#133 Hibernation

What do you call a six-month nap?


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22 responses to “#133 Hibernation

  1. Laura

    You’re SO right! Hibernation is pretty phenomenal when you think about it. Thanks for making me think about it! :)

    • Freddo

      Now that I’ve thought about it some more (thanks to you and this post!), it also strikes me as a particularly satisfying way to diet..

      I try to imagine that I get to just have a fun time eating non-stop bacon and nutella for a few months, and realize that I put on a few pounds.. then, rather than going to the gym, or eating only leafy greens, I lay down for 6 months, and wake up skinny!

      Man, bears have it good..

  2. Despite the fact that it would likely try to kill me…

    …I REALLY wanna hug that bear.

  3. Black Bear

    ’tis divine…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. E.

    oh, I’d love to!

  5. I would like to do the same during this period of the year…I always want to sleep..

  6. Pallas Athena

    Its the only thing I have thought about for the last 2 weeks. If only I were a bear….. Thanks for making me feel less like a weirdo. lol

  7. wendy

    In the books, “The Circle of Stones”, by Judith Duerk and “Iron John”, by Robert Bly, humans do sort of hibernate in winter.
    Those attuned to this, start to feel the hunger and need, mid August.
    Ever notice your physical craving’s in autumn? Watch the animals behaviors and plants in nature changing, to see how cold or long winter may be? Touch the earth so the earth can touch you. When you stop to do so, you grow abilities to listen to your insight and knowing’s! You connect with personal needs; discover what is best for you, for restoration and rejuvination…to nurture and protect the spirit within! It’s a time for building primal goodness and YOU are prepared for, “THE REST!”


  8. jdurley

    This is my new favourite one-line awesome thing.

  9. Freddo

    Hibernation seems like a weird name to me.. Plus, it seems ripe for punning..

    What do you call a country where all the residents are all the ADHD kids from your third-grade class?

    What do you call an entire country composed of one of the longest rivers in Italy?

    What country should you visit when you need to feel more “regular”?

    A new country is founded in the mountains between the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.. what’s it called?

    Back in the late ’90s when everyone was getting excited about the “Information Super Highway” and the “World Wide Web”, what did we think our country was going to turn into?
    A Cybernation!

  10. Magda

    Fall and cooler weather signifies dating season! Sooo glad I didn’t cancel either of next week’s hot dates when it warmed up for like 7 minutes on the weekend. Let the bears sleep all through winter. I for one plan on making this the hottest winter on record! (personal record, of course) :)

  11. I miss hibernating. It was called university.

    (Hi Neil!)

  12. I was in a closet for years with agoraphobia so hibernation can be good or bad.Take a long at my blog and memoir “From Agoraphobia to Zen” I fight agoraphobia on a daily basis Aloha from the Hawaiian Islands.

  13. What about bathroom breaks?

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