23 thoughts on “#168 When the meeting ends early

  1. My equivalent: When the uni lecture ends early (and you don’t have another class for the rest of the day).


    Also – I wanna work with those guys! They look like they’re having a splendid time.

      1. My first thought was, “Why are the the men all triumphant and pumping their fists, and the woman is just standing there smiling?” Sorry to be negative, but I’m a graphic designer and look at lots of stock photos. It’s astonishing how much sexism is in business-related stock photos.

        Meetings ending early is a very awesome thing, though. :)

  2. My equivalent is when orchestra rehearsal ends early because everyone actually practiced and then I don’t have homework. Ah, that is a glorious feeling :3

  3. Its becoming difficult for me to stay awake in meetings these days. The guy doing the meetings talks like Ben Stein though. So, when they end the meeting before I’m actually asleep, its always a good day.
    I was in a meeting on Thursday and it went way over the time alloted, but the guy was hilarious. I stayed awake and paid attention the entire time.

  4. I have a meeting today that’s ending early so I can catch a flight for vacation; perfect post timing! : )

  5. Even better when the meeting ends early and they send you home because theres no pint in going back to work!

    1. So what you’re saying is if they don’t give you beer after a meeting you’re allowed to leave early? ;)

      1. I read that as there’s no beer if you go back to work, but there IS a pint if you knock off early! Sounds pretty awesome to me!

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