#171 Completely guessing the right answer on a multiple choice test


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35 responses to “#171 Completely guessing the right answer on a multiple choice test

  1. kmurr

    This really and truly IS #awesome!!! Especially since I don’t EVER chose it right! :)

  2. When in doubt, choose “C”. ;)

    This reminds me of my Year 7 Science Teacher. Our exams always consisted of 10 multiple choice questions on the first page, and the answer to 2 was always (ALWAYS) “B”. Why, you ask?

    …Because he liked to read out the answer as: “2-B…. Or not 2-B. That is the question.”

    Every. Single. Time. That guy was awesome. :D

  3. Simone

    I remember completely winging some multiple choice exams, and then freaking out when my choices would start to make patterns, and would be like ‘oh that can’t be right!’

    • haha! Oh, you just made me remember that I use to do that too!!!! Sometimes though, if I didn’t know a few questions in a row, I would try to make a pattern, or pick the answers that I haven’t picked in a while.

      Good to see you back on here Simone. I was beginning to worry about ya.

      • Yes, I used to get answers wrong because I would look back and think “That zig-zag is just too perfect… I mustn’t be choosing the right answers here…”

        Damn patterns. Bet they do that on purpose, just to mess with your head!

      • Simone

        Oh thanks bekah, I’m sorry to worry you!!
        I’ve just been super dooper busy at work & never got a chance to leave any comments!
        Dont worry though, I still checked everyday & I’m still reading your blog!!
        I WILL get you a smiley though! dont worry i havent forgotten, just with wedding plans, time just seems to slip away sometimes!

  4. Totally love this! Alas, my test-taking skills are not what they once were. :(

  5. Cory

    haha, i’ve never done that, but there were tests where i guessed about half of the answers and got a good grade out of it. xD

  6. Sounds like my exam.

  7. My teachers would usually tell us the popular answer for that test. I think if it was English, it was B. Math and Science was C. Of course I had some of the coolest teachers ever. Which…I get to see some of them on Saturday at my bff’s wedding. She invited basically the whole world and a few of my favorite teachers have RSVP’ed.
    I don’t really remember much about taking test in school other than the teachers telling us that if we didn’t know then to pick B or C.

  8. vivalaawesome123

    LOVE this, every time i see which one i haven’t picked in a long time XD

  9. One in a million shot – but awesome!

  10. Wendy

    “So Fetch!”
    (Just had to see the movie to know what you’re all taling about but will pass on the bunnies…traumatized by “Bunny Lake is Missing”, when wee child!)

  11. Andrea

    9th grade history. Had not studied. No idea. Pure guesses. Got to grade the test myself. Put it through the scanner. Each wrong answer will make a tik sound as the machine makes a pink mark. I was expecting dozens of tiks. Fed it through – …tik …tik. Other side – ..tik…. A Miracle!!! I will never forget a moment of triumph. Awesome!

  12. Jb

    I earned a degree in guessing on multiple choice tests.

  13. Caitlin

    Haha this one time in history class, I walked in and my friend came up to me, binder in hand and freaking out. She asked me “did you study for this test? I heard that it is supposed to be really hard.” and naturally, I had no idea whatsoever that there was a test. I took the test, had no idea what was going on, guessed on every question, BS’ed the essay, and got a 98. BTW, this is in a difficult class, too. Haha

  14. Joe Rodrigues

    This reminds me of my first year statistics exam when I used to attend UTSC. I read myself out and still wasn’t sure but when the exam started in all honesty I wemt totally blank never got any answer to any question I tried to solve and yeah I guess my way throughout the test. I did get a C atleast it’s better than an F coz trust me I never knew wat I wz doing during d exam. LOL

  15. My crowning achievement in life was receiving a 90 on my final Honors Physics exam in high school. It was a 100 question multiple-choice test and I completely guessed on at least 30 of them, but somehow still got 90 right answers. It was quite the miracle!

  16. #171 Completely guessing the right answer on a multiple choice test | 1000 Awesome Things – fantastic page to bookmark

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  18. LOVE this, every time i see which one i haven’t picked in a long tim

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