26 thoughts on “#153 Discovering you get free Internet here

  1. Freddo, where are you? As a long time reader of 1000 awesome things, I’ve come to enjoy your witty comments and rapport with the rest of the blog’s commenters. Where have you gone?

    1. I Know!
      i just did a quick check & his last post was back on number 170 on the 26th August..
      not that I’m a stalker or anything…. :|
      but maybe he is on holiday?

        1. Awwww.. thanks guys! You are super sweet!

          I’m back! Sorry I’ve been MIA.. I’ve definitely missed all the fun we have around here.. I let life get in the way, but I’m back now and will make sure I stick around for the home-stretch of the last 150 things! :)

            1. Thanks, Guys!

              And 1000awesomethings.com comment stalking is totally allowed..

              I mean, it’s not like that creepy stalking some people do to celebrities where you turn your entire bedroom into a shrine of Jacob from Twilight with lots of posters of him (and his abs) or anything.. uhhh.. or so I’ve heard..

  2. lol, that lemonade stand is awesome! They just need some leather armchairs and some round side tables, and they’ll be the next big thing.

    1. Sea-Tac Airport has free wifi. The airport in Atlanta doesn’t. Pensacola Regional Airport does. Oh, the things you learn when you travel.

  3. Totally not about today’s post, which is very cool anyway, but just wanted to say, I LOVE my calendar and can hardly wait ’til the new year to start using it! So now I have an AWESOME calendar to look forward to…which might slightly diminish the fear of the these ever lower numbers above the daily blog posts. In my best whiny voice, “Are we at 153 ALREADY?!”

  4. Hehe, funny how yesterday’s post is followed by the very technology whose ubiquity has brought about the rapid decline of the newspaper industry. Surely it was planned that way? Regardless, I love the irony :)

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