#172 Laugh lines

Bathtubs are crystal balls.

Soak in them long enough and you’ll get a wrinkly idea of what you’ll look like in years.

Brothers and sisters, since skin creases will wedge into the cracks and corners of all of our bodies over all of our lives we’ve got two big choices on living with them: love ’em or let ’em bother you. And if you choose option two, it’s a world of fancy creams and face-stretching for you.

Nope, I say just get used to them. Love your wrinkles! Squishy baby elbows, silky smooth legs, and pimple-smeared prom faces will all slowly morph into Wrinkle Homes. Forehead wrinkles, cheek wrinkles, saggy arm wrinkles, you’ll have them all. Life will still be a ball but you’ll just be telling the world you lived it.

Now there’s something especially sweet about laugh line wrinkles. You know, I’m talking about the ones creased into your dimples when you smile, the crow’s feet in the corners of your eyes when you laugh, and all the little lines that pop out of your chucking face whenever you hear a good joke.

Laugh lines are a sign that you lived and lived well.

Congratulations on laughing your whole life.


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44 thoughts on “#172 Laugh lines

  1. I think I have a few laugh lines near my eyes. I would love them, except I’M IN MY TWENTIES! Too soon, Mother Nature! :P

    On a related note – Pugs are awesome. ;)

  2. i have laugh line at the corner of my eyes and between my cheek and mouth. I used to get ashamed but thank to your blog, i gain the inner strength to love it more.

  3. While I don’t seem to have any yet, it’s my birthday today and my camp nickname is Giggles! I think this is an excellent birthday awesome thing for me, only to be beat by ones that have been already done such as baby laughs and such…

  4. To summarize, your three favorite lines are:
    sleep lines
    laugh lines
    and no lines! (according to yesterday’s post)

    Thanks for another day’s smile. I’ll certainly have an interesting face as I age, considering I spend about an equal amount of time laughing and thinking too hard (ack! furrows on my forehead!)

        1. Thanks! And don’t worry too much about furrows on your forehead. If you’ve got laugh lines, that trumps all other lines. :)

  5. I know I will love and embrace my wrinkles when the time comes for me to get them. I’ve never really paid any attention to see if anyone else I know has laugh lines. I’m sure they do.
    Not about laugh lines, but funny story anyway. I remember when I was really really little, maybe 3, and everytime I saw my great grandmother I always thought she was wearing some latex gloves. I’d go over and pull on her skin on her hands and ask her why she wears gloves all the time and she would just laugh and play along with me.
    Come to think of it, the gloves are the only memories I have of her.

  6. I’m seventeen, almost eighteen and I have some really deep laugh lines around my mouth already. I love them though, cuz it makes me feel like I’ve been smiling since I came outta the womb, which is kinda true.
    Laugh often so your wrinkles will be in all the right places (one of my favourite quotes) :)

  7. Awesome to awesome Neil…embrace all stages of all that we are and be grateful we are here for another day to live, love and LAUGH.
    I just googled Shar Pei wrinkle dogs and all over the side bars were solutions to wrinkles! Ridiculous!
    I am proud of all the lines across my face and I love the quote Nesi=D

  8. I am 36, and I have a couple of faint lines around my mouth, but none around my eyes.
    My sister in law, is only 28 and has, for some years now, lots of crinkling at the corners of her eyes. She told me once how she was jealous, that I have not really many wrinkles at my age, and she is so much younger and has them around her eyes.
    I told her that I’ve always been jealous of people who have those lines because those are “smile lines”, not crows feet or wrinkles. They are the mark of someone who truly smiles, with their whole face and with their eyes. A smile with your eyes is the most genuine smile there is.
    And don’t you know, when I told her this, she smiled, and the corners of her eyes bent into those precious little creases, just like I told her. She’s been proud of her lines ever since.

  9. Well i would love this after 20 years cause i would WANT to read it. It’s like you are speaking the bloody truth in so simple words. Why to care about wrinkles ANYWAYS?
    The world will still be beautiful and life will still go on all so smoothly if we will just let our skin the way it is bagging with age. :)
    It’s not like we will be the only pieces in the world.
    Loved you awesome way of telling me ‘Don’t give a shit about skin.. and life will be less shit’.

  10. I’m UNDER twenty and I have them.
    I was talking to my friend the other day and I noticed that she staring at my eyes and mouth,”You,” she said, “have laugh wrinkles.”
    Well, I’m always smiling or laughing, and I’d rather of ‘scars of joy’ then anything else.:)

  11. I hope in your books you keep some of these comments. They are so nice to scroll through and read. It’s really what makes the post – people relating to these things.

    Big love

    Liz xx

  12. I found my first wrinkle last year. I was starting to feel upset over it, until I realized the wrinkle was one of my laugh lines that had made itself a permanent home on my face.

    Given that the three plus years prior had been full of one stressful, painful situation after another, to see a permanent laugh and smile line on my face was somewhat of a comfort, if that makes any sense at all.

  13. I love, love, love laugh lines. I like old people wrinkles in general but laugh lines are awesome on the young and the old. I wish there were emoticons with laugh lines =p

  14. I’m happy to read this message but I have laugh lines in a too thin face and have being through one stressful situation after another , the lines appeared overnight so I’m not too happy about them and am trying to smile less now :(

  15. i am twenty-eight and i have these lines around my eyes, they are more pronounced when i laugh and stay on longer when i have laughed a lot at a stretch, they have bothered me as i feel too young for them but reading your blog and the very sweet comments, i am not so bothered anymore! thanks.

  16. I have used the Lady Soma Renew Serum for sometime and I am always very satisfied with the wrinkle hiding results. I used to have these lines around my face – like laugh lines – and using the serum daily has filled them in, and made the lines not noticeable. It should help you out as well.

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