#97 When someone takes care of you when you’re sick


The Book of Awesome is now out in Brazil! (And it’s still #1 on the bestseller list — 20 months later!) Check out the trailer below.


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26 responses to “#97 When someone takes care of you when you’re sick

  1. Even better is when someone takes care of you because you’re sad, had a bad day, or just because.

    All the love, none of the illness. (:

    • Yes :) I’m grateful for the meals my sister, mother, nonna and grandmother cooked me . Especially now that I cook for myself! But there’s nothing like a lovely home-made soup, whatever kind (pumpkin and chicken are my favs), it always helped with an illness, bad day, rainy day, cold day or just because! Bellissimo!

  2. wendy

    ~ See the HALO…they are an earth angel…no doubt about it; for sure!

  3. Furqan

    Did this come to anyone else’s mind when reading this:

    Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little ball of fur. Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, purr purr purr. :)

  4. Paloma (Brasil)

    Awesome when you have someone to take care of you =)

    I will get this book asap!

  5. Nahid

    This is totally awesome. I had the stomach flu a couple weeks ago and am not anywhere near home…needless to say, I missed my mom like crazy that week!

  6. Nothing is better than someone taking care of you when you are sick!

    I love this blog!


  7. San

    So true. In fact I could use someone like this right now.

    • Hey San,

      If you ever need someone to talk to or anything like that when you’re feeling like you need it, you can always message me. Click my name and it’ll direct you to my tumblr ( If you want) and leave a message with your email and I’ll reply. You don’t have to, though, just thought I’d put it out there! =] I’m normally on messenger throughout the day and I check my emails everyday. SO yeah!

      Take care,


  8. Peg D

    Thank you for starting off my day on the right foot (smile)! When life is so stressful, it’s nice to know I know I can find a smile on your posts. Your books will be under my tree this year!

  9. Kathy

    I especially appreciate this when I’m at work and as the day wears on I get sicker and feel worse, so that by the time I get home I’m exhausted. It’s so awesome to come home to someone who’ll make me a cup of tea, chicken soup, and watch funny movies with me before tucking me in. Ahhhh….

  10. Becky

    Sometimes I feel like you are just reporting on my life. Neil, you read my mind today.

  11. Perfect timing… I was sick yesterday. Sadly, I was alone and no one was there to take care of me. Hubby went to work and I couldn’t convince my mom to drive 60 miles to come help me.
    I’m still feeling a bit sick today, but I made myself come to work.

    I’m always the one who takes care of everyone and no one really takes care of me. Hubby stays as far away from me as possible when I’m sick, but I’m always right there with him whenever he needs me. Of course guys are big baby’s when they are sick.

    • wendy

      And yet you still use the endearing term, *hubby*? I just don’t get it!
      All kidding aside, if I lived closer to ya’, I’d home-make chicken noodle soup, hot lemon tea and bake a dozen smiley face cookies, JUST FOR YOU!
      Get well soon, Bekah!

      • LOL… if he keeps eating my cooking, pretty soon I can call him “chubby hubby!” I’m kidding of course….or am I?
        Home-made soup sounds awesome. My grandma makes the BEST veggie soup. I miss her soup. I always loved walking in her house and smelling the veggie soup cooking. I haven’t had any for a long time. Maybe that’s what I could tell her I want for Christmas!

  12. It’s not so great for them, but it’s awesome otherwise!

  13. Clari

    that’s a bad book title ! no one here says something is “sensacional” … I always think of “incrível”
    anyways, I hope it gets to the tops # in here …. Brazil needs some awsomeness :-)

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