#96 Basement couches

New jeans feel like cardboard.

Nope, they don’t bend around your body and don’t break around your butt. They just hold you tight in their Blue Deathgrip of Stiffness until three months of wearing them without washing results in faded knees, soft pockets, and comfy creases.

Yes, jeans, baseball gloves, couches, maybe they all take a while to work in. Maybe we buy them knowing the uphill battle of time, effort, and stiffness are eventually all worth it for the softness at the end.

That basement couch is the best of all.

Years and years and years of sitting finally helped the couch get demoted someplace nobody cares about it. Stains on the cushions, missing buttons, and cat-shredded armrests only add to the comfy feeling. Whatever, broken springs, brown zig-zag patterns, and foam puffs popping out all over the place. Those just helps us cave right into the twisted blanket cocoon in front of the flickering TV.


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19 thoughts on “#96 Basement couches

  1. I remember our old couch that was like this!
    torn all over, ugly 70’s theme brown & yellow & green themed, pretty much the ugliest couch you’ve ever seen – but boy was it comfy!

    1. ohhhh!! & I just remembered our other old lounge which had removable pillows which all were flat & square and used them for either :
      a) quick floor matress for when cousins came over to stay
      b) walls of our lounge cubby house fortress
      c) harder & bigger than normal but still fun as anything pillow fights!!!

  2. Mum’s old couches… Oh those were the days… Back in the 90’s… Oh to be young again (and hush if you were born earlier than me, I’m a 90’s kid, born in 91 and that’s back in the good old days for me! I’m kidding about hushing, of course.:P)

  3. The ugliest and most worn-in couches are ALWAYS in the basement and they are ALWAYS awesome! Love this!

  4. “Faded knees, soft pockets, and comfy creases. Broken springs, zig-zag patterns and foam puffs popping out all over the place.”
    While I know there is a song in there somewhere, I’ll just say, there’s nothing like the comfort and joy they bring~ sort of like an older body~ Shagadelic baby!

  5. When I was a kid, my friend had two big couches in her basement that she and her brothers had pushed together and filled with pillows and cushions to make a great big cushy pillow pit. To this day I still want to do that so badly! Once you have a double-couch pillow pit in your basement, what more could you possibly want in life?

  6. Hey, Neil! Quick question… does a person have to be ON facebook to enter the contests or is there another way?

    On a different note… I never lived in a house with a basement and none of my friends had basements either. Come to think of it, I don’t believe any of my relatives have a basement. What is up with that? Hopefully, I can be the one to change this trend and buy a house with a basement.
    My sister-in-law has a basement, but the couch she has down there is very uncomfortable. The cushions don’t stay, they slide around and then you’re leaning against the wood frame. The arm rests have no covers on them either, its just wood.

    1. Yes, Neil~ I wondered the same thing, Bekah was bold enough *on day-quil* to ask!


    1. Oh, yeah, I remember that odor too well. It’s not just a basement odor, though that scent contributes to basement-couch-smell. It also contains the scents of myriad spilled food and drinks, smelly feet and pits, dogs and cats, and just old-ness. The very first whiff of this scent is part of the reason, along with its fading glory, that sends the couch to the basement. Then, once in the basement, since the couch is now a no-holds-barred area where everyone spills pizza and soda, and sleeps with spit drooling outa the sides of their mouths, the scent only intensifies. Small price to pay, though, for the comfort of the basement couch on which you can now do anything without getting into trouble!

  7. Basement couches are awesome, we had my daughters 5th birthday party in the basement and when one of the moms came to pick up her daughter, we found her asleep on the b.couch!! Too Funny!

  8. Congrats also to Lori, too! If anyone hasn’t perused her blog, take a peek as its a very uplifting experience as well. Food for spirit and soul.

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