28 thoughts on “#110 A perfectly executed clean twist of an Oreo cookie

  1. I love oreos but i hate when the black cookie gets stuck in my teeth…oh yeah and those cakesters are awesome its like a zebra sugar cake!

    1. That is definitely the only bad thing about Oreos. You almost have to eat them alone, or at least share them with another person so they’ll have icky black stuff in their teeth, too.

    1. Ya know, I’m pretty sure that if more world leaders followed your resolve this world would be a lot better place! Imagine, Oreo twist time in the oval office!

  2. I’ve already twisted and eaten entire rows of Oreos straight from the pack in an attempt to get the perfectly clean twist off. If it’s not the perfect twist, then it gets dunked in resignation. If it does twist perfectly, resulting in 1/2 cookie with no cream and 1/2 with a perfectly round slice of cream filling, then NO dunking. It must be eaten dry and savored for the experience it is! I spent many an afterschool watching TV while perfecting my twist. Ooooh, then there’s the delicious Oreo mud in the bottom of the glass of milk to be enjoyed at the end… dessert’s dessert!

    Yeah, the chocolate cookie gets in my teeth, but that leads to another awesome: picking the black cookie out of my teeth and feeling that AHHHH when the chocolaty bits come out!

    1. Sometimes I just get into them whole, but I’m apparently a weird person who prefers the biscuit part over the cream part, so I twist it, eat the cream quickly, and then savour that chocolate biscuity goodness. Yum!

    2. I don’t take them apart, either. I like the combination of cookie and filling better than either one by itself.

  3. I love it when this happens! Here’s another awesome thing. When you get a new computer and you keep automatically getting a high score when you play pinball.

  4. Can someone please tell me when they decided to stop selling the peanut butter oreos in Canada?! They are my favourite, and for the past 3 years, whenever I wander through a grocery store, I go on a hunt for them. When I was in Florida recently, I got a whole box and consumed them within a day. Yuuuuum :)

      1. YOU CAN BUY OREOS ONLINE?! How did I not know about this before?!?!?! Officially the best day of my life. Aaaaaaawesooooooome :D

  5. Mmmm. I love cookies. Those chocolaty mint girl guide cookies are among my favorite, but most of the time I bake them fresh. They just taste so good coming out of a warm oven on a cold day. In fact, I baked some just last week, so I’m confident that I very definitely have my cookies. :)

  6. There have been some very disturbing things around here lately! My Beatles Girl wants to, “Twist and Shout” about it! *Fair enough.*
    People please keep it clean. Follow this lead. THIS could very well be the ticket to perfection! Among cookie twisting and many splendid things…
    Recorded at the Great Bite Cookie station:

  7. I was just going to ask Freddo how it came to be that he was the very first commenter ever on Awesome? Before using this term I searched to define and this ad popped up with a *twist of fate:
    And so, how did it come to be Freddo, if you will please tell us so…PLEASE!

  8. “do you know exactly how to eat and ogre,
    how to do it?
    you unscrew it,

    A kid’ll eat the middle of an ore first,
    and save the chocolate, chewy outside for last”

  9. I do that every time and it somes out juuussstt perfect! :)
    Still an AWESOME feeling every time..!

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