#105 The Echo Meal

The Echo Meal is any perfectly recreated plate of turkey, veggies, stuffing, and pie made from all the leftovers from yesterday’s pig-out. Microwaved brussels sprouts, steamed turkey chunks, and stirred up gravy all combine into a perfect follow-up to the feast.


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19 thoughts on “#105 The Echo Meal

  1. I love your explaination of leftovers – the ‘echo meal’
    haha love it!
    although we dont celebrate thanksgiving down here – I still love a good left over from chrissy & easter!

  2. The echo/identical re-creation iz often better than the first becuz the sea-zoningz have had more time to fuze into flavorful distinction.
    Favorite conversionz at our house are sandwiches and turkey a la’ king!
    And one great divide to alwayz remember iz~ the wish bone!
    Where there’s food on the table, a roof over head and love in heartz for one another it’s no erroneous zone. Farts and z’s the same. We are one.
    It’s all very lollapalooza=D

  3. It’s always problematic when the leftovers start running out disproportionately: someone ate the last roll, there’s way too much dressing left, we pitched the cranberry sauce yesterday, etc. I guess I can’t count on a perfect echo meal this season. *sigh* Maybe at Christmas. :)

    1. What? “Way too much dressing left”??? What universe do you live in Laura? There is never, ever, any dressing leftover at any holiday meal I’ve been too…

      But to your greater point, yeah, it’s hard to make the leftovers last proportionally. Who made this stupid turnip puff anyway?

      1. HA! I guess I should have clarified that my mom, for the last few years, has made like … a triple batch of it because there was always the issue of not enough left at the end of the meal. I mean we’re talking a couple huge casserole dishes of the stuff. It’s an insane amount of dressing. But it pleases the masses, especially come echo-meal time!

        1. So true! We always run out of gravy first…booohooo! Have to admit, though, this forces one and all to be creative when hitting the leftovers. No gravy? No problem! Just smear the cranberry sauce on a rather large, flat piece of turkey, top it with dressing, then roll it up like a wrap and voila! Yum!

  4. My echo meal consists solely of stuffing. We make plenty for the big dinner, but hope and pray no one eats too much of it so we can bring it back home to eat for days to come. Stuffing fried in butter in a saute pan gets all crusty and delicious and OMG is this legal?

    1. Terrific opening to a movie! Now, methinks I’ll put the dvd in and put up my feet for a relaxing Sunday watch! Thanks!

  5. I didn’t take home any leftovers this year. One year, though, when we move and get a house and I have enough room in the kitchen, I will be the one who makes Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for the entire family, and I will have the leftovers!!

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