#101 The first ten seconds after you turn out the lights and wiggle yourself into a good sleeping position

Wrap the blankets around you like a mummy, squish your pillow like you’re beating it up, wedge your arm under your head and all over the place, twist and freeze-frame your legs like you’re a chalk drawing, and then when you’re finally done twisting and turning into position… breathe a sigh of relief and feel your body unclench and slowly sink into a beautifully long night of


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40 thoughts on “#101 The first ten seconds after you turn out the lights and wiggle yourself into a good sleeping position

  1. And what’s really awesome is when you are comfortable enough to fall asleep in any position and don’t need to fuss around and roll around for like 20 minutes. Just lay in bed and reeeelaaaaxxxxxxxxxx!!!!! :D


    Ok, maybe not EVER, but close. I always fall asleep seriously like … less than one minute after laying down, so this is so perfect. Those first few seconds are complete bliss, especially now that it’s flannel sheet season. :D

  3. oh man,
    I feel like going straight to bed right now…
    too bad I’m still at work & still gotta catch the train, drive home, cook dinner, clean & shower all before that…

    either that, or I just take a snooze right here on my desk…

  4. This would be perfect if it weren’t summer here! I love snuggling in and getting comfy in winter. BUT ROIGHT NOW IN ‘STRALIA IT’S FARGGIN HAWT MAAAATE. Sadface.

      1. Any time. Tbh, over time, after graduating from highschool and working at a radio station, my language has become slacker and more okka… You would think it’d be the opposite buuuut… Eeeyeeaaah… No. =P

        1. hahahaha, I LOVE IT!
          good work lizzie!
          I think we must be the only country who says ‘yeah, nah’ all the time.
          does it even make sence to the americans?

    1. Pfff! Luckily it’s finals-prep week, you mean, because that means it’ll all be over and done with soon and you can enjoy your Christmas and bedtime worry-wart free. Joohoo!

  5. BEST :D
    Especially since I`m a total user and place my cat at the end of my bed so by the time I go to bed, the spot where my toes go is warm x)

  6. Falling asleep isn’t much of an awesome feeling for me, always need a longer period to fall asleep! I like it better when I wake up in the middle of the night and I know that I can go back to sleep for a couple of hours… that’s midnight AWESOME :-)!!
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  7. While positioning perfectly for the count, sometimes I’ve wondered how it is, so very useful limbs could feel so in the way! I feel like I imagine an octopus would feel, when taken from its natural habitat, free dancing in the ocean and then tanked for an aquarium! Now, thanks to your handing me another tool and canvas, *I’ll take the chalk*, a brush and pallet… paint a pretty picture and swim on in for sweet dreams:)
    *I LOVE the photo today!

    1. Not only limbs, but boobs! I wish I could take them off when I went to bed because they always get in the way.

  8. Absolutely! I love this feeling. So comfy, so great, so awesome.
    I’m loving that picture of the little kid slumped over sleeping!

    1. DEAR GOD!!! DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED! I’m like the possum…and Avril’s song~ holding on~ while letting go… BAWAAAAAAAA!

  9. this is made even more awesome for me, as I have a microwavable monkey. it has a packet in it that you can heat up and stick back inside the stuffed monkey, so when you hug the monkey it’s so warm and toasty…

  10. Remember to say your prayers and you will rest well as the little ones in the photo…
    Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Guide me safely through the night and wake me to the morning’s light!~Amen

  11. Aww such a sweet prayer! I gotta remeber that and yes i know its almost 11pm but im so busy this is the only free time i have :(

  12. I love it when tiredness suddenly hits you, and you know you really need to sleep. Then you start looking for that largest and furriest teddy bear to curl and cuddle and snuggle your weariness away… LOVE IT =)

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    Thanks to 1,000 Awesome Things as I’m always about awesome and just found that they have a new book. Thank you also for #101 as it has a picture of a sleeping child, It is absolutely awesome when my kids finally fall asleep!

  14. It just so sad that little kids can do this. I used to be able to do this so well in the car on long family trips….I have the pictures to prove it! I miss being able to get comfortable in a weird position and not having to reap the problems I now get, pulled muscles and kinked neck. Oh to be younger again! lol

    1. I whole heartedly agree! To be able to sleep as soundlessly as a kid… Ah, those were the days. I do believe my parents have a wonderful story up their sleeve for my 21st of when I fell asleep in my bowl of spaghetti that one time…

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