#169 Tennis grunts

Tennis is classy.

Fans don’t paint their faces silver, put on a pair of horns, and stand waving giant cardboard signs while sipping from Beer Hats. No, they sit in hushed crowds, whisper politely, and eat berries and cream on Saturday mornings.

Players are classy too with their supermodel good looks, designer clothes, and sports skirts. With the hushed announcers, soldier-straight ball boys, and huddled couches in polo shirts and fancy sunglasses, tennis sometimes seems less like a sport and more like a dinner party.

That is, until the grunting kicks in.

Tennis grunts fill the stuffy air with hilarious animal noises. They’re all you hear above squeaky shoes, clinking jewelry, and gasps. But tennis grunts remind us we’re all human. They remind us we’re watching a sport. And they give us a smile when we all need more smiles and we think that’s enough to be


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26 thoughts on “#169 Tennis grunts

    1. Hahaha! So randomly hilarious!

      (Also, my poor non-technologically smart brain is baffled and awed by your god-like power in being able to post the YouTube clip directly into your comment.)

  1. I love the Williams sisters so I only really watch them but when I some of the other matches the grunting is distracting and annoying. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. There’s a Belgian tennis play that says WHOOPIE when she hits! It’s annoying but hilalious at the same time ;)

    1. He does pick a lot of wedgies! I noticed that at Wimbledon, which seems like one of the strangest place in the world to pick a wedgie every few minutes!

  3. RAFAEL, RAFAEL,RAFAEL NADAL…he’s got my vote, in the tennis world that is to say, grunt, grunt away, HE IS SO SEXY…anytime, anyplace!

  4. Sorry – but there is absolutely nothing awesome about the grunts. Had to mute the sound on a match between Sharapova and Azarenke. It was soooo awful, it completely takes the focus away from the game. So no, not awesome – awful :-)

  5. “The game is alive, with the sound of grunting, with grunts they have sung, since the cave-man days. My heart is alive with the sound of grunting and I’ll grunt along- Uuuugh.”

  6. Funny…a local news anchor made comments (on last night’s sport report) about how unattractive the grunting is…and how the male players don’t do it! lol

  7. I find the grunts more reminiscent of a small child in the bathroom than I do a grown person hitting a ball over a net. The vast majority of the time I agree with you, but I can’t on this one. Gross!

  8. For some reason I’ve always felt alone in thinking that tennis grunts were absolutely…
    I always felt like I was hearing, for womens tennis, too women similtaneously giving birth or some very violent and nasty sex and in mens tennis, a group of old men getting beaten up with a stick.
    If only they knew the comic potential they had…

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  10. This is so appropriate! I just played tennis today with my dad and kid brothers and we were grunting like crazy!

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