31 thoughts on “#93 Making it through airport security without any beeps

  1. I always cringe when going through the library or shopping centre security gates, despite the fact that I know full well that I have no books or stolen items to set off the alarm.

    Certainly make myself look guilty when I breathe a sigh of relief on the way out…

  2. This happens?


    When I was in high school, we took a family vacation to Hawaii. It was the first time we’d all flown in a while, and there were a few things I guess we’d kinda … forgotten about. My dad and sister both had to be pulled aside and wand-ed; dad for a Wrigley’s wrapper deep in his pocket and my sister for the underwire in her bra! We seriously looked like some first-time-fliers. :( This was like … 10 or 11 years ago, though — before airport security was what it is now. I’d assume that now you’d have to be taken in for a strip-search for this sort of thing!

    1. I’ve never been stopped for the underwire of my bra! Although I’ve never flown to the states, just nationally and once overseas to Indo, but even then I didn’t get stopped for that. I think it was just my earrings I forgot to take off for Indo… I have been stopped for a bomb check twice though. Mainly because I look middle-eastern, even though I’m half Greek and part everything else. =/

  3. I traveled on four flights this past week and even though I knew I would make it through all of them safely, it still made me a little nervous. Then when I walked through without a beep, every time, the sigh of relief was awesome!

  4. when travelling (alone) with my 1 1/2 yr old, a random guy behind me helped me get my stroller, laptop, coat etc. on the belt. he even picked up my stnky shoes for me!! kind random strangers in the airport=AWESOME

  5. So true! My girlfriend hates this moment while travelling… but she usually forgets something little so she always has the “beep” :-)!
    I just booked a night at a hotel of ice for my challenge (www.52weeks25.wordpress.com), AWESOME!!

  6. Ok, I’ve never been through an airport, but I can still appreciate this. Back when I was having custody battles over my little girl at the court house, I had to walk through one of those things every time. I always used to hold my breath. Once, I had a box cutter in my pocket that I had forgotten about. Security was not happy…. and neither was I.

    And I would like to add “appreciate” to my list of words I have trouble spelling. I had to sound it out 5 times and still had to check it to make sure it was right. I always want to put the ‘i’ next to the ‘e’.

  7. Oh god…I always got stopped at the metal detector when I was a kid. Now I’m at the point where I try to make sure anything metal (coins, belts, etc.) aren’t on me by the time I get to security just to be safe.

  8. Even if you KNOW for a fact that you’re not carrying any contraband or doing anything illegal, you still feel like you’re getting away with something when you walk through and that stupid archway to freedom doesn’t go off.

  9. I don’t know. A little frisk can be free fun! ;)
    Seriously, even when I’m not guilty of anything, alarms freak my freaks! Two neighbors have roosters, so I don’t even use an alarm clock!
    I should high five those little buddies today:)

  10. I seem to be able to go through security without a beep, but my kids get singled out.
    My daughter at 13 was pulled aside (5yrs ago) because she didn’t have id. Really? What kind of id does a 13 yr old have?
    This October my 12 yr old son got beeped and needed to have his hands swabbed. Lucky for me he had washed his hands because he regularly works on gas and diesel engines. He almost always has grease under his nails.

  11. My dad always forgets to prep for the metal detectors when he’s flying. Most recently he was going to and from Colorado, and on BOTH flights (a week apart) he forgot to check his pocket knives, and had to pay for them to be shipped separately. We like to tease him about that :)

    I’ve gotten the “frequently flyer” thing down to a science. Slip on shoes, no belt or jewelry, empty pockets, laptop ready to be pulled out – on your mark, get set, go! I see it as my own personal race :)

  12. I only travel nationally, have yet to go anywhere major, but damn is security a pain in the ass! Empty everything from pockets, put jacket, shoes, and belt in security thing, wait for beep….get beeped over something non-existent, get searched. I’m going flying in a few days, i can’t wait to see what happens then……

  13. Not to be the killjoy cynic here, but this is the first blog post I’ve seen that doesn’t have the all caps declaration of AWESOME!!!

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