#130 When someone you haven’t seen in a long time pops into your dreams

Welcome back, fourth grade classmate. We forgot you existed, boss from the burger joint. Thanks for coming back for a tea, Grandma.

Yes, life is full of twists and tunnels and old relationships sometimes disappear into the well. So when someone from your past makes a Cameo Dream appearance, just welcome them back with a smile and a snooze.


43 thoughts on “#130 When someone you haven’t seen in a long time pops into your dreams

  1. This actually happens to me a bit too often. Ussually a whole bunch of people from a whole bunch of different times would show up. Like, it’ll be my kindergarten, except people from grammer school, High School and College would be there…and it’s always that person you never really talked to that shows up…crazy

    1. What about the feeling of having a dream with those who have already gone. The feeling of hugging them just like before. That kind of feeling that gives you back all the good memories like that sincere and serene smile. Dream is an awesome thing, it can bring back good times as if they were happening now.

  2. It fanatasic if you liked the person, but there are some people you try to forget and the day proceeding a visit from that “uninvited friend” is usually not too fun. The idea that we actually remember childhood friends still makes me giddy, though haha.

  3. I once had a dream that I was making out with a lady I babysat for over 10yrs ago. So weird…like it’s scary how our mind works sometime. I wish I knew what that dream meant because it just grossed me out.

    1. I’ve had dreams where I made out with people it would be gross to make out with. I thought about what all those people had in common, and I realized they were all people I trusted. So now I tell myself that the making out was just symbolism for trust. Makes sense to me.

        1. The Dreamer’s dictionary, by Robinson and Corbett is my go-to when I need to better understand. It says, this sort of passion in a dream means someone very close to you will be successful or will have a win-fall:)

  4. Ahhh, this is brilliant. I’ve had quite a few dreams in my lifetime that have involved some pet cats that I have unfortunately lost.

    While these dreams are bittersweet, they are frequently awesome, because they often become the type of dreams where your Dreamself stops and suddenly realises, “Hey, this is a dream.” And suddenly, for just a few minutes, it feels like you’ve been given a second chance with a loved one.

    Dreaming about someone you haven’t seen in while is undoubtedly awesome. (:

  5. My best friend was just telling me the other day about a dream she had about a guy we went to high school with. Neither one of us has seen him in years. It was just so random.

  6. This is my favorite “awesome” yet. I love it when random people pop into your dreams! My dad passed away six years ago, and I love it when he makes his way into my dreams–I wake up smiling. :-)

    1. Yes! I hadn’t seen dad in my dreams for a long time, but he was there recently. My dad, who is from a big family of card players, passed 9 years ago. One of my favorite co-workers lost his brother suddenly and 2 days later I had a dream of my dad playing cards with a tall man with white hair who looked a lot like my co-worker. This was a friendly poker game with lots of laughter and beer. When I told him about it, he told me his brother LOVED to play cards. I think it was dad’s way of telling me to tell my friend his brother would be fine. It was awesome!

    2. I just lost my dad last year and he’s made his way into my dreams several times. His appearances are bittersweet, yet my most treasured of dreams…they reassure me he’s still with me in spirit. The first time, I cried so hard when I awoke because the dream seemed so real, it felt like he was physically present.

  7. When I dream of people from the far away past, I learn they have either just passed away or I see them within a week! Waiting for which is not fun.
    Dreams of friends and loved ones who are on the other side, are vividly beautiful in colour. We visit on a mountain top by waterfalling into a glacier fed stream. Sometimes there are tears on the pillow as we look at what was and is, while we sit making daisy chain crowns. Then we laugh, sing and dance before it’s time to part. I wake up smiling and for several days feel as though I’ve been truly touched by an angel 0=)

    1. Ya, me too. Whenever I dream of someone long lost, the next morning I find that they have passed away. It really scares the life our of me to dream of someone long lost.

      1. Yes, I too used to be very frightened, then I read 3 amazing books 1. “Unattended Sorrow”
        2. “The Holographic Universe”
        3. “Entering The Circle”
        since…I find comfort in a visit from a friend and loved one.
        *May you as well:)

    2. i had t respond to your comment because it happens too often to me. i had a friend whom a lot of people were under the impression he commited suicide, about a year later i had a dream where i was reliving a moment where we went to a concert as we used to. i have not seen this guy in almost four years and thought he was dead for a year of that, about three das after that dream i saw him in a grocery store. I also had a dream last night about an ex girlfriend who i havent seen in two years who lives in another state, i get up afterwards and go to church. I walked through the doors and i am stunned to see her, she is in the area looking for a home. is that concidence? am i meant for her? do i have some psychic powers that i am unaware of posssibly have more i can tap into? i dont know but there are things in this world that remain unexplained.

