#123 When someone in a movie gets hit in the head or crotch

Did you grow up with funny home video clips on TV?

I remember lying on my stomach in front of the TV with my face in my hands laughing out loud at Bob Saget’s fuzzy scenes and high-pitched voiceovers. My cousins and I would start rolling till tears streamed down our cheeks as cats fell off TVs, kiddie pools exploded, and old people’s pants fell down on the dance floor. Of course, when you took away those clips it was pretty much just a giant compilation of people getting nailed in the face by basketballs and smacked in the crotch by their hockey-stick-wielding toddlers.

And for some reason there’s just something universally funny about seeing someone on TV or in a movie get hit in the head or crotch. The absurdity of the situation gives us the nervous laughs, the surprise laughs, or maybe just a I’m-glad-that-didn’t-happen-to-me.



22 thoughts on “#123 When someone in a movie gets hit in the head or crotch

  1. I’ve decided that people getting hit or falling is ONLY not funny if someone is seriously injured. If you’re only slightly hurt all bets are off and I shall laugh at you. When I get hit I normally can’t breathe from laughing so hard at myself.

    1. I agree – I hate seeing old people falling over and hurting themselves, or little children crying when they get hit on the head.

      But Neil’s examples are some of the better Funniest Home Videos clips. :)

      (Specially the cat – animals clips are almost always the greatest!)

  2. My daughter calls it ‘fall down’ instead of America’s Funniest Videos… because well…there’s always someone falling down.
    Its always funny until someone really gets hurt.

      1. That’s what I thought! But then I heard/saw he asked only women…. and that explained at least part of it. Still not sure I could do it myself, I did “get a kick out of it”!

      1. All’s I can say is, “Ya, but, this guy asked for it! In which case I can HOL
        (that’s is to hackle out loud) :)

        1. Both hurt alot! But I’d have to say the personals hurt the most.
          Why on earth would anybody in their right mind do this: He must have got hit hard in the head one too many times;) He is really “NUTS”!

  3. A couple years ago when feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I began watching old AFV reruns almost every night. Being able to laugh out loud was such a welcome and awesome pick-me-up!

  4. This happened in Johnny English: Reborn. [SPOILER ALERT] His hands were busy trying to free something and the bad guy decides to kick him there. He doesn’t flinch because of his previous monk training. The vehicle they are in shakes around and the bad guy has to hold on to something to stop from falling out of the door to his death so English kicks him (In the opposite side, if I remember) and he rolls around. He manages to get off and fires a missile at the vehicle and blows it to bits (along with the bad guy). [SPOILER END]

    1. lol. Go Johnny! I love it when this happens in movies because if someone doesn’t take a stand, where will it stop?

  5. The crotch tends to heal but the head not so much, so I can laugh at one better than the other. Still not sure either are awesome.

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