#113 Doing your thing

I am a terrible baseball player.

When I was in Little League we got to use aluminum bats but they were too heavy for my spaghetti-noodle arms to swing properly. Opponents caught on to my weakness pretty quick and I would stand there in my gray Velcro sneakers watching three straight fastballs fly through the strike zone before trudging back to the dugout like some sort of Guaranteed Strikeout Ghost.

And you know, I’m terrible at basketball, terrible at driving, and pretty terrible at cooking too.

But life ain’t about any of that because it’s just about doing your thing.

Yes, I say whatever your thing is… well that’s what you should do. Because whatever you’re pretty good at… that’s what makes you you.

Thank you so much for letting me do my thing by chatting about awesome things every day with you.

Today The Book of (Holiday) Awesome hits stands around North America and our AWESOME movement pushes forward in a knock-em-out streetfight against all the negativity, cynicism, and bad news out there.

I say today’s our day to do our thing and keep on moving.

Today’s our day to be


Woo hoo!!! The Book of (Holiday) Awesome hits stands today! Get it sent to wherever you are in the world from Indigo, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble!


56 thoughts on “#113 Doing your thing

  1. I just stumbled upon this video today while searching TED.com for something inspirational. This was it. I can’t believe I was only introduced to this “awesome movement” TODAY. Where have I been? I’ve been working actively to “embrace simplicity” lately. This site does just that to remind us to “see” the beauty in every day life. Thanks!!

      1. Yup! Get started – you’ve just got 887 posts, and now three books and a calendar to get caught up on.. not to mention all the awesome blog comments!

        Check back in soon and let us know how your progress is going! :)

        It’s going to be AWESOME – we guarantee it!

  2. I like that life is just about doing our thing. That’s cool. Respectfully, I wonder if what makes us might be more than ‘what we’re good at.’ Admittedly, I’m only saying this because I’m not that good at many things, but, really, that doesn’t define me because I love and can appreciate everything in the world itself! I’d forgotten that. It’s that beauty and joy fill me up just the same.

    1. I think that what he wants to say is that we try many things that we don’t like but when we do something that make us be passionate about that… then we just have a great awesome time… because what if we do what we love it is enoght

  3. Neil — Excellent TED talk! I knew some of your history from the blog, but not all. Thank you so much for sharing your story and congratulations on your well-deserved book, blog and now public speaking success. And thanks for getting us to let our inner three-year old out. Well done.

  4. Really, I believe WE should be thanking YOU for doing your thing. So thank you! Thank you for “being terrible” at those other things and having THIS be your thing. We are lucky that you are so talented! I’m so excited that The Book of (Holiday) Awesome comes out today — even though I pre-ordered and will have to WAIT to get my copy!

    You’re such an inspiration.

    1. So, I’d probably make you a teensy bit jealous if I told you that I got my PERSONALIZED AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of The Book of (Holiday) Awesome last night at the book launch in Toronto, no? We actually talked about how it was too bad that everyone from the blog couldn’t be there. But I love how this blog has brought together people from all over the place. Besides, we still have our meet-up at Freddo’s place, right??

      And I couldn’t agree with you more about our luck, and Neil’s talent. Thank you Neil!

          1. There was a signing at Chapter’s in Vancouver?! Why did I not hear about this? I’m from the Fraser Valley… I totally could have been there :(

          1. Wow – sounds like a pretty awesome time! I’m definitely MEGA jealous that I didn’t get a chance to join in all the fun..

            However, I’ve got my copies of the new book arriving today (thank you Amazon’s “day of release date delivery”!). Can’t wait to open up the pages and start reading as soon as I get home from work.

            What a fun thing to look forward to at the end of a long work day.. :)

                1. I will do my best to have the- Awareness~
                  Permitting weather’s- Attitude~
                  Be there with- Authenticity~
                  (holds hand on heart)-Awesome honour!

            1. Yes! FINALLY found you Freddo! We were having our family Christmas lunch yesterday and my auntie brought Nigella’s chocolate mousse- made with Nutella and marshmallows <3 yummmm, and I just wanted to tell you :) Ok, sorry it's like completely unelated but yeah this is the first post I've found with you commenting for ages. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

      1. If by teensy you meant the most gargantuan amount of jealous … then yes. I am a teensy bit jealous. HMPH. ;)

        Next book launch, I’m going to mail you a shirt with my face, name, and square on it. I will request that you wear it, get me a signed book, and take a picture with Neil. That’s cool, right?

        But I guess if that somehow falls through, though I can’t imagine how it could, you’re right — we still have the rendezvous at Freddo’s. YAY!

  5. Hey Neil, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work. :) I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and it means quite a lot. Thank you! :) *LETS INNER 3 YEAR OLD RUN FREE* :D

  6. Neil, you are such an inspiring and modest person. thanks for sharing this TED talk with us. very touching words. i will try to remember this in the near future…about being “the authentic you” :)

  7. Oh so true! You can spend a lifetime trying to improve on your weaknesses, or you can celebrate your strengths! Best learning experience I had was in a job that I hated. I am thankful that I now know more about what I don’t like to do. Keeps me focused doing the things I love and am good at.

    Do your thing! It’s guaranteed to be more fun and more rewarding.

    …and Thanks Neil!!!

  8. Good luck on leading the “Awesome Movement”!
    People seem to gravitate towards your work and that must be a great feeling. Keep moving forward!

  9. I think you’ve done pretty well for yourself, Neil. I read this a few years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it, “You should never compare one of your worst features to someone’s best features”. I’ve always thought of physical characteristics until today. Now I think it applies to all aspects of life.

  10. The date was December 31st., 2010. I’d been on a mission, since I was 3. I had read a library; was tired of and getting confused by guidance books. I prayed hard for a star of wonder, crystal clear and bright, for to begin a new year of *living*!
    *There you were~ featured in a Reader’s Digest~ destiny!*
    Once home, I watched the TEDx above- 3 A’s. 3 years of age. Naturally! And now you were giving me permission to be the best authentic me I could be, which was all I needed to be. Free. Live!
    I rarely went on the internet. I never really knew what a blog was.
    Jan. 1st. 2011, I found your blog. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for, but it felt aligned. I’d not a clue how huge this community or movement was. Nor how busy you were!
    This I do know~ #340~ “Feel it in your bones”, took hold of my soul.
    *I say, Soul is home, so it best be a haven.*
    Not all dreams can be dreamy, however; reality can be brilliant and beautiful!
    Thank you for being you! An authentic shining star, Neil.
    “per-um-pum-pum-pum” :)

  11. This made my day! I just got through giving a class presentation which are very much not my thing, and this post reminded me that that’s okay because there are other things that I can do well, and of course no one is good at everything.

  12. Thank you so much Neil for every awesome thing you do. You are loved greatly by many people around the world for your 1000 awesome things as well as your books and calendar and you deserve all the happiness that this brings you! I love your TED talk. You are such an inspiration. At school, when we had to make a poster about who our role model in life is, I did a poster about you! Is there a way I can send it to you? Thank you again for doing your thing. SMILE!!!

  13. Wow. I was on the lululemon website and saw the awesome title and was curious. Looking for a little awesome-ness and inspiration myself. Loved what he had to say and he said it well and with some humor…love that. Thank you for the laughs :-)

  14. I still haven’t found what my ‘thing’ is :( But I hope I will soon.
    But thanks for reminding me that even if I haven’t, I’m still awesome :) And you are too!

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