41 thoughts on “#156 A really strange or useful object popping out of someone’s purse right when you need it

  1. that person with random stuff in their bag is always me!!
    i have been known to have :
    * sewing kit – with scissors , ruler , safety clips etc
    * panadol
    * tweezers
    * full long material bandage
    * clippers
    * moisturisor
    * mini screwdriver
    * glassers cleaner & microfibre cloth
    * deoderant
    * combs
    * pens.
    and much much much more! :D

    1. People with Mary-Poppins-esque bags are always awesome. ;)

      The best I have is a comb, a bandaid, a pen, and a half dozen of those refresher towels that you get from Red Rooster and KFC. Which actually come in handy more than you might think!

      I should totally add a mini screwdriver…

      1. LOL, i actually have all those things you mentioned in my bag as well:)
        those KFC wipes ARE awesome & you wouldn’t believe how much i use my screwdriver! – its on my keychain & most commonly use it to tighten my glasses :)

        1. I use to carry all that and more… well… I don’t think I’ve ever carried the long bandage in my purse. I use to even carry a mini stapler, mini scissors and mini tape. I want my big purse back!

          1. This post has inspired me! My purse is now much more impressive than it was when I first read this!

            P.s. portable lent rollers has changed my life :)

    1. My boss has everything in her desk. Seriously, almost anything you can think of. Batteries, bandaides, asprin, candy, tools, flashlight, shoes.. whenever someone needs something out of the norm, they always go ask her. Its not a purse, but I think it counts.

  2. “Thank goodness for Grandma’s purse!” was what was said when I whipped out a measuring tape and a jackknife when my grandson and his school group needed them while on an out-of-town journey. I was the “cool” grandma!

    1. After too many times visiting a public restroom and finding no toilet paper, I started carrying these little packets by Charmin called “Charmin to go”. I carry a diaper bag everywhere, which has a ton of room in it. . And in addition to diapers, wipes and powder, I carry the aforementioned TP, as well as sanitizing hand wipes, kleenex, stain remover, chapstick, hand lotion, eye drops, a mini screw driver, a swiss army knife, deodorant, a comb, pens, tweezers, and the best, a small, handheld, travel fan.

      1. Oh….and I will use unscented baby wipes for the rest of my life! They act as cleaner of all things on earth!
        They work as a stain remover in a pinch, as well as to clean hands and faces, I have also wiped down leather seats in my car, and in my home, I’ve actually cleaned up cat vomit. It worked better than any pet stain remover I have ever used.
        Just a tip out there to all those with no children….invest in baby wipes!

    2. I always carry tissues with me, but if I run out, I will often find the nearest washroom and yank off a length of TP. Sadly it’s usually the flimsy, unabsorbant type you tend get in public washrooms. Still, it does in a pinch for both runny nose and empty toilet roll situations. I’ve become a bit more careful about always being equipped ever since I had to blow my nose with a teeny tiny bandaid during a test.

  3. I use to have a purse that had everything but the kitchen sink in it. I’ve made myself clean out my purse and get a smaller one. There’s not much in it now. Its shaped kind of funny and I can’t fit much in it even if I tried. I have my little wallet, my checkbook, chapstick, some floss, pens, nail clippers and file… and I think that’s it. I miss being able to carry around a bunch of stuff.
    The diaper bag is another story though. I will stuff it until I can’t stuff anymore.

  4. LOL, this is definitely a post for me. Back in my 20’s, I kept a bikini in my purse for those late night pool parties!

  5. I carry a dictionary everywhere I go. Other miscellaneous things that can be found in my purse: nail polish, plenty of bandaids and cough drops, a collapsable cup with asprin in the lid, a tape meausure, glue sticks, a pencil sharpener, boxes of raisins, batteries, candy, travel-sized salt and pepper shakers, tissues, spare headphones, Shapries, and whatever book I happen to be reading at the time.

  6. You name it and it has been in my purse at one time or another. Pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, sharpies, post it notes, full sized notebook, thank you cards, magnets, pantyhose, sports bra, GIANT bottle of aspirin, snack bars, pad locks, band aids, hand sanitizer, wet ones, current reading material, can opener, old cell phones, gloves, umbrella, marriage license (after being married for over a year), fruit, peanuts, cans of soup, top ramen, water bottle, jewelry, sun glasses, phone charger and of course, anything my husband doesn’t feel like carrying =)

  7. Crowbar?

    I carry a small purse because I hate carrying a purse, so I choose very carefully what I carry with me. Still, I’ve got useful things that surprise people. :)

  8. *News Flash*
    Tippsy-toes, roll up- shoes to go, launched 2 years ago on the Dragon’s Den in Canada are in nearly every store now. Fit most any hand-bag or pocket!
    Just take off your heels or heavy runners and treat your feet to some shoes to go!

  9. Sounds like a lot of you would have done well as audience members of “Let’s make a Deal”. I still remember the time a lady had a hard-boiled egg in her purse!

    1. I’ve played a similar game at one of those at-home Avon product shows. That time I had a handful of wine corks, tea light candles, and a bag of Scrabble tiles…

  10. I’ve got a handy purse, though not nearly as handy as some of the above commenters(ors?). But, my mom once randomly bought me (a young-20s college student) a finger puppet from the drugstore or something. Ok, so I’m in elementary and special education and I baby-sit and work in a day care and such, but still! Well, just because I never cared enough to take it out it has entertained many-a-children when in need of some entertainment. It’s awesome, so I left it in there!

  11. My mother’s purse has become known as the “Mary Poppins Purse” because it is TINY and you never know what she’ll manage to fit inside. One time on a road trip I got thirsty and all we had were 2L bottles of soda… she whipped out a collapsible cup and away we went!

  12. Last week in my English class while my prof. was giving a lecture, some girl put her hand up and said “Hey, I don’t know why I said hey. Sorry, but does anyone in the class have a tissue because I REALLLY need to blow my nose, like badly.” Then some other girl gets all excited and goes “OH! I have one!” she reaches in her purse and picks one up and its all crumpled and then she says, “Oh, it’s all crumpled but i swear I didn’t use it!” then the other girl goes, “it will do.” May not be a random item, but it’s funny you bring the topic up :)

  13. Harry: “When you say you’ve got the Cloak, and clothes… ”
    Hermione: “Yes, they’re here.”
    Ron: “How the ruddy hell – ?”
    Hermione: “Undetectable Extension Charm. Tricky, but I think I’ve done it okay; anyway, I managed to fit everything we need in here.”
    — Hermione Granger

  14. OMG i’m totally a stuffed-handbag person! Nearly all the above, except the screwdriver (need to add it)…and make up totally saves my life on last minute high-end dinner party plans! GAHHH!
    Once my boyfriend forgot his keys in his really really old car after a really late night movie in the middle of nowhere and broke a window with his fist to get in and left me to deal with the bloodied punch-monster. I wiped my hands with the sanitizer, washed his hand with my water bottle, wiped the blood off with the wipes and wrapped the gash up with band-aid. Then I gave the shocked guy a cookie and he said ‘I LOVE YOU!’…obviously what would he do without me <3 lolll
    , P.S. Hermoine is totally awesome!

  15. thats so damn true. I usually end up finding money from weirdiest places.and esp when im not expecting.like from my books. Oh the joy <3

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