#112 When the score’s tied up near the end of the game

Are you a fourth quarter fan?

Those are the folks who flip the game on with five minutes left to catch the big finish. When it’s a lopsided score they shut it off but when it’s all tied up they think “Good thing I didn’t waste two hours watching everything until now!”

When the score’s tied up near the end of the game it’s time to get ready for the edge-of-your-seat rush.

It all comes down to this.


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16 thoughts on “#112 When the score’s tied up near the end of the game

  1. There is a limitation to this particular awesome thing. This summer we went to a game at our local minor league stadium, and the teams went back and forth for a fun seven innings, at which point they were tied 7-7. This was certainly getting exciting. The tension was building as the eighth inning passed with no runs. Then the ninth inning came and… still no change… …………………………………….
    Hours later, in the bottom of the FOURTEENTH, the home team finally scored a point and the cheers of victory were nearly drowned out by the collective sigh of relief from both spectators and players alike.

  2. Did anyone watch game six of the World Series this year? Anyone?? Ohhh, it was good. :D Definitely awesome!

  3. Equally awesome is watching the entire game of one that turns out to be epic! Especially if the whole game was like the last 5 minutes and hotly contested.

  4. Hey man, I saw your little spiel at OSLC this past sunday and I loved it. That’s how I found out about this blog and it is, as you put it, AWESOME. Can’t wait for number one! P.S. You should follow my wordpress blog, it’s called “This Guys Got Nif3 Skilz” and is also AWESOME.

  5. This is why I love the NCAA March Madness tournament! There are always so many games that come right down to the buzzer.

  6. I am definitely this type of fan. If it’s a team I love to follow (Kansas Jayhawks) then I would enjoy to watch the entire game. If it’s two teams I am not any type of fan of or don’t know much about I only care about it being a close game and especially towards the end as it gets more exciting. Even if it’s one of the teams I’m a fan of the end is really the only important part and if it’s close all the better, especially if it’s a win!

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