#174 Old people pants

It’s about authenticity.

It’s about being you and being cool with it.

It’s about baggy turquoise capris, striped maroon jumpsuits, and neon track pants.

Yes, when you walk by an old person sporting some colorful and comfortable pants with flair, do us all a favor and give them a head nod of respect, a cracking high ten, or a military salute. Respect their hand-waving dismissal of your skin-tight denim jeans, swishy business suits, and identical black dress for the club. Smile when they yank them over their belly button, grin when they snap the elastic band, and get up and applaud when they strut down the street in comfort and style.

Folks, it’s like I always say.

We can learn so much from The Grandma.


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21 thoughts on “#174 Old people pants

  1. I especially adore the bright coloured t’s or blouses tucked into stark white see through polyester pants, pulled up high enough to support an accidental “falling out.”
    I tell my “kids”…you’d better NEVER dress me like THAT, or else……..
    however; I could handle those cool pj’s on the line=D

  2. Hmm… I dunno if I would associate those pictures with Old People Pants.

    When *I* think of Old People Pants, I picture my Pop wearing his knee-length khaki shorts with white socks pulled up to about two inches below the hemline.

    Hehe, he’s so cute. :)

    1. When I was a kid, old men wore knee-length PLAID shorts with BLACK socks pulled up. The more things change, the more they stay the same. :)

  3. Ya know… I’ve never seen my grandma (dad’s mom) in anything other than dress pants, or slacks, as she is aways correcting me. My other grandma wears jeans.
    My grandpas… one wears jeans that goes almost up to his belly button and the other wears pants, always blue, that are way too short.

  4. Gotta love the men who in their kakis, authentically appear to be heading out on an African Safari at any given moment.
    Also, those who lost their butt so fit right in with the homie’s in their big saggy, baggy pants falling down to their knees. HA!

  5. I don’t see many old people wearing those. My grandparents wear dress pants (granny wears the dressy skirts). I sometimes see younger people wearing stuff like that :|

  6. Okay, okay, lovey moment here, but I HAVE to comment on this because it tugs my heart strings and reminds me of my favorite times! My g.g. (great Grandma) was all dresses, and skirts, but what I worn didn’t matter one bit. Whether I was passed, arms to arms, sleepily through the doorway at the end of a long day, wearing wrinkled pajamas, or bounced in after church wearing my Sunday best, the response was always the same; love, hugs, and later one of those little pastel chocolate drops! yum, and super authentic g.g. love. :)

      1. Sweet story:)
        And the older I get, the more I realize how little what you wear matters…
        Love Rocks and Rules as I Roll with gratitude into Grannie-hood:)

      2. They sure are!
        Mine lived in a cute little bungalow near the ocean in West Vancouver.
        G.G. was courageous, warmhearted and ALWAYS stylish (not a trait you flat out inherit btw!). She had an incredible story too, and was even a welder during World War II! SO much to teach . . . including the classically charming and post appropriate “patterns with solids.” and “arms, cleavage OR knees my love.”

          1. Now this is getting really strange…TRUE~ my Nana had a bungalow near the ocean in West Vancouver. It’s actually where my dad grew up; swam and became a pro-swimmer at Ambleside, which is also where I learned to swim, however; no pro in me!
            It truly is a small world after all:)

  7. I think old people are delightful. I love when they match their pants to their tops, hoping (or not caring) if they’re two slightly different shades of turquoise or some other bright color. =p

  8. I wear pants like those on the clothesline and am proud of it. My grands say I am on “granny patrol” when I wear them out in public.

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