#106 Finally unsubscribing from that annoying email you’ve been getting forever

Let freedom ring from the felt-covered walls of cubicle farms. Let freedom ring from the dimly lit university dorms. Let freedom ring from cell phones at the back of the train. Let freedom ring from laptops at the back of the plane. But not only that — let freedom ring from daily coupon deals! Let freedom ring fromĀ weekly donation appeals! Let freedom ring from alumni sponsorship requests! And let freedom ring from random marketing contests!

And when this happens, when we let freedom ring, let’s all join hands and sing “Free at last! Free at last! Look at this empty inbox, we are free at last!”


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34 thoughts on “#106 Finally unsubscribing from that annoying email you’ve been getting forever

  1. If you’re preparing us for the inevitable I’ve just one thing to say…
    ble, ble, ble, ble, blech to that!

    and how thoughtful you are…thank you:)

    1. while back-pedalling: this is presently still one of the farthest things from annoying on earth, so of course Sincerely*****SUBSCRIBE=D*****

    1. I know the feeling. It seems like 2 seconds after I delete one of these emails I ask myself “why didn’t I unsubscribe?”. I always say “next time”.

  2. YES! Every time I check my email on my phone I always kick myself for not going on my computer to sweep and block…and then wonder why the heck I signed up to begin with.


    1. I’m the same – half the time I can never remember what drove me to subscribe in the first place!

      Usually I put it down to a competition of some sorts, where subscribing for three months is part of the entry… and then, three months later, I’ve forgotten all about it and just let the emails keep rolling in…

  3. After weeks, months – sometimes YEARS – of repeatedly and tirelessly hitting delete without having read anything more than the sender’s name, only one question comes to mind when I finally open the email, scroll to the bottom, and click “unsubscribe”:

    Why didn’t I do this sooner??


      1. Since my body won’t let me drink beers, I can be found drowning in tears, sometime in April…or so I heard “that guy” figures!
        *Just for today~Breathing sigh of relief…thanks you:)

        p.s.Heard you making pint plans in the east! Thought you were a westerner? Or was that just your nana?

          1. ? I’d be dancing on table-tops to tunes such as Avril’s and Hawksley’s!
            Springsteen’s, Pink Floyd’s and Zepplin’s. Pretty sure those kind of intergenerational dance places still exist! Besides, with awesome-mates “by my side~holding on~”, I could really get down! Just saying;)

            1. I’ll be right up there on the table beside you Wends. We can make it an *awesome* party! Who else want to join us? :)

                1. *Sliding in to say…WOO-HOO!
                  Certain there’ll be millions others:)
                  Did you know we’re assisting the counter? It’s all good. We shan’t have our hands slapped!
                  *prims self; “Wends” refined;)

                  1. The counter? Yes, I see exactly what is happening. And I trust you as a friend who I love, to walk with me just the same.

                  1. Well, Magda, I think you got the only avatar miracle full of kisses and hugs!
                    You really are awe-mazing!!
                    I was able to come close~some kisses and arrows~ and I’m still blue! Yippee, my party dress will still do!
                    Hope the moon brings you a Leonard Cohen, “Dance to the end of love”…soon <3

  4. My residence application for university got waitlisted almost as soon as I applied in June and every week since then I’ve been getting “weekly waitlist updates” that basically just say “Log in to see how far down on the waitlist you are now!” I accepted long ago that I wouldn’t get in and have been waiting for them to give up and refund my depsoit, so I just delete their emails without even opening them. Thismorning I was quickly checking my email and saw yet another email from student housing. When I clicked on it, though, it was a residence offer! No more super early mornings or long, unproductive train and bus rides or worrying about the transit strike or having nowhere to go during breaks or thinking “If I was in res I could have finished this ages ago!” So every once in a blue moon, sticking out those annoying emails can actually lead to something even more awesome than the satisfaction of unsubscribing.

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