#141 Inspiring graduation speeches


We’ll miss you, Steve. Thank you for showing us the power of passion.

And thank you for being


Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

25 thoughts on “#141 Inspiring graduation speeches

  1. I’m not such a big user of Apple products, but this news just made me sad. I was just thinking yesterday how an Apple product launch won’t be the same again without him and now this… NOW it definitely is not the same anymore. The way he challenged so many things in the tech industry became synonymous to what innovation should be about and translated it into the everyday lives of people; he made what’s above the norm INTO the norm.

    Awesomely inspiring in many ways…

  2. whenever i get tired of doing the necessary but difficult stuff, i just read his speech and it just helps me bounce back up. Thank you, Steve.

  3. I gave a graduation speech just a few months ago. Made people cry. Now I’m at university and I think back about high school a lot. The last three years there were probably the happiest of my life so far, and I’m glad to say I enjoyed them to the fullest :]

  4. RIP, steve jobs. Your loss will be felt for many, MANY years to come. You were ans ARE an inspiration. Not only to innovators but cancer patience all aroud the world. We know you’re in a better place now.

  5. It’s a good thing Jobs never abused his cult-like following in any way. The man could have ordered his fans to do almost ANYTHING just to test their devotion.

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