#107 Getting away with putting three desserts on your plate

It’s time to fill your plate with two kinds of pie, Grandma’s homemade squares, a few scattered pieces of fruit, and a big swirl of whipped cream over everything.

Nobody will judge you on Thanksgiving.

Just make sure you use the big plate.


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32 thoughts on “#107 Getting away with putting three desserts on your plate

        1. All kidding aside. Jdurley, if you are who I think you are :), it would be lovely to catch up with you over a pint, and purposeful too.

    1. I do that sometimes, when there’s a holiday in England or America, but not Canada. I use the excuse that it’s a holiday SOMEWHERE, so I may as well celebrate it. The only one who probably won’t believe me is my boss, though :(

  1. The main reason I love this is because those plates remind me of the carefree Thanksgivings we used to have. My mom had that set for years and I recently found a new, un-opened box in storage. AWESOME.

    1. My mom still has a lot of this set, and we do use it for Thanksgiving! The dinner plates are quite large!

  2. I remember the first Thanksgiving my husband spent at my dad’s and stepmom’s house. She asked him if he wanted pecan pie or apple pie. He kept saying, “Yes” – meaning he wanted both. It took her awhile to figure it out. Now she just gives him one of every desert that’s being offered.

    Dani – my stepmom has those plates. They’ve lasted through many years and 4 kids. Awesome!

  3. Aww. This is even more awesome because we have that exact Corelle set! :D

    Hmm. In Trinidad three desserts is nothing! Especially holiday time!! :D

  4. I have these plates! My parents received the set as a wedding present in the late 70’s, and am using them now in my first apartment. I’ve never seen them anywhere else, so it was a really cool surprise to see them here!

  5. Seeing the plates you grew up with (and which you inherited when you moved out so you’re still using them as a grown-up) in a stranger’s picture on the internet– AWESOME!

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