#99 Getting the keys to your first apartment

Welcome to the throne.

For years you toiled as a lowly pauper under the rule of another castle. Sure, maybe the leaders of your old kingdom ruled with a fair hand but there were times your ideas and their ideas clashed. They wanted quiet, you wanted a pet jester, they wanted curfews, you wanted courtyard parties, they wanted bunk beds in the barracks, you wanted your own tower.

Now you’ve moved out and got yourself your own place. Sure, the moat’s in rough shape and the stables are a writeoff, but at least it reflects your personality and your taste. You’ve got a new responsibility and can do anything you want: put purple tapestries¬†on the stone walls, hold court with new boyfriends, or skip the castle kitchen to go out for turkey drumsticks and a few glasses of mead.

Long live the king. Long live the queen.

Long live your new kingdom of


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23 thoughts on “#99 Getting the keys to your first apartment


    This was definitely awesome. I had a teasing, transitionary period in between, though: dorm keys. Almost like living on your own, but … not.

    Getting the first apartment keys with my three roommates at the time felt so great! We felt grown up and awesome. And our castle was BRAND NEW! We were lucky — first ones to live there, ever.

  2. I have yet to been awesomefied by this experience. I shall look forward to it.

    In other news, OH MY FREAKING GOD WE’RE AT 99!

    This makes me happy and sad at the same time.

    Which makes me hungry… *munch munch*

  3. Getting keys to new place :) it is just wonderful, especially when u have someone who is your love.

    Got my keys 2 years ago and happily married :)

    99 :(

  4. I still remembered – I moved into my own apartment when there is only 1 computer table + a bed + a small wardrobe (Not evening a dining table). Half a year passed and now my home’s fully furnished into my haven of solace. Woot Woot. How time flies.

    It feels AWESOME!

  5. I’ve got a while before I can feel this awesomeness, I’m still in a dorm. Close, but no cigar!

    Double Digits!!! Whoo!!!

  6. :-( NOOOOO!!!! I don’t want it to be #99.

    I don’t actually remember getting the keys to my first apartment, but… I still have them. I never returned all the keys I had. They have since replaced the door. It was in need of a new door. So, I can’t get in the place, but I still have the keys. Its nice.
    My ex step dad lives beside my first place and my mom use to live in my old place. I got to visit it when mom was in there. Now, I just get to look at the new door from across the hall.

  7. ~Whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me *Star-man*~
    When I was *young*, pauper peers and I snuck out to our first concert EVER~ David Bowie’s, Ziggy Stardust tour! We hopped a coach said, “Driver~ Pacific Colliseum~ promptly, PLEASE!”
    *Free for the eve! The Hazy Cosmic Time*, made the inevitable penance, punishment and imprisonment-grounding, all more bearable now!
    Every time since, that I have moved, (which is A LOT), the key-s-tone allegiance, hand in hand with stylus; ritualistic happy-free dance; the pledge is blasted and belted out, while the instrumental keys ring out,
    “Let the children boogie!”

    1. The last home we designed, constructed and lived in was like a fun house, with a tower, (aka. turret), and a suspension bridge~ *inside*=D

  8. Getting the keys to my first apartment was really special for me because the house I grew up in had combination locks, so I had never even used a house key before. Awesome!

  9. I have an awesome friend called Kathy, i text her every day with la new awesome things, haha agus it was only last week we decided we’re gonna live with each other when we’re older, so can’t wait until #99 happens to me :D

  10. Awesome indeed! I had some bad roommates and I had some good roommates but still, I love having my own place…even though I made the choice of adopting a cat to share my home with me. No regrets! He’s awesome =)

    99…makes me kinda anxious…

  11. I just did this in August :) I’ve lived in apartments for years, but always with roomies, and now FINALLY i’m out on my own, and it’s been fabulous!! I still smile every time i pull out my key and think about going home to MY apartment. So much love.

  12. Hi Neil, first of all I would like to tell you that I’m so excited to e-meet you. I’ve read your first two books, The Book of Awesome and The Book of (Even More) Awesome, and I loved-loved-loved them! Thank you for these wonderful books! And now I am looking forward to your Holiday Book of Awesome!
    Well, as to this particular awesome thing, getting keys to your new apartment, isn’t it truly awesome? :) I just moved into my new house (my first home) less than two weeks ago, and it really was amazing when I entered my lawyer’s office and got the key from my house, with a “Congratulations!” key chain attached to it. :))) I lived in rented apartments/houses by now, but now it’s MY OWN PLACE! Awesome!

    Victoria from Toronto.

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