36 thoughts on “#126 When someone brings you a coffee just the way you like it

  1. …Except when you hate coffee. In which case, when someone brings you Milo/Hot Chocolate/Tea just the way you like it.

    I love when awesome things are interchangeable! :D

    1. That’s true, this is a good example of an awesome thing that’s applicable to any number of things. It’s more about the concept of having someone in your life who knows not only your exact tastes (be it a drink, food, clothes, etc.), but is also thoughtful enough to provide you with said “perfect” item! :D

      1. This is even more amazing when you go to visit a friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time, and they ask you, casual as they please, “Would you like a cup of tea? Milk, no sugar, right?”

        And you’re left there thinking about how awesome it is that they even REMEMBERED that! :D


    One of my best friends and I love riding around, drinking coffee. He and I have identical coffee tastes, so no matter whether one of us is making it at home, ordering it from a drive through, or delivering it to the other, there’s a guarantee of 100% coffee-preference-accuracy.

    1. I’m very iffy when it comes to someone else getting my coffee for me. Sometimes people here at work do coffee runs to Starbucks or the other local coffee place and I never tell them to get me anything. If it came back wrong, I wouldn’t have the heart to tell them.

  3. I had a boss who’d do this for me randomly, usually if I worked an early shift and he worked the late. He was such a nice guy, the present boss could learn from him :)

  4. Is a love language~ a platinum friendship~ and beyond, to those in the coffee growing countries, who made the experience all possible~Godliness even…for which I am TRULY grateful!

  5. I don’t think anyone knows how I like my coffee. I’m very picky when it comes to my caffeine. I like just enough cream to make it change color and a good bit of sugar.
    Now…when I head over to Starbucks, my main drink is a Cafe Mocha and they know how I like it there. Unless its a new person and then I gotta tell them a few times before they remember. EXTRA CHOCOLATE!

  6. ALWAYS better in gift form~ can be seen, felt and even injested too, which becomes a part of growing beautiful morals, ethics and even YOU!
    VERY thoughtful, indeed:)

                  1. Mary, where are you? You start something you have to finish it!
                    I want to know what an umbrella coffee is?!:)

  7. I <3 coffee. i have become incredibly UN-picky as to how my coffee comes, just so i can have the fun of people bringing me coffee the way I like it more often. but my preference is cream & splenda, and always more splenda than cream (1 cream 2 splenda, or 2 cream 4 splenda for a BIG coffee) – in case any of you are planning a surprise caffeine visit!

  8. This is an awesome post. You could be the receiver or the bringer of coffee! This is the equivalent of someone paying your bridge toll! There are days when you are feeling blue or know someone that is feeling blue.. This could absolutely make their day and/or yours for just being thoughtful! We need more of that these days! YAY! for putting this down! :)

  9. The best part about this is that my girlfriend brought me coffee today. She put in her little Crayola thermos and drove it over to me. It’s a nice little hazelnut vanilla coffee.

  10. Have you ever noticed how coffee descriptions often offer hilarious potential for a flirtatious undercurrent? “I’ll have the tall, bold please.”
    (stifle a grin)

    1. Magda~ “with a wink of an eye” have you ever noticed when you’re “in the mood for a melody”, nearly everything has this undertone? You oughta’ hear the jargon of trades-people! Sometimes I find myself giggling like a little girl over names of bits, parts, tools; how it’s said they fit and by law rules!! “Don’t fight it!”

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