24 thoughts on “#136 Finding something you lost years ago wedged in the couch cushions

  1. I had that happen to me ages ago. Thought I’d lost my house keys in the city, and 6 months later my step son felt something down the back of the recliner and pulled them out. I loved him even more that day :)

    1. That is exactly what happened to my fiancee! He lost his car/apartment key ring and we thought someone stole them from our front door… we turned our apartment upside down (including the couch) and 6 months later, our cat dropped a toy down the back of the couch and I reached in to get it and pulled out keys instead!

  2. Toys. There are always toys in our couch cushions. Sometimes the remote likes to hide in there too, but we figure out where it is almost as soon as its come up missing…not years later.

  3. How about finding someone whom you thought you lost forever. All the way, you believed that it might be possible, miracle can happen even though the whole world said it’s unlikely.

    1. I really believe in miracles!
      And where there is love involved even more!
      I am behind the light shining on yours coming true!
      Keep us posted?!* please…

  4. It’s funny when you find a chocolate Easter egg or a hunk of buttery popcorn that got away on you and it sure is fun when you find money!

  5. Cordless phone! And not just between the cushions, either, DEEP in the inner workings of the upholstery.

  6. Especially when it’s something you really cared about and have been looking for! That’s as exciting as finding a $20 bill in your jean pocket.

  7. This is where the jack knife goes to hide nearly every time it goes missing!!!
    Thank goodness it’s closed or finding it could be a real pain in the butt!

  8. Awesome things I’ve lost and found in my sofa cushions: Money, cell phone, keys

    Less awesome things I’ve found in my sofa cushions: chicken wing bones (I was in college and lived with slobs), a guinea pig (we were kids.. and we got it out within a few hours, with my dad having to turn over the sofa, and tear apart the underside of it, because it burried its way into the INSIDE of the sofa.. He wasn’t too pleased… my dad that is.. the guinea pig seamed to have a grand ol’ time..)

    1. LMAO!!! Guinea pic lost in couch?! Your post inspired me to do yesterday’s post: laugh out loud while alone. Thanks! :)

      1. I wish I were joking! Poor Elmo.. we thought we’d lost him for good and were going to have to throw out the couch.. (you know, because of the eventual smell and everything)..

        Luckily, my dad was able to tear away the liner at the bottom, and eventually find him nestled in amongst a bunch of the internal sofa foam cushions.

        It was a close call! :)

        Thankfully, most other things found lost in the couch are more AWESOME!

  9. We just lost our beloved dog, a crazy Springer Spaniel after 15 years, and unfortunately we won’t be finding her. But this reminded me of my favourite couch cushion story. I had left a fresh bag of buns on the counter and had to go out. When we returned home the bag was on the floor, and only a few crumbs remained of the buns. However, later that night as we relaxed and watched tv, the dog jumped onto the couch, stuck her head deep between the cushions and pulled out a nice fluffy bun. Not only did she enjoy that one, but there were several hidden in the couch. It was so comical and unexpected that we could barely scold her. She was awesome and will be sorely missed.

  10. Keys and remote controls! I can’t tell you how many times my farmer/husband lost one key or another – (why keep them loose in your pocket anyway) – out of his pocket and into the abyss of the sofa. Finding them after a dozen others have been made – AWESOME!

  11. I love your blog..people don’t understand how small things help people to not commit suicide,too..it’s so important to see everything God gave us

  12. I redid my room a few weeks ago and when I moved my mattress… TADA!!! a necklace that I lost 6 years ago when I last redecorated. I was all like, “oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-I-found-this-I-thought-I’d-never-see-it-again” in my happiest, most excited voice, it’s not like it’s a nice necklace, probably like 15 bucks, but it was insanely awesome :)

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