      1. Patrick, I’ve always been curious about these things because I see so much. At times so much more than I ever wished to that made me search to find comfort, some control and understanding.
        A dreamer’s dictionary, animal symbolism and a book by Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe”, have been helpful tools for me. And since you mentioned church, I’m guessing you have faith. Faith, is the one thing I know I can trust and will find clear answers in. Without coming off as preachy~ Keep faith and when it comes to love in question, move fast! hahahaha:)

  8. …more weird is, when u dream about someone u haven`t senn in a very long time, and then suddenly couple days later u run into him on a street. Coincidence? I don`t think so :)

  9. This is really awesome.. I sort of feel like it’s your mind’s way of telling you: “hey – you haven’t thought about this person in a really long time.. if you don’t think about them soon, we’re going to re-write over this memory with last night’s episode of Modern Family, or the latest menu special at the restaurant you ate lunch at last weekend.. so, this is your last reminder..”

    And then you dream about them, and it hits “reset” on the timer of when your brain will overwrite that memory, and it goes and finds something else to write over (inevitably some piece of information from some art history class you took in college, so when year’s later you go into a museum and see a particular painting, and you just stare at it blankly, knowing that once upon a time you actually knew something about this piece of art.. but now.. NOTHING..)

    It’s funny – the brain is a total mystery to me, but with lack of better understanding, my only functional analogy assumes that it 100% functions like a limited space hard-drive like the old computer I had in high school..

  10. I always dream about my grandmother’s house. I’d say about 90% of my dreams are set in my grandma’s house, doesn’t matter what the scenario is, all or part of the dream is set in my grandma’s house.
    But she is not really ever there.
    Then, suddenly, one day, she just pops into the dream, and it’s like she never left us. And I don’t fully appreciate it at first, but then, my brain gives me a little nudge to let me know it’s only a dream, and I better hug her quick while I can.
    It’s the most awesome feeling ever.

    1. I broke off with this guy over thirty something years ago and in October of last year his spirit just dropped into my spirit like ton of bricks for some reason and I can not understand the reason why. But I it did not break up with him because he had done me something , but I broke off with him to protect him from my mom, because I did not want her to go an tell untruths to my dad about him, I just would not be able to bare that for a second time. So I let fear take control and I broke off with him. Now he is on my mind every day that I awake . Would it be wrong if we just happen to see one another and we go some where to clear the air so that I can explain what I did and why I did it even though I am married ? I do not want to start nothing with him but I would like for him to know what I did and why I did it . He was good to me and his mom loved that we was together and she was very good to me. So is it wrong for me to want to see him and talked to him to tell him why I did what I did? I was already told by someone that he wants to talk to me and that he have a lot to say and that he have a lot of stuff he wants to tell me. His mother knew that I broke off with him an that I did it to protect him but I did not tell her that it was because of my mom, and I told her I just could not go into details about it an I let her know that know one was going to bodily harm to him are nothing so she understood. When I was in a bad way bad needed help his mother she was there for me. I just don’ t understand why after a lot of years his spirit just popped up into my spirit like ton of bricks , I just understand why this has happened to me. Awake saying no Lord why now ? What is it you trying to tell me Lord ? I was in a bad way when this first happened . His sister in on face book but she want accept my friend request, but the brother that I never met accept my friend request. Some how I feel that his sister she know that it is me accept that my last name has changed. But I would feel better if she would have accepted the friend request and in box me asking me how do I want her are why I asked her for a friend request.

  11. so totally awesome… and thankfully it happens all the time… I believe that when it does.. they are thinking of you at the very same time :~) waving hello across time and space.. totally awesome

  12. it is so awesome that i just had that again the day before you mentioned it! I think that is even more awesome! I think dreams are great indicators about life’s big questions and we should listen to the messages hidden in them…Awesome!

  13. I dreamed someone who I LOVE so much yesterday.But he is heading for
    L.A,today, so I guess he’ll pop into my dreams the long and meaningless time I couldn’t see him.

  14. This happened to me, literally, last night! And I have no idea why. I dreamt I was getting married to some random kid from fourth grade. Weird.

  15. I not only dream of my dad every now and then, I can smell him while I’m dreaming too. He smoked and wore powder and it was a unique smell.
    The first dream I had of him after he passed, I saw him shuffling about a cement-walled room in a hospital gown and blue booties. I asked him if he was ok and he said he was but that he was just a bit cold but told me not to worry about him.
    I have also dreamt of people I haven’t seen in ages only to see them in real life soon after. Those are cool.
    The dreams I find really weird are where I’m dreaming of people I’ve never
    seen before in my life. Where the heck do they come from? :)
    I would love to be able to review my dreams the next day. I’ve always wished there was someway to retrieve them. THAT would be really awesome.

    1. Sometimes I wish their was a way to retreive them while other times I wish I could erase them! Often its a person, place or thing trickled in from a passerby or a news broadcast I wasn’t fully consious of hearing in a supermarket or something…when aware I’d otherwise choose to filter…take what I like a rebuke the rest, so to speak! Now, apparently there is a really great way to do this and it’s called Bio feedback!

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