ring, well you can enjoy it a little more knowing you just maximized your time. Yes, the microwave timer gave you a jolt of energy and as you settle into your couch dent while wiping sweaty bangs off your face you can rest feeling a little more productive and a lot more


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32 thoughts on “#176 Getting tiny chores done before the microwave dings

  1. Bless you Neil, but microwaves are brutal for human health. How about changing it to “while the coffee brews” or “while the water boils”??

  2. This is my first time on this site, but I have a pretty serious question. Your blog is obviously insanely successful, but you’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    What could you possibly do to follow up to something so… awesome?

      1. I vote for there to be some kind of party that we can all attend on the last day.
        I stopped looking at what number we are on about 50 posts ago. It just kept reminding me that its going to end soon.

          1. Yeah, definitely … that’s how I remember it.


            I know what you guys mean, every time I look at the number (especially since it’s dipped into the 100s), I panic at how low it’s getting … :(

            1. What!!! I didn’t even notice it was in the hundreds! D: What will we all be feeling when it’s in the 10’s?! And I can’t even go to Freddo’s because I live in West Australia :(

  3. Ok… Sometimes I will do this. I will take this opportunity to change a diaper, make a bottle, throw clothes in the washer…whatever… but other times, I like to stand there and watch the microwave. Sometimes I even cover up the timer and wait a little while, then try to guess where it is and start counting down to see if I was right. My daughter has joined in on this game, also. She’s better at it than I am…. I think she cheats.

    1. There was a sensory deprivation booth at our local science center where you were supposed to go in, and try to guess when one minute had passed, but you were NOT allowed to count. It was ridiculously hard. Even WITH counting, it was still amazing how far off you’d be.

  4. I literally just sat down to eat the English muffin I defrosted while running around doing some last minute packing. And then I saw this. AWESOME.

  5. In the spirit of 1000awesomethings, I’d like to remind those people who are fretting over the end that completion of this feat in itself is an AWESOME thing to look forward to AND having been there and watched it all go down is a privilege we’ve all been able to enjoy. The end of the 1000 countdown is the beginning of a even-just-slightly-for-the-better outlook on life!
    So don’t fret, just enjoy the moment.
    Life just is, so just be

  6. I totally do this ALL the time. I think it’s because chores are so tedious, that we need a little push of something to get motivated. It is also a great assist to parents of pokey children everywhere. “See if you can go and get dressed before the timer goes off.”
    (You know, in general. This does not necessarily apply to any geekteens or anything like that.)

    1. I use a timer in my classroom all the time. It’s like it’s more attainable when you challenge yourself to do something in a short burst of time. You know there’s no long-term endurance involved, so you give it all you’ve got for a little bit. If I give my kids something that should only take them five minutes, but DON’T give them a specified amount of time, half of them won’t get it finished in five minutes. If I set the timer, they’re all about it. If only my classroom timer was attached to a microwave that was going to provide me with some food whenever I used it. :)

  7. I have to agree that this is one of the most accomplishing things ever. My freshman year of college, I would always try to get a few dishes done while my ramen noodles were in the microwave (mostly because my roommates ALWAYS failed miserably at washing their own dishes). It made me feel even better because, most likely, those dishes would have sat around for a WHILE….

  8. @Andy~ what a gentle way of making a great point! Awesome:)

    I’m afraid of microwaves- (old fashioned)… but I do use the stove clock timer for reminders- (old)… all the time!
    It has saved supper and house from burning down!

  9. My mornings are all about the microwave timer. I nuke my coffee while I brush my teeth, finish packing my lunch, and pull on my socks. Then, into the travel mug, put some shoes on, grab the garbage and out the door I go. Thank goodness I lay everything I can out the night before, or I’d always be late for work :)

  10. Well I don’t generally cook (Mum’s job!) but I can relate to this because I do lots of little chores while brushing my teeth. I hate to just stand in front of the mirror. I take about 3 minutes anyway so yeah I get my tie and jumper out of the wardrobe for school, tuck my anklet away from teachers’ eyes into my sock, put my feet in my shoes, zip up my bag, take out my concealer so it’s ready to put on after doing my teeth… :) All about efficiency.

  11. What a great awesome thing. The truth is that as many of us can see, we do these awesome things, which mean they are not alien to us. What is to notice is how unnoticed the go. This is why we constantly visit this blog, to let Neil present to us what we know but are unaware of it. I really like it, specially when one finds identified with the awesome thing described. Keep it up Neil, and everyone out there, or at least the half-half dozen who may bump with this comment, start your own list of awesome things and you will see how satisfied you can feel. Have a nice day.

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