23 thoughts on “#162 When that slow car driving in front of you finally moves out of the way

  1. that slow car used to be me!
    (back in the days when I was on my learners permit that is! =] ) lol.
    so glad those days are gone!!!

    1. I had that same thing happen to me – I was stuck on a one-lane road behind a tractor for what felt like an eternity!

      This is a great post because it it involves the elimination of one of the most frustrating and annoying things…always awesome!

  2. Usually I AM the slow driver. You know why?

    ‘Cause NOT dying in a terrible bloody, firey car crash is also awesome! ;)

    (But, ok, yeah, I still get a weird high when I overtake someone, or when someone really slow gets out of the way. And they have to be REALLY slow to have ME wanna overtake them!)

  3. I’m due to take my driving test in the next few weeks, but last week on a pre-test with my instructor, I spent ten minutes driving (read ‘crawling’) behind this little old lady in a teeeeny car. She would not move over, and we were going the same way as her. VERY frustrating! Eventually she pulled in veeeerrrryyy slloooowwwly to her driveway, and I was off! Wahoooo! :)

  4. My biggest pet peeves involves other drivers. Drivers that drive too fast or don’t use their turn signal. Drivers that drive too slow or have the turn signal on for way too long. Drivers who get in the wrong lane just to get around a few cars. Drivers who cut you off. Drivers who hurry and pull out in front of you causing you to slam on your breaks… and then they go really slow. Drivers who cut you off and then honk their horn at you like it was your fault. Drivers who swerv in and out of traffic….. oh I can go on and on and on….
    It seems like I only get the slow drivers in front of me when I’m in a big hurry, or at least that’s the only time I notice. I always give a loud sigh and push my foot down on the gas when they get out of my way.
    Now… I am the slow driver if you ride too close to me. I will go way under the speed limit just to make you mad. The more you ride that close, the slower I will go. If you put some distance between us, I will speed up. For this reason ( and other safety reasons) I will not ride close to other cars.

    1. Quite an awesome rant and some great points made. However: I must warn that I KNOW somebody who did the last 2 things one too many times…so at the first opportunity stopped, enraged BIG angry man did some serious bodily harm and the driver was mutually found guilty of road rage!!! True story, and so because I tend to be a care-alot bear I just had to let you know.

  5. Once it happened with me. I was in urgency and was driving fast. This guy who saw me from far, purposefully slowed to less than 5 mph and I was like why is this car so dead slow. Later he showed me a finger and moved to the other lane. I smiled and said thank you to him! Hahaha…might be the first one to smile even though the guy showed his finger. That was the first time in my life someone showed finger. What an idiot!

  6. I have been ticked, I’ll admit, especially if I need to be somewhere at a certain time, but bless “thebadguy”, for all she said, because I know first hand this is true. Since then have been in situations with many tractors and slow driving tourists; people who are afraid of the B.C. winders, learners, elderly and those who prefer to abide by the law drivers, that slowed us down and just so happened to be in sync with saving lives from everything from rock slides to glare black ice, washed out roads, fallen trees, etc. In one Chicken Soup for the Soul, I read, “The last Sunday drive…” it’s a beautiful story. I try now to find something beautiful in the scenery and go with it, seeing some awe-mazing sights I would otherwise have missed. Some drivers whip in and out to pass; zooming by, putting everyone in danger and then we all arrive at the same destination at the same time…HA!
    There was a time, but not much anymore.

  7. Like George Carlin said, “Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot and anyone driving faster than you is a maniac.”

  8. How appropriate for the trip home I just had. I stopped off at the library on the way home and could have walked home from there, but as a bus was coming and I had a transfer, I figured I’d shave a few minutes off my walk by riding it a couple of stops. About twenty seconds after the bus set off, the traffic started crawling because of some road works that I didn’t know were there. A ride that usually only takes about two or three minutes ended up taking twenty! The whole time, I was thinking, “WHYYYYYYY did I get on this bus?”

  9. I hear you. I try to find a good balance. All my police friends say they usually don’t mind if someone is about 15-19km over the speed limit, so that’s good enough for me. I’m also very conscious of the people coming fast from behind and try to give them the space to go around. Why? Because I’d want them to do it for me. It’s good “car-ma”.

  10. This happens to me, literally, EVERY DAY on the way to school. I have to drive through a curvy, mountainous road to my college campus, and a ride the car in front of me’s tail until they pull off and I can zoom away to AWESOME!!!!!!!

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